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I am originally from Toronto, Canada, but currently live in Florida with my wife and our two dogs. I’ve been a personal trainer since 2007, specializing in both mental and physical transformations. I struggled with/suffered from anorexia from the time I was 11 until I was 21. I was hospitalized three times before making the decision to sober up, and take back control of my life. I have competed in 13 bodybuilding shows all over North America, and I still compete in the natural women’s physique division.


Online coach

You are a health & fitness coach specializing in the amazing LGBT community. What is that like?
It’s the most rewarding career I’ve ever had. I get to help people just like me realize there’s life OUTSIDE of anxiety. So many of my clients come to me desperate to make a transformation not just in the way they look, but also in the way they think and feel and talk to themselves. I get to transform their limiting beliefs and their self-sabotaging behaviours AND help them lose weight/gain muscle. It’s the best of all the worlds.

You also are a Mentor with Trainer Revenue Multiplier? What does your role entail? How do you help others, and what difference do you try to make with each pupil?
My role involves running the TRM 10k program. That’s our flagship course that helps new trainers reach the 10k per month mark. As part of that program, I host the weekly group calls, co-host the biweekly group question-and-answer calls, and coach the participants one-on-one twice a month. I also host the weekly TRM podcast streamed across Apple iTunes, Spotify, sticker, etc. I also help Mathew host our ‘Discovery day’ seminars, masterminds, or any one-day events he wants to run.

I help our trainers by showing them what a life of financial and time freedom looks like. I teach them the unique principles of TRM to guide them in a way where they can sell themselves (and their services) without sounding salesy. It’s rewarding because I get to show people that you can make as much money as you want to make, have as much free time as you want to have, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, never stop impacting the lives of your clients. You can build a custom fitness business and thrive doing it.

What is it like working with Mathew Park?
The first word that comes to mind is “fun.” It’s fun to work with Mathew. His passion and energy are contagious, and always keeps things light, so I never feel bored or like I’m ‘forced’ to do something. It’s also inspiring to see the excitement he brings to each new day and the challenge.

As a pro physique competitor, share your struggles, challenges and wins you experience preparing for a show?
I would say the biggest struggle I face when competing is hunger; though not so much the physiological effects, but rather the psychological. After 10 years of an eating disorder, promising myself I would never go back there, it’s hard to acknowledge that the hunger that comes with contest prep is normal. As far as a challenge, I would say it’s continuing to preach my message of ‘moderation and balance’ to my audience and clients, despite not necessarily LIVING that message when I’m in prep. In terms of my wins, it definitely would be inspiring my clients. Showing them that there’s nothing they can’t do; if I can keep my business thriving, keep my wife happy, and keep my mental health stable – All why getting myself down to 8% body fat – then they have no excuse not to go after that THEY want.

You help shape and change people’s lives every day. What does that mean to you?
It means that this career is so much bigger than myself. It means that I don’t know if I can/will ever retire. It’s not even a career, but rather a calling. Something I look forward to doing every single day and think about all the time.

Who inspires you and why?
My mom inspires me. As the child of two Holocaust survivors, she was taught that there was nothing she couldn’t do. If her parents could survive, she had an obligation to make something of herself. She stayed with my dad despite his diagnosis of Lou Gehrig’s disease, and even after he passed away and she lost her soulmate, she didn’t give up or give in. Nor after her two cancer diagnoses. She kept going and showed me that nothing can ever bring her down.

If you could inspire one person who would that be and why?
Oh jeez. I guess my answer would be “Why do I have to pick just one?” I love social media and having a multitude of platforms to post on, so I can inspire as many as possible all the time!

What separates Status from other fitness magazines?
I love Status’ focuses not just on the competitor, but the model, the mom, and the teen looking to get inspired. Status takes a moderate and balanced approach to fitness and health, therefore making sure it’s not intimidating.

Future fitness goals and plans?
Continue to grow my online following for the sole purpose of trying to inspire, motivate, educate, and entertain the maximum amount of people. I want to get my WNBF pro card as well in 2022!

5 things people don’t know about you:

  • I grew up with cats. It wasn’t until I met my wife that I became a dog person.
  • Phish Food is my favourite Ben & Jerry’s flavour
  • I have 3 older siblings in San Francisco, Jersey, and Toronto.
  • I prefer Pumping Iron to Generation Iron.
  • I starting competing before Women’s Physique was a division (I’m old!).

Take us through a typical day in your life?
I wish I was more exciting! I train from 7-9 am every day, answer emails or make programs for clients between 9-11, and then spend the next 4-6 hours doing one-to-one business mentoring calls, answering DMs, or finishing more e-mails. Around 5, I close my laptop for the night, and spend time with my family, walking, reading, watching TV, or exploring new parts of Florida.

What does life look like for you in 5 years?
It’s so hard to say because 5 years ago, I didn’t picture my life looking anything like this! I know for sure I’ll be speaking on much bigger stages inspiring people in both business/fitness /mental health. I will be growing my platforms, reputation, and authority in the industry. Beyond that, it’s hard to say!

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