Your Ultimate Guide To Your Dream Body - Hannah Dawson
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I love using building homes as an analogy to your body. When you build a home, you cannot wing it, you must plan first, and that plan needs a set of blueprints before getting construction running.

Your body is very similar in that to have a successful transformation; you must have proper planning. You cannot just start building a house with no blueprints because those blueprints will tell you the steps to follow to build that house so it stays standing. Your goal body is the same; your goal body is like building a house; setting goals and writing them down is like creating the blueprints. That’s, not enough though, too. Often, when people write goals, they are too vague and, unfortunately, never reach their desired outcome.

Knowing how to write your goals, SMART goals are so important to creating lasting results. In my PLAN DO SUCCEED journal, I have created a blueprint that will help you break down your goals into daily habits to create a lifestyle change that will produce lasting results. This is your blueprint, but like with any blueprint, we have to follow it step by step for proper execution.

The most important part of building a house is the first foundation; without a foundation, the house will not stand or stay standing for long. Your mindset is the foundation for building your goal body and must be the first thing you work on.

This is in the beginning process of setting your goals and then connecting your goals to your WHY. After that, it is working on your mindset daily by feeding it the right thoughts, so your words are aligned with the direction of your goal.

The PLAN DO SUCCEED journal will walk you through setting your goals along with a daily mindset journal to make sure you are setting your mindset each morning. Remember, your mindset is a muscle and each day, and it needs to work to get stronger and take you in the direction you want to go.

Then we have nutrition like the framing and wiring of a home; if not done correctly, the house will not run properly or have power. Because, without proper nutrition, our bodies will not function properly and perform the way we need them to. You must learn everything you can about your macros and personal calories for your goal and get in the habit of tracking it every day; this is the only way to lose fat and or grow muscle. Low-calorie diets are not the way, and following all the diet fads will not give you sustainable results.

In the PLAN DO SUCCEED Journal, comes with a daily food log so you can plan out your meals and make sure you are eating enough for your goals. Then we have training. This is the part of the house that everyone wants to start with first, but without the first two executed won’t last long and lead to injury and fatigue quickly.

Resistance training is the single most effective tool to transform your physique as long as you are tracking your workouts and using progressive overload. You need to know where you’re at now to know how far you have to go, and without tracking, it will be hard to progress.

“Progress improves when progress is measured, but when progress is tracked, it accelerates.” ~Pearsons Law

The PLAN DO SUCCEED JOURNAL comes with a 12-week workout log, fit test, weekly check-ins and a daily habit tracker to make sure you get the results you want. There is so much power in taking control of your life, health and goals and realizing you had that power all along.

Tracking your mindset, nutrition and training allows you to see all the hard progress you are making and keeps you motivated for the journey. Because this is a journey, my friends, not a race, so make sure you fall in love with the process, and the results will follow.

One goal, one thought, one word, one step, one bite, one day and one page at a time; is all it takes to change your story.

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I am Hannah Dawson from Edmonton, Alberta. I am a wife and mom of two girls. I am a transformation and mindset coach helping women around the globe change their stories. I am the creator of an online platform called the FIT CLUB, where I give women the tools to reach their fitness goals.

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