Where Do Results Really Come From? - Chris Harrison
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This is the ultimate question we’re all trying to find the answer to. This includes an infinite number of sub-questions like:

  • How long do I work out?
  • What and when do I eat?
  • How much protein should I consume?
  • Will carbs make me fat?
  • What’s a “healthy” fat and “bad” fat?

So where does one even start? Just opening the doors into the fitness abyss can be extremely intimidating to people. This alone is the reason why many don’t start a fitness regime, to begin with. It also doesn’t help when mainstream media demonizes a particular diet strategy one day and then praises it the next. First fats are bad, then fats are good, then carbs are bad, then carbs are good. Who else has witnessed this lunacy?

The truth is, none of that matters until we master the basics of what it takes to make sustainable change. All of the other information knowledge can be acquired along the journey. We must learn to crawl before we can walk, let alone run.

So what’s the secret? Drumroll, please!

Results come from a little word called… HABITS!

Probably not what you were expecting but let me explain.

Let’s say you have a habit of sleeping in. This prevents you from getting up on time to make breakfast and get in a 30–60-minute workout before your family wakes up and work starts. This leads to stopping at McDonald’s for a calorie-dense breakfast sandwich and a coffee.

Since you slept in, I bet you didn’t pack a lunch for yourself either. This means you either ate out again for lunch or you didn’t eat at all. Then you get home from work where you binge-eat 2 plates of food for dinner, watch some TV in a food-induced coma, then go to bed because you feel “tired”. Then the cycle repeats itself the following day.

Changing habits never ends. We must continue to adapt them as our life changes. I’m constantly taking an honest look into my own life to see what habits I can tweak to improve my results, career, relationships, and life.

Scenarios like that are extremely common. Now, what if we just tweaked that habit of sleeping in?

Now you got your butt out of bed on time. Giving yourself the ability to eat breakfast and get in some focused exercise. Even if the rest of the day is EXACTLY the same, I can guarantee you that a small adjustment will result in a positive change in body composition and energy levels. This will also increase your confidence in yourself, giving you a feeling of achievement, while improving your work and home life. This little adjustment over time also resulted in a healthier immune system and increased your time on this planet with your kids, spouse, family, etc.

Now let’s tweak the habit of wasting time watching TV after dinner so you can make lunch for the following day. Now we just furthered your results while saving your hard-earned income from spending money out at lunchtime.

Do you see how changing these small habits can create such a dramatic change in our lives? We tend to get complacent and accept the way we are even when we don’t necessarily like it. Some of us suffer day in and day out with how we feel about ourselves not realizing that we are unknowingly doing it to ourselves.

Full disclosure, I had the habit of sleeping in. I made the excuse that “I train better mid-day” so I would sleep in. I would get to the gym late, and arrive home 3 hours later, giving me less time to focus on my clients, business, and book sales (The Good, The Bad and The Heavy–The Bold Truth About Bodybuilding), missed meals and anxiety from falling behind on work.

As a result, my relationship with my wife suffered because I was consistently falling behind on work, my clients weren’t getting the attention they deserved, my income was declining my training was rushed and of poor quality and my mental health was taking a major decline.

For me to change the habit of sleeping in, I did two things:

  • I now leave my phone in the office and out of the bedroom at night. This separates me from all distractions away while falling asleep resulting in higher quality rest.
  • I moved my alarm clock to the other end of the bedroom. Now I have to get out of bed and walk across the room to turn it off. This prevents me from hitting the snooze button. Now since I’m already on my feet, I have no excuse to get back into bed (Even though I really want to).

These little changes have not only resulted in improved training quality, but increased book sales, more lives being changed through Ironmind Fitness, massively improved training quality and meal adherence, and an even stronger relationship with my wife.

We cannot underestimate the power of habits. Habits have the power to pull us back or slingshot us forward towards our goals. They can create an environment of despair and shorten life spans or build an unshakable empire and longevity.

It’s time for honest self-reflection. Which habits are working for you and which are working against you? Once you are isolated and change the habits that are working against you, you’ll find your fitness results, happiness, confidence, and a whole new life waiting to embrace you.


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I’m the eldest of 3 sons. I’m a father, husband, coach, athlete, and a published author. I eat, sleep and daydream about fitness and bodybuilding. I’m used to be a chef and I’m a certified firefighter. I’ve worn many hats but bodybuilding and fitness is my suit.

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