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July 31, 2021. Sherwood Park, AB. Story by David Ford.

The 2021 TNT Muscle Showdown led off the post-Covid lockdown with an exciting Canadian Physique Alliance event in Sherwood Park, Alberta. Athletes were excited to get back on stage and show off their hard work over the past year and there was a special buzz around this event promoted by Tara Laviolette.

Registration ran smoothly and after the athlete meeting, the athletes were able to retire to their rooms in the same facility as the event the following day. This is extremely convenient and every athlete I spoke with was incredibly happy with the setup. There was no stress-fighting traffic to be ready on time. The Muscle Metamorphosis Tanning team prepared the athletes’ colour for stage quickly and efficiently while the hair and make-up teams consisted of several teams joining forces to provide the best experience and results.

It was great to see Canadian Physique Alliance Head Judge Rudy Jambrosic at registration. Rudy runs a tight ship and keeps the show moving. The athletes would appreciate his expertise behind the mic at the judging table.

The Status Fitness Magazine team, led by Editor-in-Chief Rodney Jang, was warmly greeted on Friday by Tara, her volunteers, and the host of competing athletes. Athletes were very impressed the magazine was there in full to benefit the athletes, after all, it’s all about the athletes. The excitement for the first Status Fitness Magazine Model Search of the year was high. Competitors of all levels and divisions wanted to be part of this event aimed specifically to promote the athletes.

With 172 competitors, including crossovers, prepped to step on stage it was set to be a competitive showdown. There were Novice classes for first-time competitors and Open classes for those looking to move up to the pro-qualifiers. This show had it all! In our coverage, we will focus on the Open classes.


Bodybuilding saw several high-level competitors ready to battle it out for the overall title including Martyn Jennings from Heavyweight and Trevor Jackson from Super Heavyweight but in the end, Light Heavyweight Lui Zappitelli from Winnipeg, MB, emerged victorious and held up the overall trophy.

Light Heavyweight Bodybuilding & Bodybuilding Overall Lui Zappitelli – Priolo Photography

Lui looked amazing. He put on so much mass without compromising his conditioning in such at short timeframe. Look for Lui to be battling for a Pro Card in the near future. Congratulations champ. ~ Rodney Jang, Status Fitness Magazine


Heavyweight Bodybuilding Winner – Martin Jennings – Priolo Photography

Martin looked great on stage. Well deserved! ~ Rodney Jang, Status Fitness Magazine


Super Heavyweight – Trevor Jackson – Priolo Photography

A true specimen. Congratulation Trevor. ~ Rodney Jang, Status Fitness Magazine



Men’s Classic Physique saw John Mark Nicolet and Brady Johnson give massive Anthony Malott some competition but, in the end, there were unable to match Anthony’s overall size and muscularity. Watch for Anthony to make a splash at the pro-qualifiers. Overshadowed by big Anthony Malott was Jatinder Purewal in the D Class. Jatinder brought a strong package and was dialed in. Keep an eye out for him at the pro-qualifiers.

Men’s Classic Physique Overall – Anthony Malott – Priolo Photography

A star of the show. Anthony Malott will be a pro one day soon. ~ Rodney Jang, Status Fitness Magazine


Open Class C Men’s Classic Physique – Brady Johnson – Priolo Photography

Shredded! ~ Rodney Jang, Status Fitness Magazine


Open Class B Men’s Classic Physique – John Mark Nicolet – Priolo Photography

John looked great. I’m sure it have a lot to do with his crazy workouts… Beast!! ~ Rodney Jang, Status Fitness Magazine


Open Class D Men’s Classic Physique – Jatinder Purewal – Priolo Photography

A true Classic Physique. ~ Rodney Jang, Status Fitness Magazine



Men’s Physique was competitive throughout all four classes. Hermel Deluna, as always, was conditioned and ready to battle. New to the sport Khelyn Kull brought a thick muscular package that clearly revealed his extensive athleticism in football, a sport he played through his young 23 years. Watch this guy as he has swagger and charisma in addition to a great physique. Zachery Mitchell showed up in Class C looking conditioned with good symmetry and clearly had his eyes set on an overall title, however, it was Jeff Magnuson from Class D who the judges liked best on this morning rewarding the Edmonton competitor with the Overall Men’s Physique title. Jeff has a marketable look. His physique is complete from broad shoulders through well-developed calves. With his proportions, conditioning, and good looks, he will be someone to watch at his pro-qualifier debut.

I want to take a moment to give a shout-out to Michael Lim who really left an impact on myself and Status Fitness Editor-in-Chief Rodney Jang. We met Michael in the Edmonton airport and immediately knew he was in town to compete. His amazing energy was contagious and we had to learn a little more about this great guy. Michael is a nurse who works in the Vancouver area in large part with the homeless residents of the city. I can only imagine the impact Michael makes in his chosen field. Look to learn more about Michael in an upcoming feature where he shares more about himself and his work.

