"Toned Muscle" - Does It Actually Exist? By Mallory Dougoud
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As an online coach, I hear this ALL the time. “I just want toned muscle. I don’t want to be bulky.” Well, if I’m being honest, “tone muscle” doesn’t translate. You either have muscle or you don’t. You either build muscle or you lose muscle.

In terms of training, you build muscle or achieve “toned muscle” by having a well-balanced program designed with your specific goals in mind. I do understand that many women don’t want to be “bulky”. They want nice “toned” muscle. Trust me when I say that “bulk” muscle is hard to achieve as a female, so babygirl, that’s not even in the equation.

You want to have a well-balanced physique, snatched waist, rounded shoulders and tight glutes? Lift weights. And you can go heavy. Bulking vs leaning out refers to your nutritional calories. Not, lifting heavy vs. bodyweight training.

“Toning” doesn’t mean prioritizing cardio, HIIT classes, and shorter rest times only to burn calories. Burning calories does not equate to building muscle. Lifting weights, resistance training, and clean eating are all necessary to achieve a well-balanced physique.

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I received a bachelors degree in journalism from all Roberts University and 2013. I was an NBA Dance for the OKC Thunder G league team from 2012-2014. Then got picked up by the San Antonio Spurs from 2014-2016. I began personal training in 2014. In 2018 Made By Mal: Online Coaching was created.

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