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Jenna Homsey Interviews with Status Fitness Magazine
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I graduated from college with two degrees and now own my own business to train women and help them physically and mentally. I started my business over 3 years ago and I am very passionate about helping others in all ways that I can. I was voted Best Trainer in AZ for 2021 and had my first magazine cover come out in March 2020. I am a huge mental health advocate and I’m starting a non-profit named “Alex and Charlie”, to help those with mental health issues receive the care that they need, spread awareness, and give resources. I am extremely close with my family and they mean everything to me. After my brother, Alex Homsey, passed away by suicide 4 years ago, I started getting bad anxiety which led to self-harm and anxiety attacks and a later suicide attempt in 2020. I now am intentional about the way I treat myself and others and wanting to better myself and help others know that it is okay to ask and receive help. I still struggle daily and never want others to compare their lives to me or others because you never know what someone else is going through or what they are experiencing.


Phoenix, Arizona, United States.

Trainer philosophy:
You can reach any goal that you put your mind to. If you are willing to put in the work, you are going to get out of what you put in. Never underestimate yourself and I don’t have my clients do hours and hours of cardio or want them to feel like they are restricting themselves to get the results they want. Less food, more cardio, and telling yourself you cannot have certain food is NOT the way I want my clients to live.

Training Plan:
I train anywhere from 4-6 days a week. I’ve been easing my way back into the gym lately since I went through a lot with my mental health towards the end of the last year, and it feels amazing to get back into it! I will be going even harder in the gym when I decide to compete in the next following months.

Nutritional Plan:
I am not on a diet as of right now since I am not competing. I have just been trying to get ENOUGH to eat during the day. When I was struggling with my mental health and in an emotionally abusive relationship last year, I started self-harming more frequently and it was very difficult for me to eat and I lost a lot of weight and a bit of muscle. I am eating more now and going to hire a coach soon to get me on a good plan. As of right now, I am coaching myself and enjoying the time off from competing, and looking forward to when I begin training for a show next.

Supplement Plan:
I take medication for my mental health now. On top of that, I take probiotics and digestive enzymes as well as a daily multivitamin.

Is weight loss more of a fitness issue or a health issue in your opinion and why?
In my opinion, weight loss is more of a health issue but also fitness because they go hand-in-hand. Health is a state of mental and physical well-being. When it comes to weight loss, your mental strength is your driving factor to be able to focus on being disciplined with what you eat and drink, your meditation, controlling your stress factors, and making sure you are allowing yourself to get enough sleep.

If you have 100 tokens in total and you could apply them to the following categories, how many would you apply to each?

  • Health level:  75
  • Fitness level: 25

The reason being is because fitness, encompasses the physical component of health. When I think about health, it’s everything including mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Do you prefer to take and recommend all-natural (no sugar, no artificial colors/flavors/sweeteners) supplements or supplements with artificial flavors and sweeteners? And Why?
I used to recommend anything 0 calories for my clients, but now I allow my clients to have whichever they like best. There are pros and cons to both, and you are able to lose weight with either one and reach your goals; my main thing is that my clients never feel restricted. I want them to enjoy the process. With my competitors, when it comes down to the final weeks of preparing for a show, things get a little stricter, but I always make sure to reverse diet my clients out correctly so they do not begin binging or overeating when reintroducing foods that were not on their meal plan after their show. To reverse diet means to slowly introduce different food back into your diet and it truly is so sad to see that some coaches do not do that for their competitors because it is a very dangerous thing.

What separates Status from other fitness magazines?
Status really cares about putting important and helpful information out there to help people and have such a large array of information that can help inspire people of all different backgrounds and goals to get where they want to be.

Describe your coaches and the impact they have on you?
My first coach, Tim Sparks, was a very old-school bodybuilding coach. I learned so much from him regarding how to build muscle, how to eat in order to lean down, and even about life because he was not just my coach, he also allowed me to be open with him about other things going on in my life and was always there for me on a personal level. I have taken some of his coaching styles and introduced them to my clients, especially the part where I allow my girls to be open with me about other things they may be experiencing because mental health and physical health go hand-in-hand and they are both extremely important for reaching your goals and in life.

If you could ask Status Fitness Magazine Editor in Chief Rodney Jang any industry question, what would that be?
What is something over the years that you have found to be helpful in your own experiences with fitness that you have maybe learned over time that a lot of trainers may have similar theories about or things that you have found to be helpful?

Status Fitness Magazine runs model searches across North America including the largest one at the Arnold Classic for the Status cover. As part of the Status family, you will receive a special participation invite. How excited are you about this opportunity?
This is amazing! I actually did not know this and I am very excited and so grateful for this opportunity.

Future fitness goals and plans?
I am going to get my professional card in the IFBB industry and compete in Bikini. I have never taken steroids or enhancers and I am going to keep it that way! I am also going to compete in the WBFF this year which will be a lot of fun mixing fitness with fashion!

Your transformation story:
I’ve struggled with overeating my entire life. Before bodybuilding, there was a joke going around that I would eat EVERYTHING. It was a struggle and I was self-conscious but always tried to show that I was confident. After beginning bodybuilding, I built the best body I have ever had without taking enhancers or steroids. I struggled with binging and overeating after my last show and when I was struggling with my mental health, dealt with undereating and losing an unhealthy amount of weight. I feel like this helps me better understand my array of clientele and there was truly a reason why I had gone through what I had. I am now a fitness model and huge mental health advocate. Inspiring women and men all over to better their physical and mental health and strive to be the best person they can be to themselves (most importantly) and to other people.

If you could inspire one person, who would that be? And why?
I strive to inspire the world and those who struggle with their mental health. It is so important to realize that yes, your physical health is important, but your mental health is just as important and it is OKAY to ask and receive help. It doesn’t make you weak and it also doesn’t make you a “stronger” person to not ask for help and to go through what you are struggling with on your own. You are never alone.

Who inspires you? And why?
Everyone in my family inspires me. My sisters are so strong and are truly such good people and have always been so helpful and supportive to me. My parents have always been more than supportive and amazing and truly raised me and my siblings to be good people. I am very blessed to have a good family. The most inspirational person in my life has been my brother. I was very close with him and he truly was such a giving, loving person who was extremely selfless. He continues to inspire me each and every day and I strive to be even just half the person that he was.

5 things people don’t know about you?

  • My family is the most important thing to me and family comes first.
  • My brother passed away by suicide 4 years ago and my sisters and I started to get awful anxiety after it happened.
  • I am a huge mental health advocate and I’m starting a non-profit to help those with mental health issues receive the care that they need.
  • I have had a gray streak of hair on the right side of my head since I was born; since my senior year of high school, I started getting more gray hair which I no longer hide because my mom and grandpa went all gray when they were about 18 years old.
  • I was in an emotionally abusive relationship last year and went to a behavioral health center back in December since I started to self-harm myself so frequently and attempted suicide the day before Thanksgiving in 2020. I am now going to therapy, taking medication, and am very open about my mental health in order to help others who are struggling to reach out for help and know that it is okay to.

Favorite Quotes:
“Anything worth it won’t come easy”.

GOFIGURE! That’s the main reason why I named my business GoFigure because if you think about it, nothing in life that will be worth it typically comes easy and if it did, you may not have learned everything you did and be as grateful as you are now about the situation.

Another one of my favorite quotes: “Everything happens for a reason”.

Photographer: Taylor Cifuentes

Jenna Homsey

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I am a content and talent manager of Status Fitness Magazine. If you are looking to share your story or get featured in Status, contact me.

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