One Of The Greatest Fitness Tools - Eric Rodgers
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One of the greatest fitness tools we have is time.  Each day we wake up to the  “time bank” with a new deposit of more time to chase after goals and dreams.  Time is a precious gift we can never get back once it’s gone.  Time is neither friend nor foe.  Time is what we make it out to be which leads to the power of choice.  The choices we make each day will dictate how time makes us feel and how we respond to our surroundings.  One of the biggest battles seen daily is the battle of making time vs having time.

A few questions to think about as we go forward:

  1. How important is my time?
  2. How important are my goals?
  3. How can I spend my time today to set my future up for success?
  4. How much time am I wasting?
  5. Do I have a plan to make the most of my time?

One of the ways to overcome the time battle is to set some time aside to assess your life and goals.  Get out a notebook or use your phone to write down your schedule.  A visual aid will help boost accountability as well as help you schedule your daily task which leads to success. Scheduling will also cut down on time being wasted.  Individuals find they have more time than they thought when they start scheduling. Write down your goals from least to most important.  Writing them down will give you an idea of your top three areas to focus on the most. A big key player along the journey to success is asking yourself these questions to ensure you have a game plan to reach your goals.  Lastly, Enjoy your journey and make the most of your time.  Keep in mind the process is about progress, not perfection.

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Eric Rodgers (ACE Certified Trainer, NASM FNS) is the owner of Eric Rodgers Fitness. His passion is to be others’ guide to a practical, simple and maintainable approach to a healthy lifestyle.

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