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Water training is not what you think it is…

Have you tried Elite Water Training? If not, you’re missing out!

I believe water training is the most overlooked and under-utilized training environment that can offer a refreshing challenge and change to your workouts! You do not need to know how to swim to take part in this hardcore water workout and I’m not talking about aquafit (visions of seniors serenely bobbing gently in the water), often negatively referred to as aquafat; not! All negative connotations aside, I call it Elite Water Training because it’s a serious water training option (although also referred to as water resistance training and commonly used by professional athletes), designed to sculpt your physique and provide you with heart rate soaring, fat burning max HIIT bursts without the negative effects of jarring and high impact that comes with land training.

Cross training, aka mixing up your training, is what offsets repetitive stress injury and keeps your body guessing and resisting plateaus and gives athletes a physical edge. Yes, elite athletes and professional sports teams take part in this type of water training to improve cardiovascular fitness, agility, balance, speed, and explosive power, increase core strength and provide them with an edge in their sport and fitness level.

If you’ve been at the fitness game for an extended length of time, you’ve likely dealt with boredom, training blahs and fitness plateaus and would jump at the opportunity for a challenging form of training with high intensity in the mix! The plus is you don’t have to smash your joints to do it! The liquid gym benefits are two-fold; natural resistance of the water provides a muscle training effect while minimizing the impact in high intensity, plyometric cardiovascular work, thanks to the buoyancy factor. An added plus; if you’re really not a fan of heavy sweating, it’s ideal for you!

I first discovered water training through aqua fitness classes back in my teen years through necessity. I had totalled my knees with high-impact activities and I desperately needed an alternative. Think you can’t sweat and sculpt in the water? Think again! I got creative in the liquid gym and I pushed boundaries and as a result, could not only maintain my fitness level, but I also found exceptional ways to make progress and get a fitness edge! The stimulus on my muscles and body was completely different than what I’d ever exposed myself to and my body responded well! When you challenge the body and change things up, your body will make progress and change!

The many things you can do to challenge and change things up in the water not only offer stimulus to your body and working muscles but also your mind; it alleviates boredom and keeps things fresh for both your body and brain – A double bonus!

I created my Elite Water Training water workout using a simple pilates rubber ball and the end result is remarkably effective and loaded with creative options for getting a water pump, both for your muscles and cardiovascular system. You’ll love the results!

Find a pool or body of water near you and super sculpt your body and burn mega fat in my full Elite Water Training Workout!

Learn all about it here

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Susan has been training for over 40 years. She is a 6-time Fitness/Figure champion, a mom of 2, a workout creator and co-owner of SusanArrudaFitness, a personal trainer, swim coach, fitness model and author. Susan is passionate about training and living an active, healthy lifestyle and has been exercising since age 10.

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