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My name is Sherri Labant, I’m 39 and I have 4 children, 3 stepchildren and 1 grandbaby. I work full time in auto sales….which I absolutely love my job doing. My family is my world and I love every second I have watching them grow into the amazing humans that they are.


City, State/Province:
Sherwood Park, AB


Auto sales consultant @ Sherwood Buick GMC

How many shows have you done? Which was your favourite and why?
I have done 3 shows and the TNT muscle show was by far my favourite! The hype leading up to it, the communication from the promoters, the number of sponsors and all the efforts to have such a successful and fun day did not disappoint.

Describe your experience with the TNT Muscle show?
My experience with the TNT muscle show will forever be in my heart. To have the opportunity of participating in the same show with my 16-year-old daughter (Teen Bikini) and knowing that her memories of it exceeded her expectations will have me remembering it forever.

How was your experience with the Status Model Search?
The Status Model Search was SO much fun. I truly had no idea going into it what to expect and the excitement of all the competitors along with the music and encouragement to just have FUN was so great!

You received a $500.00 photoshoot prize from the model search. What are your thoughts on this? How did you enjoy your shoot with the Status team?
I truly couldn’t feel more honoured to of had a photo session with the “Bombelkie” twins. I have been following them and idolizing their artwork on social media for a few years. Never would I have imagined having the opportunity to experience a shoot with them and still feel like it was a dream. They were so great to work with, very professional and creative. I can’t wait to see the photos come to life!

How did the Model Search differ from a regular physique show?
The Model Search was different from a regular physique show in that we had FREEDOM…complete freedom to creative flair. No boundaries

What does it mean to you to get published in Status Fitness?
To be published in Status Fitness Magazine would be unmeasurable. To be a part of a much larger platform, sharing my passion and hopefully inspiring others on a whole new level would be heartwarming.

What separates Status from other fitness magazines?
Status Fitness Magazine is different from other magazines because it’s more REAL….people that are Athletes but regular people. People that are relatable!

Who is your coach?
Ryan Richardson with Team Ignite Fitness

Describe your coaches and the impact they have on you?
As a competitor, we put a lot of trust in our coach. We grind away and make sure we’re doing our part. But if it’s one thing I’ve learnt is that he knows his stuff! It makes the process a lot easier knowing that his passion to bring the best means that if I’m pushing ahead, so is he. I’m proud to call him my coach and believe in him 100%

Future fitness goals and plans?
It’s always been a goal of mine to hit the national level stage. I’ve had the opportunity before but life got in the way and needed my focus during that time. I have my eyes set on that stage and plan on working my butt off (literally….watch out for them glutes!) to bring my best physique in 2022.

Favourite Quote
“Some of the best things in life appear when you least expect them”…..and I truly believe it.

Things people don’t know about you

  • I feel like I’m pretty transparent however what comes to mind is
  • I’m Ukrainian…my olive skin and dark features often get mistaken for other backgrounds. Plus my last name appears French but isn’t.
  • I love to read, knowledge is power and I want to soak it up!
  • When I find a song I like, I can listen to it on repeat endlessly.
  • Receiving gifts makes me uncomfortable…I want them and feel so special when getting one, but feel like I should always have one to return.
  • I’m a very loyal person…Ride or die kinda gal. If you’re in my circle, I got your back.

If you could inspire one person, who would that be? And why?
The mom who doesn’t think she can have a body she loves. Because as parents, we tend to put everyone else first and think it’s impossible to make the changes necessary for taking care of the US first. It’s as if we’re letting others down by prioritizing ourselves and loving ourselves. When in fact it’s the opposite, we’re leading by example and when we feel great, we do great things. In return, so do the others around you.

Who inspires you? And why?
My children! From being a great role model to taking care of myself (mind, body & soul) leading by example in hopes that they too will do the same. When they achieve their goals, it makes me feel like I need to level up, let’s see what we can do in this life. I want to be able to look back when I’ve finished this life and say YES, look at all the amazing things we’ve done and experienced. What a great journey this was.

Your transformation story
I’ve always been an athlete in some way, from high school sports to recreational beer league hockey to the start of my competitive bodybuilding journey. When my youngest was about 2, someone had suggested I do a Bikini competition to which I sneered at the thought….imagine wearing a bikini in front of people (one that’s so small it fits in a sandwich baggy)…no. But then the wheels started turning and I started talking about it more with friends and family. Someone had said they didn’t think I could do it. LOL Did they even know me? Well, now I HAVE to do it! Ok, I’m in. But not in Bikini….because I’m not feminine enough to fit into that group. They’re just so sexy and confident and smooth. I grew up on a farm as a tomboy….I’ve always felt less than feminine. I was a homeboy lol So I took the stage as a figure competitor and LOVED it. Decided that competing is something I needed to continue. However, I had to sit and really think…do I actually belong in a figure? No…my natural aesthetics and genetics really do belong in the Bikini category. Despite the uncomfortableness that came with that choice, I turned it into a game. The challenge of transforming into an elegant lady on stage drives me to see how much I can improve with each time I step on. So my transformation isn’t just skin deep, I’ve grown as a female. To be stronger. To love me. To embrace my natural beauty and not want to sit on the sidelines, sink into the shadows. I’ve now rushed to be front and centre and say “look at me” with pride. It’s now become a part of who I am, even when off the stage.

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Photo By: Bombelkie MONUMENTAL
Stage Photos By: David Ford

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