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I started my fitness journey over 15 years ago. I started off as a “cardio bunny” as some would say. I was afraid of weight lifting as I was under the misconception that lifting weights would make me bulky.


San Francisco, CA

Banking by day, and also in school pursuing my Psychology degree. I wish to specialize in PTSD and addiction and wish to incorporate holistic health and fitness into this framework.

Share your unique training/coaching methods.
I approach my coaching style as tailored to the individual. Each person is unique, with unique challenges, habits, experiences, and even body types. I also focus heavily on the mental health aspect as I believe, real health results do not come from nutrition being 90% as it has been stated. The driving force behind it all is mental health. I also coach Flexible dieting. I don’t believe in cutting food groups or associating food as being good or bad as that contributes to unhealthy relationships with food and even, disordered eating.

Training Plan:
My current training plan is lifting 4 days a week, yoga once and a daily step goal. I have 1-2 rest days a week.

Nutritional Plan:
Flexible! My current plan is approx. 1800 cal, with specifically targeted macros. However, my goal to feel my best is to eat mostly whole foods and I allow myself to choose memories over macros when applicable. I enjoy friends’ birthday cakes etc! If one is consistent, balanced lifestyles and food freedom are achievable.

Supplement Plan:
My current supplements are protein whey when I need more protein. I also take multivitamins, Fish Oil, Vitamin D and B12.

Do you prefer to take and recommend all-natural (no sugar, no artificial colours/flavours/sweeteners) supplements or supplements with artificial flavours and sweeteners? And Why?
When I drink coffee, I prefer stevia. Just a personal preference. I feel that sugar is perfectly fine in moderation.

Please describe the importance of mental health.
Mental health is the driving force behind every decision we make and ultimately can impact physical health. It is the most important aspect, I feel, of overall well-being.

If you could ask Status Fitness Magazine Editor-in-Chief Rodney Jang any industry question, what would that be?
What was your most pivotal moment in both your personal fitness journey AND as an editor for Status Fitness Magazine?

Status Fitness Magazine runs model searches across North America including the largest one at the Arnold Classic for the Status cover. As part of the Status family, you will receive a special participation invite. How excited are you for this opportunity?
I would love the opportunity!!! Was not expecting this opportunity, so I am very excited!!

What does the future hold?
I have many goals! I wish to continue to inspire and help others through multiple channels including my self-improvement podcast “Getting Soul Fit”. I also wish to model more, write more articles, attend interviews on other podcasts, and currently, I am working on a TedX submission. The future is bright and I am beyond excited for it!

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned?
The biggest lesson I learned is, if you want to change for the better, do not wait. Do not wait for the perfect time, or anyone to come save you. You have to take advantage of the PRESENT moment because it is a gift and if you need help, absolutely ask.

What does success look like for you?
Success to me, is doing what you love and helping others as a result. It is a piece of mind and true happiness in the freedom of living your truth.

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