Whitney Jones Interviews with Status Fitness Magazine
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  • I’m a single mom to 2 boys.
  • Owner of Pro Physiques gym in Gilbert AZ, the Pros Online Personal Training – coaching athletes worldwide, FEARless by Whitney Jones Fitness apparel line, and a promoter/owner of the NPC Whitney Jones Classic Fitness competition.
  • 2 x Ms. Fitness Olympia – 2018 & 2019.
  • Fitness International – 2018.
  • 5 x IFBB Pro Champion.
  • IFBB Fitness Pro.
  • Fitness Routine Choreographer.

Chandler, Arizona.

Trainer philosophy?
Nobody is going to force you to do anything. You have to want it and you have to be willing to accept advice, constructive criticism, and be willing to learn to achieve what you want to achieve.

Training Plan?
For Me:

  • Fasted cardio 6x week, steady-state for 30 mins.
  • Lift 5x week – Shoulders, Glutes/Hams, Back, Full Body Circuit, Shoulder/Back Combo.
  • Routine practice or Skills training 2-3 x week.

Nutritional Plan:
Varies from off-season to prep. Off-season about 2500 calories a day, during prep, I eat more and when I’m running routine frequently some days it can go up to 3800 calories a day. My daily plan is always high, high carb and sugar work for me, so donuts and Oreos are a regular part of my meal plan. But I burn so much with the routine practice so I must eat a lot, so I don’t burn away my muscle. 

Supplement Plan:
LOTS of joint support and liquid collagen, Fish Oil, Probiotics, Digestive enzymes, BCAA’s, L-Carn, Fiberlyze, Sleep Powder.

Do you prefer to take and recommend all natural (no sugar, no artificial colors/flavors/sweeteners) supplements or supplements with artificial flavors and sweeteners? And Why?
I do a pre-workout by Surge Supplements, which is my daily go-to. Taste great give me a bump in energy and aids in recovery. I don’t worry about artificial flavors or anything like that unless I’m close to a show and then I will cut that stuff about 1 week out.

Is weight loss more of a fitness issue or a health issue in your opinion and why?
Fitness issue. People need accountability, motivation, and inspiration. Having a trainer, friends, and family who support you and help you stay accountable to just move, get active and clean up your eating is the start we all need to initiate weight loss. Once we experience some changes and improvements then it’s easier to take ownership of your own fitness goals, but you have to start somewhere and that begins will simply starting.

If you have 100 tokens in total and you could apply them to the following categories, how many would you apply to each?

  • Fitness level: 50
  • Health level:  50

What separates Status from other fitness magazines?
You all strongly support and highlight a variety of athletes and it’s fun to learn about them. The stats as well as the fun stuff. Great coverage with so many avenues of fitness.

If you could ask Status Fitness Magazine Editor in Chief Rodney Jang any industry question, what would that be?
What is the most interesting interaction you’ve had with an athlete that made an impact on you?

Status Fitness Magazine runs model searches across North America including the largest one at the Arnold Classic for the Status cover. As part of the Status family, you will receive a special participation invite. How excited are you about this opportunity?
That’s pretty freaking cool. I love it.

Describe your coaches and the impact they have on you?
Damian Segovia is my coach and business partner. He’s been great at allowing me to navigate my own journey and stepping in when needed to give me advice, be another set of eyes, strategize show selection and jump in those last few weeks of prep so I don’t have to do any of the thinking and analyzing. He’s the only coach I’ve ever worked with.

Your transformation story?
My transformation story is about handling a “career-ending injury” and how I transformed from broken down Humpty Dumpty to something legit. In 2017, I broke my neck while practicing my routine for an upcoming show. I was doing head spins and a new stylized one-footed gainer backflip and took a few too many crashes on my head in one day practicing those two skills repetitively. I didn’t realize it at the moment and thought the excruciating pain was actually a shoulder injury, but nerve pain is funny like that. Soon I lost full function of my right arm and neck surgery was imminent. My neurosurgeon gave me a 50/50 shot that I would ever regain feeling in my right arm, but I had to try. I had a two-level neck fusion and a 12 piece metal cage that was used to put my neck back together.

