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Shawn McIntyre Interviews with Status Fitness Magazine
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Congratulations on being selected as a Status Fitness Magazine cover athlete.  How did this unfold? How did you find out? What was your reaction?

Thank you very much! I am actually very proud of this accomplishment as my life before fitness was not overly glorious. In fact, I got into fitness because I was looking for a way to manage my high anxiety and stress levels. 3 years ago I was looking for a change in my lifestyle, I needed to shake things up drastically because nothing was working for me. I had just gone through a divorce and was learning how to raise my 2 daughters as a single dad.

I decided to enter a WBFF Fitness Model category as a way to focus my attention on something that could distract me while eating healthy. I won my Pro Fitness Model Status 5 months later. Later that year I competed in The Wbff World Pro Fitness Model Championships in Las Vegas and placed top 10 in the WORLD I was overjoyed.

It was the following year that Status Fitness Magazine and Rodney Jang became one of my Inspirations. I learned to focus not just on the Workouts and nutrition but also on myself. Developing the traits of commitment, discipline and consistency had everything to do with not “THE WHAT” but “THE WHO”. What was I in character and habits and what were my traits and values? For the first time, I learned more about myself which I was wanted to ultimately become a better father for my girls. in 2014 I did a photoshoot with Status Fitness Magazine and knew that there was the potential for a cover shot opportunity. The photoshoot was all day and the attention to detail and the professionalism showed me that Status was a company dedicated to excellence also. It was later in April 2014 I was judging the Montreal Pro/Am Show for the WBFF in Montreal that Rodney came up to me and showed me a picture of me on the Spring Cover Issue. Honestly, I think I was in shock when I found out but so honored beyond belief.

Tell the Status readers a little about yourself?
I am a dad of two daughters, nine and seven years old that live with me.  I started 2 Technology software companies 8 years ago. I recently started Corporate Training in the area of Fitness – Combining the Entrepreneur Mindset and Fitness together for Success. I am a published author writing for various business and fitness magazines that include Entrepreneur Magazine, Professional Performance Magazine, Fitness RX, and Status Fitness Magazine on the success principles that I learned that took me from a life of struggle to a Pro Fitness Model, International Cover Model and Published Author in 2.5 years

Let’s talk about your fitness background?
I grew up playing sports such as hockey, football, and baseball. I always loved competing and pushing myself, but never really trained for anything. As I grew older I noticed without training my ability to perform was going downhill fast.

I then moved into body awareness training programs like yoga, martial arts, and mediation practices to learn about my body and then becoming a certified personal trainer.


I now combine my experience of my Martial Arts (Ninjutsu) as well as specialized Eastern Meditation and Yoga practices with the knowledge of nutrition and biomechanics to create specialized custom training coaching programs. It is my belief and experience that offering a comprehensive strategy that handles your mental, emotional and Energetic system combined with the physical body will produce incredible results that are achievable in a relatively short time and are sustainable! This approach I offer is for Strength and Endurance, Flexibility, Balance, Control for a FUNCTIONAL Fitness and Wellness program

What does a fitness lifestyle mean to you?
Lifestyle is the ability to be grounded and balanced as well as constantly progressing towards a fulfilling vision for my life. To learn and grow and to them inspire and be of service to others. My Lifestyle is to live passionately with love and energy and to surround myself with beautiful experiences and people who dare to risk being comfortable to stretch and strengthen all parts of themselves.

What is your training plan?
My training plan consists of hitting what I call the main elements of Building lean Muscle and burning Body fat. The focus is on Bio-Mechanical Training.

I vary all of these elements making sure I am training with INTENSITY: Meaning total engagement of my mind, emotional engagement, and energy.

Nutritional plan?
The structure is key for me. I love to eat and enjoy myself in social and business environments, so I eat a clean, balanced diet of 6 meals a day of lean proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbs. I like to cycle a constant supply of lean proteins (Chicken, Turkey, Egg Whites) and then rotate lower-carb weeks with higher carb weeks so I can focus on muscle growth and then staying tight at the same time. I do allow myself each week to indulge and treat myself so I never feel deprived.


