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We are so excited to announce that we will be revealing the coveted Top 10 Sexiest Fitness Models of 2016, beginning at 12:00pm EST, April 18, 2016.  This is a highlight of our year for Status Fitness, and we love hearing the stories of personal success and triumph that come along with many of the thousands of entries we receive.

Many of our Top 25 models have been featured as Status Symbols and in editorials over the years. Additionally, great doors open up to these ladies as they become more well-known in the fitness industry; many girls have secured wonderful sponsorship and endorsement deals after having cracked the Top 25 in our transparent contest.

And this isn’t the last you’ll see of these girls! Each of these beautiful winners will be featured in an upcoming print edition of Status Fitness Magazine. Get your subscription now so you don’t miss an issue! 

Congratulations to all the models and athletes that have participated in the Status Fitness Magazine Top 100 Cover Model Contest. This has been an extremely exciting event that I hope has been a great experience for everyone. I would like to thank Status Senior Editor and award winning trainer/coach, Asha Belisle, for her endless work in running the contest for the past year, industry leading fitness photographer David Ford and all the other fitness photographers for all their model submissions. Finally I would like to thank and congratulate all the models and their friends and fans for all their participation.  Without all of you this contest and Status Fitness Magazine would not be what it is today.

David Ford ***Ali Sohrab ***WForrest Photography
Dave LausPicturegroovePaul Buceta
Tim DardisTwixpixSoulby Jackson
LHGFXEva SimonPink Elephant
Randy DickinKris JosefInkwell Johnson
Stone PhotographyMichelle JoyBrett Seely
Nate CreaseyShannon WilliamsTrudy Hause
Greg Cleaver PhotographyMichael ZinnKimberley Yanick
Specular PhotographyXsight MediaBlue Box Photography
Mark BradfieldJordan Samuel PhotographyHealthy Vision Photography
Jonathan BentonBernard PacakFull on Photography
Pussycat PinupsAshlee KrutzfeldtMalekphoto
Liz RosaThe New Me JourneyDarcy Evans
Rob SimsAnthony PonzoPGP Fitfoto

***Accredited Status Fitness Magazine Photographer


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