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I have a business degree, a public relations Diploma and my nutrition coaching certification from Precision Nutrition. I chose Precision Nutrition for my Nutrition coaching certification because I liked their approach to nutrition as the program goes far beyond nutrition science and focuses on the psychology of behavior change and a more balanced, holistic approach to fitness and nutrition which I believe is much needed in the fitness and nutrition industry. I have almost finished my ISSA (International Sports Science Association) Certified Personal Trainer Certification, I just have to get my CPR and then I’ll have my certification, so I will be offering private personal training sessions as well in the next few months.



Nutrition Coach and owner of GLO Nutrition Coaching

What is your training philosophy or approach when working with clients?
My approach is a little more unconventional as I don’t believe in counting calories, eliminating certain food groups, or even weighing yourself for that matter as it just isn’t a sustainable solution long term and tends to create disordered eating habits. Instead, I prefer to focus on building long-term healthy eating and exercise habits that will stick. People don’t like being told what to do so act more or less than a guide to help support them in their journey and motivate them to make healthy choices more often than not. I firmly believe that you can still look and feel good without giving up all the foods and activities you love, it’s about making healthy choices 80% of the time and having your favourite dessert or pizza the other 20% of the time. Food is such a big part of our lives and such a social and emotional thing, so I want my clients to enjoy not just preparing their meals but also eating them, food can be both nutritious and delicious which is why you’ll never find any boring chicken and green bean meals when working with me!

Training Plan:
My personal training plan I love F45 and heavy weight training which I do usually 2-3 times a week, Barre 1-2 times a week and some type of cardio 1-2 times a week which right now consists of running as I am training for my 2nd half Marathon (21km) in May and then in the summer I do mostly road biking and tennis for my cardio. I also love playing golf in the summer and doing lots of walking, I love being active and outside as much as possible in the summer months!

Nutritional Plan:
My nutrition plan is for the most part very similar to the one I recommend to my clients 80% of the time. I eat mostly whole foods, high protein, refined sugar-free and lower in carbs with minimally processed foods and the other 20% of the time I enjoy a slice of pizza, a beer or a glass of wine or some carrot cake (it’s my favourite dessert and my aunt makes THE BEST carrot cake!)

Supplement Plan:
I’m a big believer in supplements besides a healthy nutrition plan, because of modern-day farming practices our soils are not what they used to be and therefore our food is of lower nutritional quality unless you have your garden or shop at the farmer’s market and organic all the time that is which I try to do as much as possible! But the supplements I take are AG1 athletic greens which is essentially a multivitamin that also contains pro and prebiotics and adaptogens, and ashwagandha, Vitamin D3 for maintaining my immune system, we don’t get enough sun here in Calgary so almost everyone is deficient!

Liquid Marine Collagen from Aphina for hair, skin, joint and nail health and healthy aging, after the age of 30 women start to lose 1% of collagen per year. Omega-3, Lion’s mane and cordyceps for brain health as I have Frontotemporal Lobe dementia on my mom’s side of the family which is essentially early onset Alzheimers Disease. I’ve also recently started taking grass-fed bovine colostrum for maintaining and protecting a healthy immune system and have read that it can also be beneficial for skin and hair health.

Supplements I take for athletic performance + recovery: Creatine which is great for muscle growth and recovery and recent studies have suggested that it may be beneficial in reducing risk for neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimers and Parkinson’s disease. EAAS Essential Amino Acids, also for muscle recovery and growth and energy, Electrolytes for optimal hydration, Haskapa berry powder on long-running days as some studies have suggested that it may enhance athletic performance during long endurance activities. And of course, Whey Isolate protein powder which I have almost every day as a convenient way to get in additional protein, I like the one from Biosteel as it is made from grass-fed cows and is only sweetened with Stevia, you’d be shocked at the sugar content some of the protein powders on the market have it’s basically like eating a candy bar!!

Do you prefer to take and recommend all-natural (no sugar, no artificial colours/flavours/sweeteners) supplements or supplements with artificial flavours and sweeteners? And Why?
Absolutely, I always recommend choosing natural sweeteners over artificial sweeteners things like stevia, honey, agave, maple syrup and fruit as they don’t spike your blood sugar the same way artificial sweeteners do as they are minimally processed compared to artificial sweeteners that are HEAVILY processed and far from their original state! Natural sweeteners convert differently in the body which won’t make you gain weight like the processed sugars do. Not only do processed sugars spike your blood sugar, but they are heavily addictive and target the same brain pathways as cocaine, and when consumed more often than not are linked to diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, insulin resistance and cancer! So I always advise my clients to steer clear of them as much as possible if you see ingredients like fructose, sucrose, glucose, white sugar, cane sugar, maltose, dextrose, and corn syrup then don’t buy it!

If you could ask Status Fitness Magazine Editor-in-Chief Rodney Jang any industry question, what would that be?
What is your best advice for someone who wants to be recognized as a leader and expert in the nutrition and fitness industry?

What are your long-term career goals as a fitness trainer, and how do you plan to continue growing in this field
Oh man, I’m a high achiever and ambitious so I have a lot of goals but in the near future I would like to have my own health and wellness podcast and create my own subscription-based community that focuses on bringing women who value health and wellness activities together, host annual in-person wellness retreats around the world, a cookbook and work with elite and pro level athletes. I am currently working on a pilot-run club project for building my wellness community and talking with some connections about getting into the elite athlete space and am finishing up my ISSA Certification to allow me to get more into the training field. I have a Google doc full of recipes for my cookbook already and I still need to get the podcast equipment but I’ve thought of a few podcast names and have a list of guests already created.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned?
There are many… but I think as a nutrition coach and being in the health industry you truly need to practice what you preach otherwise people will have a hard time trusting you. Also, health is a lifelong journey and the more you focus on that versus the outcome of looking a certain way or being a certain weight you’ll be more likely to make lasting changes and see permanent results!

What does success look like for you?
Success to me looks like waking up every day loving what I love, having the financial and time freedom to spend my days as I want while also changing people’s lives by improving their health through nutrition and movement so that they can live better for longer and disease-free.

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    Great article! It’s awesome to have a nutrition coach as a daughter! She’s changed the way I look at food and continues to provide guidance and advice and I’m all the better for it. Nutrition is so important for all, and it’s surprising how little folks actually know about it.

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