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With this season’s first show on the West Coast now in the books, we would like to congratulate the powerhouse duo of Leigh and Dean Brandt, for yet again putting on such an amazing event. From the hardworking CPA judges, to incredible athletes,  promoters, fantastic presenters, and LBMC volunteers, this show set the precedence for the rest of the year. Leigh and Dean always put their hearts and souls into each show and it was seen by everyone who had the opportunity to either compete or attend. The LBMC seen many familiar faces from seasoned competitors to those who are just beginning the competition journey. It goes without saying that each and every athlete brought their A game. The LBMC hosted 191 competitors, including crossovers.. Making this a night to remember for all the athletes.

Representing Status Fitness Magazine at the LBMC was Editor-in-Chief Rodney Jang and photographer Zack Taylor

Novice Mens BB – Gold –Junior Mens BB – Gold #91 Josh Mackenzie (Photo: Zack Taylor)

Grandmaster Mens BB – Gold – #90 Shane Rooks ​(Photo: Zack Taylor)

Mens Open BB Lightweight – Gold – #98 Ryan Fianza (Photo: Zack Taylor)

Mens Open BB Middleweight – Gold –Spotlight Award Winner- #99 Andrew Kersten (Photo: Zack Taylor)

Master Mens BB – Gold- Mens Open BB Heavyweight – Gold Best Poser Award –Best Overall Award #201 Clint Hiles (Photo: Zack Taylor)

Novice Mens Classic – Gold – #106 Jerret Vaughn (Photo: Zack Taylor)

Masters Mens Classic – Gold – #94 Jason Mctaggart (Photo: Zack Taylor)

Open Mens Classic Physique A – Gold – #110 Matus Kucharek (Photo: Zack Taylor)

Open Mens Classic B Physique – Gold – #113 Brendan Banser (Photo: Zack Taylor)

Junior Mens Physique – Gold – #93 Mingxuan Shang (Photo: Zack Taylor)

Grandmaster Mens Physique – Gold –Masters Mens Physique – Gold #125 Eddie Parinas (Photo: Zack Taylor)

Mens Physique Short – Gold –Novice Mens Physique – Gold #115 Clark Doherty (Photo: Zack Taylor)

(Mens Physique Medium – Gold – #111 Zachary Khan)

Mens Physique Tall – Gold –Best Overall Award – Gold #133 Matthew Fox (Photo: Zack Taylor)

Novice Women’s Physique – Gold – #135 Monika Podgorski . ​(Photo: Zack Taylor)

Masters Women’s Physique – Gold –Women’s Physique Open – Gold-Women’s Open Bodybuilding – Gold #136 Sarah Boes (Photo: Zack Taylor)

Novice Women’s Bodybuilding – Gold – #137 Afsaneh Ahmadi Moghaddam (Photo: Zack Taylor)

Best Poser Award – #138 Morgan Neufeld (Photo: Zack Taylor)

Novice Figure – Gold – #145 Kassidy Maclean (Photo: Zack Taylor)

Grandmasters Figure – Gold – #140 Donna Laplante (Photo: Zack Taylor)

Masters Figure – Gold – #134 Chrissie Ohlund (Photo: Zack Taylor)

Open Figure Short – Gold – #204 Whitney Edwards (Photo: Zack Taylor)

Open Figure Tall – Gold – #145 Kassidy Maclean (Photo: Zack Taylor)

Novice Bikini – Gold – #153 Alessa Vicente (Photo: Zack Taylor)

Grandmasters Bikini – Gold – #167 Jennifer Singleton (Photo: Zack Taylor)

Masters Bikini – Gold – #177 Chelsea Tapanainen (Photo: Zack Taylor)

Open Bikini Short – Gold – #153 Alessa Vicente (Photo: Zack Taylor)

Open Bikini Medium – Gold – #161 Cathy Wong (Photo: Zack Taylor)

Open Bikini Medium Tall – Gold – #177 Chelsea Tapanainen (Photo: Zack Taylor)

Open Bikini Tall – Gold – #198 Nicole Bates and Bikini Overall Award Winner (Photo: Zack Taylor)

Stage Photography By: Zack Taylor

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Julie McGraa brings a wealth of life experience to Status Fitness Magazine and is an active advocate for mental health in her community. She is a wife, a nationally published fitness model, a writer, a bikini competitor, a self-love/self-confidence advocate, and mother of three wonderful children, two of whom are adopted. Julie has spent the better part of her adult years working with children who suffer from mental health concerns due to prenatal drug and alcohol exposure. Julie is raising a child who is considered high needs and lives at a very high anxiety level. Julie believes that mental health is not a topic that needs to be ignored but discussed openly in a manner where it is inclusive of everyone around us and put forth in a manner with patience, love, and acceptance. She strongly believes that one of the main keys, in order to help those around you, is to practice self-care and self-love. In doing so, Julie thinks that it allows you to make sure your own mental well-being is being taken care of. She has found that, through fitness and nutrition, she has been able to build her own self-love/self-care and truly see the effects that it has had on her life and her children's lives. Julie strongly feels that it comes down to realizing that this is your journey and not someone else’s and your mental health needs to come first.

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