Men’s Physique Overall – Jeff Magnuson – Priolo Photography

Jeff looked great on stage. With the right improvements, there is a pro card in his future.~ Rodney Jang, Status Fitness Magazine


Men’s Physique Class A 1st – Hermel Deluna – Priolo Photography

Hermel always comes in looking great. The TNT was no exception ~ Rodney Jang, Status Fitness Magazine


Men’s Physique Masters 40+ 1st Open Class A 2nd – Michael Lim – Priolo Photography

Michael had great stage presence. ~ Rodney Jang, Status Fitness Magazine


Men’s Physique Class B – Khelyn Kull – Priolo Photography

WOW! Khelyn’s upper body was full and mature, well ahead of his age. Big future! ~ Rodney Jang, Status Fitness Magazine


Men’s Physique Class C – Zachery Mitchell – Priolo Photography

Zachery looked great up there. Fan favorite. ~ Rodney Jang, Status Fitness Magazine



During the three-hour intermission, the popular Status Fitness Magazine Model Search took place. These events give athletes a chance to showcase both their physiques and marketability on stage in front of magazine editors, talent agents, and top industry photographers. This event included the inspiring Transformation division as well where we heard some remarkable stories of will and perseverance through extreme situations. Watch for these stories, as well as other competitor stories, to be shared separately by Status Fitness. Many of the top competitors from the TNT show entered as well as others who flew into Edmonton specifically for the contest. After the judging was complete Jeff Magnuson won the Men’s Open Model class followed by Levi Tate and Kehlyn Kull. Michael Lim was first in the Men’s Model Legend Class. Karlie Kitt placed first in the Women’s Open Model Class followed closely by Marilyn Mcffadden and Celia Koehler. Alison Asplund was first in the Women’s Model Legend Class with Sherri Labant and Tina Charters,  and Karla Thompson in close succession. In addition to the medals, the contestants won an opportunity to shoot for Status Fitness Magazine where they will share their respective stories.

Status Fitness Model Search Winner – Jeff Magnuson – David Ford Photography

Congratulations Jeff. Total marketable package. ~ Rodney Jang, Status Fitness Magazine


Status Fitness Female Model Open Winner – Karlee Kit – David Ford Photography

Karlee stood out with her great look and amazing story. Thank you for sharing with all of us. ~ Rodney Jang, Status Fitness Magazine


We all like Women’s Bodybuilding and it was great to see it at a regional level show once again. Without the division, we saw the ladies in other classes growing in muscularity and seemingly losing the focus of what the other divisions were created for. Women’s Bodybuilding was about femininity and muscle. There were a lot of asymmetric physiques over the years and at the TNT show, Paola Viveros and Vanessa Quinney both brought that desired look that was sought so many years before when George Synder added the first IFBB-sanctioned Women’s Bodybuilding to his show on August 18, 1979.  Both ladies were great on stage and had strong physiques and routines but in the end, Paola had better shape and size and took first.

Women’s Bodybuilding & Women’s Physique Overall – Paola Viveros. Photo Credit: – Twixpix Photography

Great to see Paola on stage and looking great. ~ Rodney Jang, Status Fitness Magazine



Women’s Physique saw a few more competitors than Women’s Bodybuilding as was expected. In the Open Class A, Celia Koehler won all first-place scores. Second place went to Shannon Mclean who brought her best package to stage and presented it well. In third was Vanessa Quinney with Kerri Skladan in fourth. Celia would go on to face Paola Viveros for the Overall who was fresh off her bodybuilding win. Often in regional shows, you’ll see cross-overs as competitors work towards finding the avenue that suits them best. Paola was wise to enter both with the aim to qualify in both classes at the pro-qualifying level. Her physique was strong here and she was clear winner in both bodybuilding and Women’s Physique but at the higher levels, she will likely decide on one avenue to follow as she builds size while maintaining her beautiful symmetry. Adding size too quickly can often take away from the symmetry that makes a physique so beautiful, and it takes time to achieve these goals.


Women’s Figure was a division I was excited to watch. Kim Gramlich was back on stage, and she always brings her best. What makes the shows extra exciting is you never know who else is showing up and with what package. It wasn’t going to be an easy Overall title for anyone to win as it turned out Alicia Kennedy, Celia Koehler, Brandi Smith as well as several other beautiful ladies brought their A-game and were after the same title. Alicia Kennedy took first in Open Class B, Celia Koehler emerged from Class C and Brandi Smith from Class D. After a number of comparisons turns the judges determined that Brandi, from Regina, SK, was their choice for Overall Figure winner.

