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When you think of the term “Status” What comes to your mind? Fancy car, Big house, Prestigious job, member of a country club, big bank account? All of the above is commonly seen as high Status and most people thrive or wish for this.

From my perspective, a person could be rich, live in a esteemed neighborhood, have a high paying important job, but that does not give them Status. If you are unfit and over worked, how can you enjoy the most important things in life – living.  To be able to run on the beach, feeling the wind connect with the face on your skin.  Feel the heat of the sun, encouraging you to sweat. After your run, you feel amazing healthy and fit.

It does not matter how much money you have in your wallet, what matters is how you enjoy living your life.  Being healthy and fit equals your status level. We names our magazine Status because we feel a high health and fitness level is a paramount way of living.

Status is Everything!

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