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I’m a certified fitness professional, personal trainer, coach, and fitness nutritionist. Published fitness model. NPC Bikini athlete. Pancake junkie and lover of all things adventure!


Hawthorne, NJ, USA

Self-employed — I’m an online fitness coach, personal trainer and fitness nutritionist and I own a gym in NJ.

Is weight loss more of a fitness issue or a health issue in your opinion and why?

Depends on the individual — but generally, a healthy body is what matters! You can be stage lean and anything but healthy…

If you have 100 tokens in total and you could apply them to the following categories, how many would you apply to each?
● Fitness level: 80
● Health level: 20

Thoughts on HIIT, Powerlifting, TRX, Yoga, bodybuilding, others?
All training styles matter ️. Whatever makes a person happy is what they should be doing, because if training doesn’t make you happy, what’s the point?
Share your unique training/coaching methods?
I believe in highly customizing my programs to each and every client I work with. None of them is “cookie-cutter” plans. Everyone is so different, their needs, goals, desires, habits — all of this calls for a fully custom program. Hence the small number of clients I work with. I give my clients my ALL.

Trainer philosophy:

Train your body and most importantly train your mind. Ditch your excuses. Get to work. Character is what’s built when no one is watching.

Training plan:
I train 6 times a week, no matter if I’m prepping for a show or in my improvement season.

Nutritional plan:
Flexible dieting for the win! I’m a firm believer that all foods fit. You’ll see me enjoying a stack of pancakes even when I’m deep in show prep. I make it a point to enjoy my food and make little (or big) treats fit into my macros.

Supplement plan:
I keep it simple! A multivitamin, some EAAs and BCAAs here and there, magnesium and currently Lion’s mane.

Do you prefer to take and recommend all-natural (no sugar, no artificial colours/flavours/sweeteners) supplements or supplements with artificial flavours and sweeteners? And Why?
Artificial flavourings all the way. There’s no harm in them. And they make me happy and my life easier. ️

What separates Status from other fitness magazines?
It’s been a dream of mine to be featured in Status! Always displaying the very best physiques. I’d be honoured to be one of them.

Describe your coaches and the impact they have on you?
I’ve been coached by Wilmer Del Castillo for almost the past 4 years. He knows my body and knows what works for me and what doesn’t. He commands — I execute!

If you could ask Status Fitness Magazine Editor in Chief Rodney Jang any industry question, what would that be?
What was the weirdest experience publishing a fitness model? Was there ever a funny story associated with it?

Status Fitness Magazine runs model searches across North America including the largest one at the Arnold Classic for the Status cover.  As part of the Status family, you will receive a special participation invite. How excited are you about this opportunity?
Extremely excited! So honoured and privileged!

Do you have a sponsor? List them and what they mean to you?
I’m sponsored by Rule1 Proteins. Their support on my journey is huge! They provide me with the best supplements on the market, and I love being supported by an amazing family like that.

Future fitness goals and plans?
The plan is to keep killing it and never stop! I’m planning to keep competing for as long as I feel like it’s right for me, but most importantly, I plan on continuing to motivate people around the world to be the best version of themselves and not be afraid to challenge themselves!

Life goal?
To keep living my best life, doing what I love, making money pursuing my passion and inspiring others along the way!

5 things people don’t know about you?

  • My eyes are in 2 different colours.
  • I’m a travel addict.
  • I’m obsessed with piercings but like to keep them discreet.
  • I moved to the US 9 years ago all alone with nothing in my pockets.
  • I’m a foodie! Although some people might know that based on my epic cheat days…

5 lessons you have learned?

  • Live life unapologetically.
  • Be you and not who other people want you to be.
  • Love out loud.
  • Spend money on experiences, not stuff.
  • Spend time with those who matter.

5 most important attributes you see in a person?
Loyalty, honesty, dedication, commitment, ability to love without expecting anything back.

If you could inspire one person, who would that be? And why?
A girl who almost gave up. I always say if I make a difference in the life of one person, then everything will be worth it. Life changed forever is worth everything.

Who inspires you? And why?
Some of the bikini/wellness athletes are people I’ll always look up to! Steph Sequeira for example is always the hardest worker in the room. I’ve never seen anyone work as hard as she does.

Your transformation story:
I’ve always been skinny fat, weighed 100lbs and admired women who looked strong and athletic thinking I could never be one of them. Let alone step on stage! That looked like something completely unachievable, forever out of reach. So when I started training I didn’t truly believe I could ever build a body worthy of being displayed before judges or even anything to be proud of. Consistency and drive will take you places though! So here I am 5 years later, successfully competing, training clients in person and coaching online, a certified nutritionist and fitness trainer, and a gym owner. This journey has not been and is not easy, but I’m blessed to be where I am. I’m grateful for it every single day.

Favourite quotes?
“The last three or four reps is what makes the muscle grow. This area of pain divides the champion from someone else who is not a champion. That’s what most people lack, having the guts to go on and just say they’ll go through the pain no matter what happens.” Arnold Shchwartsneger .

“If she’s easy, she won’t be amazing. If she’s amazing, she won’t be easy.” Bob Marley

“I’ll abandon everyone else’s expectations of me before I’ll abandon myself. I’ll disappoint everyone else before I’ll disappoint myself. I’ll forsake all others before I’ll forsake myself. Me and myself: We are till death do us part.” Glennon Doyle.

Photographer: Steward Noack

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I am a content and talent manager of Status Fitness Magazine. If you are looking to share your story or get featured in Status, contact me.

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