Status Fitness Magazine Interview Fitness Expert Samantha Anderson
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I am a certified CanFit Pro Personal Trainer, Boot Camp, and Kangoo Power Fitness Instructor. Through my Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies Degree (CRDS) and my previous career as a physio and occupational therapist assistant. I fell in love with helping people reach their optimal level of health and wellbeing! I have a passion for health and fitness, and I love giving it my all; whether that be on the stage as a figure pro athlete, at the gym crushing my workout, or in the kitchen meal prepping and trying new recipes! I believe that health and fitness are a lifestyle choice, not a fad. I love listening to inspirational podcasts or reading books to help develop my mind to be strong enough to overcome any obstacle in my way. I have had many experiences and education opportunities, such as being a Magnum-sponsored athlete and receiving my Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Nutrition certificate. These endeavors have helped me to provide my clients with the best possible advice and products to assist them in reaching their goals. I stand by the importance of mental strength and help my clients

Trainer philosophy:
I fully believe in creating a lifestyle for my clients, whether it be through nutrition, exercise, and physical activity, or both! I believe in living life to the fullest in all aspects. Once you find a balance between life and fitness then you are in the sweet spot of living a life you can be proud of! When we support our bodies through positive thought, healthy foods, and physical activity, it will support us back, by allowing us to crush goals, live our dreams and discover new adventures and opportunities.

Training Plan:
I create my clients’ plans in a way that is flexible for their lifestyle. Adding in a progressive challenge throughout their program to ensure they are reaching the results that they need, as their body adapts to their new lifestyle! I also believe in creating balance with the body. This will allow for a stronger posture and a decreased risk of injury.

Nutritional Plan:
Again, very flexible to make it work for my clients. I believe in the 80/20 rule. 80% healthy whole foods and 20% treat foods. As I always say, “memories over macros”. We do need to enjoy our life and life events. Finding that balance is what helps us to find success in the goals we have created!

Supplement Plan:
I 100% fully trust Magnum NutraceuticalsI have been personally using their supplements for over 5 years now and I highly recommend their products to my clients. My top 3 favorites are their Quattro protein (HIGHEST QUALITY 4 STAGE PROTEIN ISOLATE), Fasted Cardio (THERMOGENIC PRE-WORKOUT), and their Heat (THERMOGENIC FAT BURNER).

Is weight loss more of a fitness issue or a health issue in your opinion and why?
I believe weight loss is more of a health issue. Obesity and the complications that may come with being overweight can become a huge problem. Those who are overweight tend to have low energy and adverse health problems, that can affect them both physiologically and mentally. When someone begins to lose weight, these health effects can begin to lessen in severity, and hopefully diminish altogether. On the opposite side of weight loss, if people are underweight then striving for a having a healthy weight, which may mean weight gain, will, in turn, promote a healthy lifestyle for them as well. Remembering that everyone’s goals may look slightly different, but in the end, I believe that it all comes down to living that healthy lifestyle, whatever that may look like for that individual.

Do you prefer to take and recommend all-natural (no sugar, no artificial colours/flavours/sweeteners) supplements or supplements with artificial flavours and sweeteners? And Why?
I recommend the 80/20 rule here. So yes, 20% of the time I do recommend to my clients that if they want to have supplements with artificial flavors and sweeteners sometimes, it is okay. There has been a lot of back and forth research with sweeteners, but I feel if you have it in moderation, you are golden.

If you have 100 tokens in total and you could apply them to the following categories, how many would you apply to each?

  • Fitness level: 30
  • Health level:  70

For me, the reason I allotted the tokens in a 30-70 split for fitness and health respectively is to reiterate my belief that focusing on one’s health first is more important than the fitness level focus. But obviously, if you do one the other will follow. I love challenging my strength and fitness levels, but I truly believe health is more important. I don’t think I would be where I am today fitness-wise if I didn’t focus on my health first! When we open the doors to allow for a healthy lifestyle, it will be much easier to incorporate more fitness into that space.

What separates Status from other fitness magazines?
I appreciate how Status does not discriminate against someone’s athletic ability, the size of their muscles, or their fitness regime. They showcase people who work regular jobs and have families, who are striving towards goals and looking to adopt a health and fitness lifestyle. Status allows readers to see that anyone can work to be the best version of themselves and you don’t have to be a pro athlete, spend hours in the gym, or become a fitness influencer just to reach your goals!

Describe your coaches and the impact they have on you?
I have had a few coaches in my corner. My main coach is my business coach, Mathew Park, he has not only helped me with my business, but he has pushed me to become a better person, build my self-confidence and so much more. In return, I can present my best self so my clients are supported by someone who practices what they preach!

If you could ask Status Fitness Magazine Editor in Chief Rodney Jang any industry question, what would that be?
This is my go-to question: I love having a morning routine, that sets me up for success! Does he have a morning routine that he does to set himself up for the day?

Status Fitness Magazine runs model searches across North America including the largest one at the Arnold Classic for the Status cover.  As part of the Status family, you will receive a special participation invite. How excited are you about this opportunity?
This is such an amazing opportunity! I am beyond excited. Thank-you! I would love to connect with others who have similar beliefs and goals as I do! I definitely wouldn’t keep quiet about such a wonderful experience! I would have to share it with my loved ones, clients, and social media followers.

Future fitness goals and plans?
Personally, I would love to compete further as I am a WNBF Figure pro, covid depending. I would also love to open up a Samantha Anderson fitness studio one day, so I can support my clients all in one place. For now, I am excited to be prepping for future photoshoots that will help brand my business.

5 things people don’t know about you:

  • I am a dual citizen-Canada and Switzerland.
  • I went to school in Switzerland for part of my kindergarten year.
  • I hate scary movies.
  • I have 4 permanent teeth missing.
  • I have competed in a powerlifting competition before.

If you could inspire one person, who would that be? And why?
My clients, this is my daily goal and it would be my dream to impact more and more people! I love what I do and even if I inspire one new person a day, I am happy.

Who inspires you? And why?
I would have to say, my mom. She has come so far in her life. From living on the street and not having much, to seeing her work her butt off to provide for my brother and me. It is truly inspiring. Her hard work, what she did to raise my brother, and me, helps me push hard too, every day. My goal was to be able to give back and take her on a yoga retreat. Last year in Feb 2020, we did just that! We traveled to Bali, Indonesia for a 10-day yoga retreat. It was a trip of a lifetime.

Your transformation story:
Fitness has completely changed my life, so much that now I have a business with it. I love sharing with clients how to appreciate who they are through self-love, boosting their confidence and motivation through exercise because that’s what I did. I was very skinny when I was little and had very low confidence. I didn’t feel I was capable of much, but through exercise, I have gained so much confidence as I was able to see my body change physically and mentally. My first competition allowed me to have a huge boost as I received first. I later received my pro card as a WNBF Figure Pro athlete. Now, I run a successful transformation challenge with over 40 people and teach them everything that I have learned. If it wasn’t for my own struggles with self-confidence and the way my body looked, I don’t think I would have had the same appreciation and love for how amazing it feels to work towards and goal and find success.

Favourite Quotes:
“You cannot change the direction of the wind, you can only adjust the sails.” ~Jimmy Dean

Photographer: Tim Dardis

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