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Status Fitness Magazine adds Fitness Expert Andrea Hawkins to the Status team
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By Status Fitness Magazine
April 25, 2021

Vancouver– Status Fitness Magazine has signed master trainer Andrea Hawkins to its all-star fitness and editorial lineup. Andrea Hawkins has been in fitness for 13 years, her happiness is seeing people change their physiques and changing into something they never knew was there. Andrea will share her vast knowledge and expertise in all areas of physique change and contest prep in her own column in Status Fitness Magazine.

Andrea Hawkins shares her thoughts on joining the Status team
I am honored to have the privilege to share my knowledge. I am passionate about helping others, so this is such a great opportunity to be able to help a broad audience. I am very excited to join the Status team and share what I have learned over the years!

Status Fitness Magazine has always been a huge motivation for my fitness career. During my time in Canada, I gained so much knowledge from the articles while reading the magazine. It is not just a magazine filled with ripped bodybuilders but also a tool to expand wisdom in the fitness community.

Andrea Hawkins shares her plan on bringing to the team and audience.
I plan to bring helpful information that I have learned as a mom, wife, and athlete in the fitness world. I have had many different types of training and nutrition clients through my experience that helps me find solutions for others. My understanding of being an athlete and knowing the difficulties of everyday life while training can help others to manage the same. I think even the everyday fitness enthusiast would benefit from my experience in the industry.

Status Editor-in-Chief Rodney Jang shares his thoughts on Andrea Hawkins
Andrea is a consummate professional. She lives a fit and healthy lifestyle that needs to be shared with others. We are thrilled to have Andrea as part of the Status Fitness Magazine editorial team. Look for great things from this amazing fitness expert and coach.

About Andrea Hawkins
Andrea was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. She is a mom of three and a wife. Andrea has always had a desire to be more physically fit so she became a certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist. Andrea has been a trainer for 13 years and loves helping people reach their fitness goals! Being in the fitness industry led her to compete and earn her IFBB Figure Pro Card. Her focus is to help people achieve a physical and healthy better self!

About Status
Status Fitness Magazine is a fitness media company founded in 2006. Geared towards the fitness enthusiast to the hardcore competitive athlete, Status delivers current, reliable, and valuable knowledge to anyone interested in fitness as a lifestyle.

Status is well known for its Print Magazine featuring the likes of George St. Pierre, Brock Lesner, Jennifer Nicole Lee, Ashley Kaltwasser among others, Status Model Searches, and Media Production Studio, YouTube page, and Athlete team. All of these avenues help focus on presenting its information with the highest quality photography, design, layout, and in the case of its print publication, paper stock. Status is not only available as a high-quality, attractive print publication, but is also available through various technologies, allowing access to the masses.

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