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This is my first article with Status but I am not a stranger to the fitness world regarding many aspects that have been part of my personal growth and education throughout the years.

I won’t go into all the details about me as my BIO does a great job of letting everyone in on my background. I do know many people 40,50 plus that have been in great shape all of their life and always wondering how they can hang onto the conditioning that they have developed up to this point in life. I will tell clients and anyone that care to listen. Yes, yes you can, but we have to ask ourselves different questions than we did in the previous years. I believe we always need “Start Where We Are”!

We do not always wake up feeling the same and in fact, every day we are different humans in many ways, so let’s treat ourselves as such. We may like to schedule things out as far as our training, and I am right there with you. However, over time, I have come to understand that many factors will change how we enter each day.

How did we sleep, what did we eat, how stressful was the previous day? Much of this will impact the next day. Some days we wake up feeling like the king or queen of the jungle, so to speak, while others we wake up not at the level. Does this mean every time we feel less than on top, we miss a workout? NO, no it does not, but what it does mean is we simply ask some questions regarding our intensity for that day.

We do not always wake up feeling the same and in fact, every day we are different humans in many ways, so let’s treat ourselves as such.

If you go into the gym with the intent to do a heavy deadlift but you did not sleep well and feel a bit off your game, you can still work out simply flip the switch and perhaps go for more on the recovery side of things. Drop that intensity and work on the form or practice the art of great form. Sure, you won’t be going 100% in the way you may have planned, but you will be giving 100% in perfecting that form and function which can only help in the future.

I will get into this whole concept of “Start Where You Are” as it pertains to the beginner, mid-level and elite-level training in articles to come. This phrase can be used in so many ways to help push us forward but also in protecting us from our own ego as well.

This does not only pertain to those of us already training and fit but to those that have never entered a gym in our life. They to have a starting point and we will be addressing that in my next article with a major emphasis on general health.

This simple phrase of “Start Where You Are” has kept me personally in the best shape ever at 50 going on 51 and will be no different as time goes by. Sure, time goes by and things change but if we are willing to ask ourselves a few simple questions, we have a unique opportunity to be our best version every day based on the signals our body is sending us on that particular day.

I look forward to getting deeper into this as time goes by. As 2022 comes into focus, let’s “Start Where We Are”

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I am in one word "Obsessed" with helping others become the best version of themselves physically because I know the mental miracles this can work. Health first is always our starting and ending point.

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