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Getting a pro card, let alone winning the overall, is a huge accomplishment. Share what it means to you as well as what sacrifices you had to make to achieve your goal.
Thank you! I’m extremely excited and still on cloud 9! I can’t believe it. Winning a PRO card was my goal for this year, winning overall was a dream! I didn’t expect that at all. I was literally crying backstage! The feeling of winning was surreal. As far as sacrifices, I think I sacrificed my family time. I was coming home after my training so tired that I really did not spend productive time with my family.

Did you have a coach to guide you through this journey?
I never had a coach or a trainer and every show I did on my own. I absolutely love coaching myself. I like to have full freedom of my diet and I learn posing from just watching pros on stage. In this last show, I collaborated with one of my trainers – we work together at the gym. Our workouts are very similar, but having that extra support was nice. It was fun to learn a new approach and get out of my own box. Even tho it wasn’t a full coaching experience (because I still like to do things my way) I understand better now why competitors hire coaches. Coach does a lot for you. For the most part, take your overthinking out and just tell you what to do, so you don’t have to worry. Maybe one day I will give the ownership to someone else, but not yet

What were your 3 biggest challenges in your prep?
Peanut butter – Snacking at night.

I think nutrition is the biggest challenge for everyone. I’m very disciplined but unfortunately, peanut butter is my weakness. If I see it sitting on a countertop there is no way, I won’t have a bite. That relates to evening/night snacking. I still snack healthy, like rice cakes or nuts but when you are on the prep it is not ideal to keep snacking like that.

Keeping the schedule – like in the clock.

My regular non-prep life isn’t far from the prep one. This is my lifestyle. But, the serious I got the more restrictions I put on myself. Your whole life is running on a specific schedule. From the time I wake up to the time I go sleep there isn’t a time to chill. Meals are on time, sleep needs to be on point, cardio has a specific time in the day and there is no way I would miss my lifting. All of that is happening while raising an almost 3-year-old daughter, working 10 hours a day and trying to start a business on my own. I can’t let myself miss anything (like not doing meal prep or sleeping less) because it will have a huge effect on the future outcome.

My last challenge is energy.

I noticed this last prep was the hardest ever. I was coming home completely exhausted. That was devastating to me because it affected the time with my daughter. My work hours are long so it wasn’t helpful either. My energy was low and despite playing with my daughter I feel like I never could give her 100%.
What was the experience on stage and backstage? How nervous were you? What were your expectations, if any?
Backstage experience is always good, the room was crowded and to be honest this was the biggest show I have ever been to because girls couldn’t fit in the room. I met amazing women and moms who work so hard. It is amazing to see that despite busy life’s we still keep pushing our dreams and make them happen.

Winning first place, the overalls and her pro card is an incredible accomplishment. No one deserves it more than this hard working kind soul.Congratulations Jagoda. We are so proud of you.

At this show, I wasn’t as nervous as at the first one this year. Well, maybe a little after our first comparisons. But in general, I came with the best package. In my eyes, I never had a better physique. I worked so hard and I gave my absolute best. The day before, I went to the gym to relax (the gym environment really make me relaxed, because it is like home), and I posed and I literally cried seeing my progress. That moment was crucial for me because in my eyes I already won. For me it did not matter what will happen tomorrow (on the competition day), I achieved or exceeded my own goal. I improved. But I changed so much that I couldn’t recognize myself. I was more than proud.  That recognition made me calm because I did my job and the rest depends on the judges.

Coming to the show I did not expect anything. I wanted to place, without having any specific placing in my mind. I did not want t to expect anything because I didn’t want to be disappointed.
When and where do you plan on making your pro debut?
I want to continue to improve and I don’t like long breaks, so my pro debut will be in November 2021. That is the plan. I will make the final decision closer to the show.

What are your plans for 2022?
My plan for 2022 is simple, which is continuing to improve and compete in as many shows as I can. Dream come true would be qualifying for Olympia but this is far in the future. For now, I want to focus on IFBB PRO shows and see where I’m and what I need to work on. I expect this journey to be exciting.

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