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Status Fitness Magazine adds Fitness Expert Chris Harrison to Status Team

By Status Fitness Magazine
August 16, 2021

Alberta – Status Fitness Magazine has signed master trainer Chris Harrison to its all-star fitness and editorial lineup.  Chris has been through to series of unfortunate events in his life to an inspired professional trainer and a published author, his passion is helping people not only a healthy body but also an “Iron mind”. Chris will share his vast knowledge and expertise in all areas of physique change and contest prep in his own column in Status Fitness Magazine.

Chis Harrison shares his thoughts on joining the Status team
I couldn’t be more honoured to have my own expert column. Never could I have imagined writing for such a high-end magazine. I was speechless when the opportunity was offered to me and honestly, I’m still at a lack for words. I feel that all the time, sacrifice, pain and struggle over my lifetime is now paying off. I will be forever grateful to Status for this incredible opportunity.

Status Fitness Magazine is an incredible resource for all levels of fitness enthusiasts. It connects with its audience at a personal level and I believe that’s what holds it to such a high standard. This value provided in the issues is unmatched. A magazine I can truly stand behind.

Chris Harrison shares his plan on bringing to the team and audience.
I plan on bringing the truth. No matter how pretty or ugly it may be. The fitness industry can be a complex machine with hidden myths that aren’t necessarily true. I not only wish to add to the wealth of knowledge the magazine already has but to also deliver it from my unique perspective of a coach, an athlete, and someone that knows what it takes to start from nothing.

I plan on bringing my personal life into the magazine to offer even more of a connection to the audience. I have had my fair share of challenges to get to where I am in my journey and I believe that offering the openness of my personal experiences to the audience will connect them even more to Status Magazine.

Status Editor-in-Chief Rodney Jang shares his thoughts on Chris Harrison
Chris is an author and lifelong bodybuilder that understands the needs and goals of people are often different. With his knowledge and experience coupled with the understanding of the unique needs of others, Chris is perfect to help and support others reach their fitness and health goals.

About Chris Harrison
Chris Harrison is the eldest of 3 sons. He is a father, husband, coach, athlete, and a published author. He eats, sleeps and daydreams about fitness and bodybuilding. Chris used to be a chef and he is a certified firefighter. “I’ve worn many hats but bodybuilding and fitness is my suit” is his favourite quote.

Find out more about Chris: IG | Status Interview



About Status
Status Fitness Magazine is a fitness media company founded in 2006. Geared towards the fitness enthusiast to the hardcore competitive athlete, Status delivers current, reliable and valuable knowledge to anyone interested in fitness as a lifestyle.

Status is well known for its Print Magazine featuring the likes of George St. Pierre, Brock Lesner, Jennifer Nicole Lee, Ashley Kaltwasser among others, Status Model Searches, and Media Production Studio, YouTube page and Athlete team. All of these avenues help focus on presenting its information with the highest quality photography, design, layout, and in the case of its print publication, paper stock. Status is not only available as a high quality, attractive print publication, but is also available through various technologies, allowing access to the masses.

To learn more about this announcement, please contact:
Julie McGraa, Media Relations
CANADA: 3920 Francis Road Richmond BC. #120
USA: 1922 Raymond Ave, Los Angeles, California 90007
Office: (888) 304-3201

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