Figure Overall – Brandi Smith. Photo Credit: – Twixpix Photography

Brandi looked amazing winning her crown. ~ Rodney Jang, Status Fitness Magazine



Women’s Wellness is a popular class from regionals through the highest levels. These ladies have muscle and shape and are very marketable for the sport itself. At the beginning, when the division was first added we would see Bikini girls who weren’t quite lean enough jumping into this class but now in its second year, we are seeing muscular girls as was the intension. In Class A Rose Stodalka was the clear winner. I have seen Rose from her first show and it’s remarkable to see the work this young lady has put in – both in the gym and in her presentation. Rose is what the Wellness division is all about. In Class B, Hope Lalonde placed first. In Class C we saw Katherine Dromparis edge out Lee Ann Howe for first. Lee Ann had won both the #5+ and 45+ Wellness classes so a big kudos to her. In the Overall Wellness showdown Rose was the clear winner from the start. She is ready to push for a pro card at her next pro-qualifier.

Women’s Wellness Overall – Rose Stodalka. Photo Credit: – Twixpix Photography

Rose Stodalka looked made for the Wellness Division. I expect a pro card in the near future. ~ Rodney Jang, Status Fitness Magazine



Bikini was large as one would expect. There were six competitive classes, so we were going to be treated to an exciting finish. In Bikini A we saw Karla Thompson place first. Bikini B was won by the beautiful Alannah Webster wearing a lovely red bikini that complimented her shape nicely. Bikini C was taken by Nikki Kiani who is well on her way to becoming a pro competitor. She is beautiful and graceful on stage and has the “wow factor” for marketability. Class D went to Sadie Brenner sporting a lovely teal/green suit. Class E saw Carolyn Kirk got the nod from all the judges and Class F saw competitor 75, Kalyn Mcintyre captures first.

IFBB Pro Natalie Pennington and MMA Legend Tito Ortiz shared the Status Fitness Magazine cover. Photographed by David Ford.

In second place Class F I must mention Kyre Thompson who has a very marketable look that reminds me a little of Status Fitness cover model Natalie Pennington who was featured alongside MMA superstar Tito Ortiz on issue 12 (Cover shown above.). Watch for Kyre to make a splash in fitness modeling if she decides to go that route.

Bikini F, Kyre Thompson. Photo Credit: – Twixpix Photography

Incredible presentation Kyre ~ Rodney Jang, Status Fitness Magazine


With six worthy class winners going head-to-head for the TNT Muscle Showdown Bikini title it was an exciting way to end the afternoon show. After the dust settled, it was clear who the winner was. Class C winner Nikki Kiani was crowned the winner.

Bikini Overall – Nikki Kiani. Photo Credit: – Twixpix Photography

Nikki Kiani looked great. Such a marketable talent. ~ Rodney Jang, Status Fitness Magazine



Fitness is a difficult class. It is fun to watch but is hard on the body of the competitors. Having worked with IFBB Pro Jenny Hendershott some years ago I was able to see firsthand the toll it takes on the body. Today’s competitors work hard to execute difficult moves and hold through 60 exciting seconds of their routine. It’s not for everyone which is why we have seen the numbers dwindle with the addition of Bikini and Wellness. That said, the TNT Muscle Showdown was treat with a great routine by the lone open competitor Sydney Allison. Sydney’s athleticism showed as she bound effortlessly across the stage. She now qualifies for the next level on her fitness journey.

Fitness Winner – Sydney Allison – Priolo Photography

Sydney Allison fired up the crowd with a tantalizing performance. ~ Rodney Jang, Status Fitness Magazine



The TNT Muscle Showdown July 2021 was an achievement for many.  The community needed a full event to fuel us and celebrate.  We just “needed it” after all of the restrictions and heavy atmosphere from it all.  I had taken a very tenacious position for 2021 that TNT was going to have an event even if it meant bare bones, but we were able to have a full on event.

The event was not without a few hiccups in production but getting through them really spoke to the team of volunteers TNT had to support it.  Our head judge Rudy Jambrosic kept me grounded, adjusting the show flow to allow time to make the necessary fixes.

TNT’s volunteers rallied and pivoted without question where they needed to and the level of gratitude I have for their investment in TNT’s success is beyond measure.  We are all better at what we do at events as a result.

Status Model Search provided a new flavor to the environment.  I appreciated all the enthusiasm Status Fitness encouraged and the fun interaction the competitors had with it.

I am heading into TNT 2.0 Special Edition on December 4, 2021 and we will polish up a few things, going back to the traditional prejudging and finals to allow for that authentic flow.  That said I am ready to make adjustments if Covid has other plans come December.

~ Tara Laviolette, TNT Muscle Showdown Promoter

Status Fitness Editor-in-Chief Rodney Jang with TNT Muscle Showdown Promoter Tara Laviolette.



Congratulations to all the athletes who competed in the exciting show this year. A big shout out to Tara and her team for putting on an exceptional event that will leave a positive impact on the competitors as they continue their fitness journeys. Thank you for the warm welcome to our Status Fitness team. The reception by you, your volunteers, and the athletes were incredible. Thank you to all the exhibitors who came out to support the competitors. Also, a big thank you to the Clarion Hotel and Conference Centre staff who were most accommodating for the show – the athletes, Tara and her team, the exhibitors, and the Status Fitness team.


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