How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain - Angie Willson
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Holiday weight gain is far too common. I’m not sure what the percentages are but many people will gain several pounds of fat over the month for the holidays. Then the pattern of eating continues past the holidays and the weight doesn’t come off. People will wait until January to start the New Year with a resolution of losing weight and getting fit.  Most of us have been there. I know I have been many times.

This year, refuse to let that happen. Time to change the habit and make that New Year’s resolution now. Don’t wait until the New Year, don’t wait until Monday, start today! I realize that may not sound like fun, but trust me, you will be much happier with the outcome in January. Here are some tips to help you get started on the right path today!

Hire a coach:
I can’t stress how important this one is. We can all use the help! Not only will your coach provide you with a meal plan to follow, but you will have someone to hold you accountable. A good coach will also provide motivation and guidance to help you stay on plan.

Always plan ahead:
This one is quite simple because you know when you will be attending events and gatherings ahead of time.  Eat a healthy meal or snack before you go so you aren’t as hungry and prone to binging when you arrive.

Stay away from sugar:
This is one of the most challenging things for me because I definitely have a sweet tooth. Try to fill up on extra protein and veggies so you are too full to want the sugary treats. Eating extra protein will keep hunger at bay and will reduce your appetite as well.  Good sources of protein are lean meats, fish, eggs, and beans and load up on all the veggies. If you need the sugar, pick one thing that you love and stay away from binging on several desserts.

Get lots of sleep:
Most of us don’t get enough sleep which tends to make us hungrier and eat more in general. Set a good bedtime schedule and get that Zzzs.

DO NOT skip the gym:
As the weather gets colder and it gets dark earlier, you may want to just head home and lounge on the couch. Pack your gym clothes and make it a habit to get that workout in before you pack it in for the day.

Don’t beat yourself up if you mess up:
This is probably the most important lesson. Give yourself permission to enjoy some of the things that you love. However, don’t give up and abandon your goals and progress. Just get back on track the next day!

By following some of these tips you will be on the right path in no time! Happy Holidays!

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