Holly Ward Interviews with Status Fitness Magazine
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I’m 37 years young. I’m a fitness enthusiast. I have done a few Bikinis shows in the past which brought me to my love of fitness and was my biggest passion in life. My sport is Equestrian, at the time I was a Jumper and Hunter, but 8 years ago I shattered my clavicle and was told I wouldn’t ride again. I have a huge plate put in and 3 years of rehabilitation. With that, I was determined to ride again so I worked my butt off to get there! I fell in love with fitness and it brought me to do a few fitness shows. I competed in SAF and was runner up all times, and competed in CPA and was top 3 in open, 30, and over in Niagara Falls. It was so fun and I definitely will do it again! My sport is horses and when I got the ability to ride again, my heart sang! I now ride Dressage as an adult amateur because I wanted to keep that status. As I do ride with the pros, it was a choice to always keep that card! This was supposed to be my year to show internationally and ride for Canada but it will have to wait for next year! I will be showing across Canada, Quebec, and the States when it’s clear to go!

On a personal level, I’m a stepmom of 2 amazing kids, 12 years old daughter Katie, and 15 years old son Dreydan. I don’t like using the word “step” as their mother passed away from cancer and I have been in their lives the longest so they are my babies. I’m a hard work boss lady that likes to keep busy, I involve myself with supporting groups and charity works as I strongly believe in supporting our community! My true life’s purpose is to spread kindness. So you can say I keep myself busy! As for future plans, I definitely will be riding for Canada one day, I’m willing to try and make it as far as I can in my riding career. I will definitely hit another fitness show, and keep doing shoots when I can as they keep me in check with my fitness goals.

Medical aesthetician and I do permanent makeup, as well I have my own business and my own Lash brand.

Fitness goals:
My fitness goals are always trying to improve my strength and flexibility. I had a very life-changing accident on my horse that almost ended my riding career and ability to work out. And since doing 3 years of rehabilitation, my goal is always to improve my functional strength!

Training plan:
I will always include a gym, outdoor activities as well as my sport (Equestrian). I love to change things up and take my workout routine outside or on horseback, I truly believe in having multiple places to work out. In that way, I don’t feel so locked up inside and I like it to be fun and interesting! What do they say? “Variety is the spice to life”!

Thoughts on HIIT, Powerlifting, TRX, Yoga, bodybuilding, other:
I truly believe in having variety so doing yoga, or spin or TRX is so important to your training, the body needs a lot of different exercises and stretches to stay strong and healthy! I’m always up to try something new!

Nutritional & Supplements:
My nutrition is always number one for me. I’m a holistic nutritionist so I truly believe in feeding the body right. I do have times when I let loose and have a nice meal and enjoy a cookie or 2 or maybe 3! But I do keep my healthy lifestyle on par!

My supplements are minimal other than Multivitamins and joint care, I keep it super simple with this. I typically take Nutraphase Protein and BCAAs and sometimes a pre-workout but I love going on natural and take a nice shot of espresso! It definitely keeps me going!

Special skills?
I would say my special skill set would be riding! I have been riding horses since I was the age of 8 and let’s say, my first ride never stopped! I’m now showing gold national shows in Dressage. It’s fancy horse dancing! This year was my international debut but due to COVID and travel restrictions, this will have to wait! My goal would be to ride for Canada one day! 

What do your parents mean to you? What did they teach you?
My Mom means the world to me, so much! I am adopted and when I found my real parents, my mom and dad had 3 months to live so when I met them, it was so short but by meeting them I’ve learned so much. This experience changed me! So from my birth parents, I would say I’ve learned life is short and live it fully. My mom who raised me, I do not know where do I begin but the one thing I’ve learned from her was to work hard for the things you want in life. That has never left me, my mom was the hardest worker I’ve ever known! And I take this to my everyday life! She is now retired and enjoys life to the fullest! She is my hero!

What separates Status from other fitness magazines?
I truly believe that Status is so diverse. I just love how you have so many different people on the cover even sometimes with 2 people! I love how Status does not have a “type”, this is my absolute favorite thing about you guys!

What would it mean to you to become the next Status Fitness Cover model?
It would mean so much to me to be on the cover of Status as I stand for diversity and through all of my career in fitness, I have always been told that I have too many tattoos or I’m not fit enough, or I don’t have the look, ect! I’m a proud indigenous woman that wears her tattoos with pride! And I would love to see more indigenous women on the covers! Other than that, it is a big dream of mine since I started my fitness journey!

If you meet Status Editor-In-Chief, Rodney Jang, what question would you ask him?
I would ask him what inspired him to create Status? I love to hear stories about people’s passion, there is no better joy than listening to someone who speaks about their passions!

What was it like working with your photographer?
Working with my photographer was truly amazing. Koko is my dearest friend and her story is so inspiring to me. She only picked up a camera 4 months ago! She turned this COVID situation and found a new passion in photography so to be part of that, was unreal! I’m so happy for her! It was so fun and so creative!

6 things people would not know about you:

  • I sing to my pets every night.
  • I love that gym that tastes like soap.
  • I’m totally afraid of falling off my horse again.
  • I love to read comics.
  • I am really bad at spelling.
  • I love Halloween way too much.  

Who inspires you?
That is a hard question as so many people inspire me! I love love love inspiration so I surround myself with people that do so! But if I have to pick one, it would be my mom.

Who do you wish to inspire?
I wish to inspire anyone I can! I truly believe that my life’s purpose is to inspire and motivate people! It’s my biggest joy in life to see someone smiles.

Transformation story:
My transformation story came from my fall on my horse 8 years ago! I was prepping for the championship, I was a jumper back then and was practicing with my coach and my horse stopped and I jumped the jump. I shattered my clavicle and had 9 plates and 8 screws put in, at the time they told me I would never be able to ride again. So given my stubbornness, I told myself I would ride again. It took me 3 years of rehabilitation and in that, I fell in love with fitness and that was the beginning of my fitness journey. Not only I did get back on that horse, but I also competed in several fitness shows. And never looked back! 

Life goals:
My life goals are always the same: improve, be kind, and help others. It may sound cheesy but doing this, I fill my life up with so many great things that I do not see. Goals for me rather a mission and a purpose! That is life! 

5 lessons you have learned:

  • Never be too hard on yourself
  • It does not matter the size of the step you take but to take the step,
  • Take your time.
  • Enjoy yourself.
  • Tomorrow is always a new day.

Music and artist you listen to while training:
I love all music but when I’m at the gym, I love house music, all of it. It keeps my energy at max level! My favorite DJ is Felix Dahouse Cat 

Favorite actors/movies:
This will be hard as I love all movies but if I have to pick one then it would be “Tears of the Sun”. I’m a huge army buff and just love this movie so much! Bruce did an amazing job in this!

Favorite books and authors:
For books, I love fantasy books so I’m gonna say, Harry Potter. JK is such an amazing author and her story is just wow! 

5 most important attributes you see in a person?
I can’t really narrow it down to 5 but I truly believe that character is everything. How you treat others and yourself is everything to me! 

Favorite Quotes​:
“The greatest glory in living lies not in falling, but in rising every time we fall”. Nelson Mandela.

Photo by Koko King

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