The morning of surgery, I put a countdown clock on my phone that my goal was to be back on stage at the 2018 Arnold Classic which was 276 days out. I rehabbed and worked every day post-surgery to come back as best as I could be, not knowing what to expect, but I wanted to prove to people that what others classify as a “career-ending injury” does not have to be. I didn’t know what to expect, didn’t know if I would be able to lift the same and bring a similar physique, and had no idea what skills I would even be able to do post-surgery to put together a legit fitness routine for the prestigious Arnold Classic stage. All was going well, and I was getting very excited until 4 weeks out when I suffered another mishap during routine practice. I crashed on a difficult flip which sadly injuries are common for fitness competitors and unfortunately, I heard a “pop” in my knee, and I knew what that meant. I called my ortho surgeon that afternoon and he got me in right away and the MRI showed I tore my ACL and MCL and again surgery would be needed. But I was dead set on showing up at the Arnold Classic like I planned because my goal was to get back on stage post neck surgery to show it could be done.

So, with only three weeks left at that point, I scratched my entire routine and had to come up with a one-legged routine that didn’t require too much intensity on the upper body since my neck was still weak and this was by far the most challenging thing I had ever done. I was in pain nonstop, couldn’t walk more than 10 steps without my knee giving out on me, and had to be careful with any upper body movements as to not risk a setback with my neck but I was determined. I had to think out of the box and come up with crazy unconventional skills that could make the routine look flawless and hide the fact that I was injured because I didn’t want anyone to know about my knee. Well, the perseverance and relentless mindset paid off and I made it to the Arnold Classic and actually won that show which was my first World Championship title ever. I flew home the next day and had surgery to repair my ACL/MCL and 6 months later stepped on the Olympia stage and won my first Olympia title. That’s my greatest transformation story from breaking my neck and tearing my ACL/MCL to becoming a world champion all in a matter of nine months.

Future fitness goals and plans?
Olympia 2021

Life goal?
Launch my 5th business this summer and continue to grow my existing companies which are all fitness related and continue feeling fortunate that I am lucky enough to get to do what I love every single day.

5 things people don’t know about you?

  • I have Narcolepsy – yes like the chic from the movie Deuce Bigalow, Male GigoloI.
  • I keep my Christmas tree up year-round and even turn the lights on every night. My boys and I love Christmas.
  • I graduated college with honors from Summa Cum Laude.
  • I have broken almost every major bone in my body and have had 16 surgeries so far. Let’s be real. I’m not done yet!
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger personally set up my Snapchat during a dinner with him in Brazil when I was there for the Arnold Classic.

5 lessons you have learned?

  • When it comes to competing, you need to feel like you’ve won before you ever step on the stage and no matter the outcome, DO NOT let a placing validate your accomplishments or hard work.
  • Change your mindset from “I Have To….to….I Get To” It’s a gamechanger. Nobody is forcing you to do anything. If you have a goal, then focus on the fact that you have the ability to go after it and take advantage. Change the negative connotation to a positive one and it changes everything.
  • Be organized and plan each day but know it will never go as planned and be willing to roll with the punches and just do the best you can. Dwelling on the craziness that comes at us each day and getting mad about it is a waste of energy. It’s called being an adult and making the most of each circumstance.
  • If you’re not having fun, don’t do it. Life’s too short to not enjoy things.
  • Laughter every day is the key to happiness. Memes help with that.

5 most important attributes you see in a person?

  • Authenticity.
  • Humble.
  • Humor and someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously.
  • Hustle.
  • No Excuses mentality.

If you could inspire one person, who would that be? And why?
It’s my two boys. I want them to constantly be inspired. I work hard to set the example of what hard work and living life to its fullest looks like. I want them to dream big without limitations and be inspired to go after whatever they desire.

Who inspires you? And why?
People who overcome adversity. Who doesn’t fall into the victim mentality and find a way to rise above and find the good in even the most difficult circumstances? We can’t ever control some things that happen to us, but we can always control how we react to it and what we do in those situations to make the most out of it.

Favorite quotes?
“You’re either making progress or making excuses”.

“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will” – Vince Lombardi.

“People may doubt what you say, but they will believe what you do” – Lewis Cass.

Photos By: Sean Nelson  |  Bodyphotage 

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