What supplements do you take?
I take a high-quality protein shake with about 30 grams of protein per scoop or serving and low carbs and sugars usually under 2 grams per serving. Magnum Quattro is what I currently take and love the taste as well as the quality no bloating afterward so I know that I digest it well. I also like the Magnum Pre-workout with no stimulants called opus as I am sensitive and make sure I take the supplements that work and give long-term health as well as performance. I also take a multivitamin from Magnum called Primer to ensure I am not lacking any nutrients in my diet but also give my body the best digestive advantages for bringing all the quality nutrients from my diet to my muscles.

You compete in fitness competitions. Tell us about them and your experiences.
I have competed for 3 years now and I use it as a great goal to shoot for that engages my mind and emotions ( Intensity ) to all my workouts. Because I am a natural competitor I value hard work and having a big goal to step on stage with the best pro’s from all over the world it keeps me at my edge to make each session count like its my final session before I step on stage before thousands of people who watch on pay per view as well as attend the live show in LAs Vegas. In my 3 years I have placed top 10 in the world each and this year I won and currently hold the North American Title as a Fitness Model.

You shot with David Ford. Describe what that experience was like for you?
I always look forward to shooting with David Ford. David is the ultimate professional. He is always well organized and has great energy as well as guidance and encouragement in the shoot, which allows for a peace and confidence to show in the pictures. He is also very creative and has a great eye for capturing the brand and image that allows each athlete to use his shots as a platform to really market themselves.

Who is inspires you in fitness?
Honestly, I love everyday people who are trying to balance a business or career as well as a family and their personal relationships. the mindset and dedication, as well as commitment, is so inspiring to me to follow as I raise my family and grow my business. I also look up to the fitness competitors, as I appreciate how challenging that is to live a lifestyle that takes every part to be strengthened such as our mind, emotions as well as bodies.

What does it mean to you to inspire others?
I first got into fitness to become a better dad. I am constantly reminded by my girls that our actions speak louder than our words and thoughts of what is right. So I see that we are ALL ROLE MODELS and each opportunity to live in a way that is true to ourselves and take the high road is worth every step. Inspiring others is a great honor and opportunity that I don’t take lightly.

I know there are a lot of people that work hard and may or may not be getting the results that they truly desire. So if I can help someone make a step forward either with hope or faith or even a little bit of information then I am so willing to do that as I struggled with change my body until I figured out the basics that worked for me and now it’s progressed I focus on.

What are your fitness goals?
My Fitness goals are to create a fit and healthy lifestyle that is functional and sustainable at the same time provides high energy and mental clarity to perform as a father as well as a businessman and to feel proud of how I look and feel. This has been achievable with not just fitness routines themselves but practicing the art of discipline and commitment and consistency that shows up as trust and integrity and true strength which I feel has made me successful as a businessman, father, and all relationships I hold. It isn’t that I see myself just as a Pro Fitness Model but as a role model for my girls and for my business and I feel everyone has this ability to demonstrate these same qualities that will catapult their level of success no matter it is they desire.

Fitness has truly been a tool to help me focus on growing myself in character and virtue


Would you like to thank any sponsors?
I would like to thank Status Fitness Editor-in-Chief Rodney Jang for all of his time and information shared with me. Rodney has a wide range of Fitness Information from functional training to supplementation and his willingness to teach and inspire has helped change my approach to TOTAL FITNESS.

ES Collection Swimwear for sponsoring me with my stage swimwear for my 2015 year of competing. ES Collection has been amazing to deal with and operate on the same values and principles of integrity and service.

What in the works for you for the remainder of the year?
I am writing my book which step by step outlines my journey from a non-fitness life to how fitness allowed me to not just regain my body and health but my self-respect and true confidence as well helping me out of my darkest times. I am also launching a Fitness Camp Called Re*Vamp which goes all the basics from Nutrition and proper training techniques as well as real inner strength qualities and techniques that allow your training and results to skyrocket in a natural and empowering. These camps will be starting in Hawaii as well as across Canada and the Western United States in 2016.

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