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Magnum Nutraceuticals has recently introduced Mimic®, designed to increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin without actually increasing the body’s levels of the hormone.

Insulin sensitivity, or even resistance, occurs when an individual has difficulty metabolizing carbohydrates, resulting in the secretion of insulin by the pancreas, to push the glucose into these resistant cells. Mimic® contains Berberine, an AMPK activator.  AMPK is a basic metabolism regulator, and when activated by Berberine, it stimulates the uptake of said glucose into the cells, improving insulin sensitivity. With the added ‘push’ of glycogen into the muscle cells, recovery time during and between workouts is also shortened.

When your pancreas releases excess insulin, carbohydrates are stored as body fat instead of being used for energy. Mimic® helps to reduce this body fat with its combination of Cinnamomum Cassia, which contains the element chromium, and Chromium 454™, a critical co-factor for glucose control.  This important element is necessary for glucose metabolism – breaking down the sugars – so that they are used as energy instead of being stored as unwanted body fat. The R+ Alpha Lipoic Acid found in Magnum’s newest product is an essential fatty acid that metabolizes dietary fats and shuttles carbohydrates out of the blood and into the muscle to be used as energy.

In breaking down the foods you ingest and sending the glycogen, amino acids, and creatine straight into the muscle cells, Mimic® helps to promote bigger, fuller pumps and vascularity.

Magnum’s Mimic® lets you eat your carbs while keeping you lean and full. If you want your carbs to work for you – to be a direct fuel source for your hard training sessions, then pick up your supply of Magnum Mimic®

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