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Press Release: Status Fitness Magazine is excited to announce the release of its latest issue, its first of 2016. For the past ten years, Status Fitness has been a household name for fitness enthusiasts. We work hard to provide high quality fitness information, all delivered to you in a design package seen in no other fitness publication. This explains our loyal readership, including our over 11,000 subscribers in North America, as well as the more than 40 countries in which Status Fitness is distributed. We could not have this success without you, our readers.  We want to sincerely thank you for this.

Now, onto Issue 28.  Creating history, the first ever Status Fitness magazine 3-time cover model is none other than Jennifer Nicole Lee. JNL was our first cover model back in 2006, returned on the cover of our 14th issue in 2010, and is back for 2016, better than ever.  An incredible accomplishment by an incredibly inspirational woman.

This issue is also the release of the Status Fitness Top 100 Sexiest Fitness Models. Led by contest winner Tasha Wall, 100 amazing models were chosen from over 1200 contestants from over a dozen countries for this opportunity to illustrate the full color pages of Status Fitness.

Status Fitness would like to welcome bodybuilding legend Mike O’Hearn to the all-star cast of Status Fitness columnists.  Mike brings his incomparable training background to our pages. Everyone will have an opportunity to learn something from Mike ‘Titan’ O’Hearn.

The industry’s best fitness photographer, David Ford, is featured in this issue’s rendition of the Status Symbol – the most prestigious fitness model feature and accolade for any fitness model. David has nine amazing and unique models showcased in the Status Symbol feature.

Training for maximum results means training properly. If you learn the right skills while training, you will reap much greater benefits from your workouts. You can maximize your training success by ensuring that you’re performing biomechanically correct movements.  In this issue, master biomechanics trainer Asha Belisle breaks down the execution of the all-important Bicep Curl.

Yoga is much more than ‘stretching’: Stability and core strength are the focuses for top fitness model Rah Engstrom. Rah’s article is the ticket to yoga for fitness athletes.

How often do you go to the gym and see people spending more time on their phones than actually working out? Digital noise negatively impacts us from living in the moment – both in training and in life. Find out how fitness pro Alyx Ulbrich and her husband Kris manage social media distractions.

How do we build muscle? Well, to put it simply, we start by breaking down muscle fibres. And that is where the simplicity ends. Fast twitch, slow twitch… find out the difference and how you can maximize training to enhance all of your muscle fibre types.

Tracy Holly shares three more of her delicious and nutritious recipes which are always in great demand by our readers each issue.  Tracy is Status Fitness’ version of elite chef Gordon Ramsay.

All bench presses are NOT created equal. Attention to detail is a very important yet often overlooked element of training.  Find out how you can maximize your training session in our Focused Training article.

As kids, we were all told, ‘Do your very best at what you are doing; that’s all that matters.’ In many ways that is true and an important belief. Training is no different. Intensity is the secret to making those big changes that we want, both in training and in life. Status Fitness cover model Shawn McIntyre takes us through his principles and applications of intensity.

As you can tell, we are very excited about this issue. Once you get your copy, be sure to contact us directly with your feedback. It’s your thoughts and impressions that provide us with the energy to produce the best fitness publication we can.


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