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Magnum Nutraceutical’s brand new pre-workout supplement, Volume®, is already gaining major popularity among its users. Its combination of nitric oxides not only increases oxygen and blood flow to the muscles, giving you an incredible pump, but it also feeds glucose to your hungry muscles, allowing for quicker recovery and allowing for improved performance. And the voluminous pump won’t just last during your stint in the gym.  L-Arginine Nitrate and L-Arginine Pyroglutamate team up to deliver nitric oxide for up to three hours after consumption. Not only that, but as Pyroglutamate efficiently crosses the blood-brain barrier, it can also enhance your cognition.

Magnum has added French Pine Bark Extract (90% Oligomeric Pro) to the mix, which stimulates vasodilation by nearly 80%. By opening the proverbial flood gates, the Pine Bark Extract greatly improves blood flow and therefore oxygen and nutrient delivery to the muscles. As if that doesn’t produce enough of a sleeve-stretching pump, Volume® also contains Beet Root Extract which increases plasma nitrates thereby producing even more nitric oxide, and Agmatine Sulfate, which helps to support the enhanced vasodilation.

Magnum rounds everything out with its inclusion of L-Norvaline, which is a form of the Branched Chain Amino Acid L-Valine.  L-Norvaline has been shown to positively affect blood circulation and nitric oxide production. In fact, without it, the body cannot maximize its nitric oxide production. And because Magnum Volume® is formulated to stop your body from getting rid of the nitric oxide it’s produced, your pumps will last that much longer.

Volume® is designed to prevent the loss of phosphocreatine during your grueling workouts, thereby optimizing your ability to both perform for longer and recover faster.

Enhanced blood flow to the muscle is essential for the delivery of nutrients to the tissues which increases muscle growth and recovery, as well as replenishing energy stores and keeping you focused throughout your workout. Magnum’s Volume® does just that, while also improving both anaerobic and aerobic capacity and decreasing post-training soreness (DOMS).

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