Health Is An Investment - Chris Harrison
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When we think about investments, we usually automatically jump to stock markets, cryptocurrencies or RRSPs. Health is usually the last thing that we think of as an investment.

Why do most of the society continue to put their health on the back burner? We’re more inclined to spend 40 dollars ordering Skip the Dishes three times a week than using that income on nutrition that will provide a true benefit to our health.

So how is our health investment and how do we measure the gains or losses?

First, when we’re ignoring the signs of poor health, our quality of life slowly descends until we find ourselves in the depths of chronic illness and depression. We’re sitting in a constant state of fatigue and anxiety. We become short-tempered and impatient. Our recovery is poor, motivation is nowhere to be found, and any light has incredible difficulty breaking through the thickness of our brain fog.

Let’s take a moment and imagine how all of this is negatively affecting our lives. If we’re falling into illness on a consistent basis, we’re likely having to take time off work to recover. This means a decrease in income and those losses quickly add up.

If we’re feeling like a sundried cow patty on a consistent basis, our patience is thinner than tooth floss and the slightest inconvenience will send us into a mental tailspin. Think about how this affects our relationships. Do you think our friends, family or spouse is going to want to deal with that kind of attitude? A divorce or a broken relationship is going to cost a heck of a lot more than taking proper care of our health.

The single most important thing in life is your HEALTH.  IF you are going to invent in one thing, this is it.

How about our professional relationships? Do you think potential customers, clients, business partners, etc. want to be in business with an individual with high anxiety, brain fog, impatience, a short temper and a lack of motivation? It’s highly unlikely.

The negative ramifications are massive when we put our health on the back burner. Now this is where we can see the enormous ROI investing in our health can give us.

Less time off work from illness means minimal income loss. Increased self-esteem, confidence and lowered stress result in healthier and happier personal relationships. A clear mind, decrease anxiety, increased patience and motivation, givingusthe ability to significantly increase our potential for a raise, a promotion or to sign that whale of a client. Again, leading to increased income. With that new income you could dramatically influence your other monetary investments.

Like all other investments, investing in your health is a long-term game. We likely won’t see an immediate return but with time, the compounded returns are gargantuan. It makes you think a little bit differently about hiring a trainer or coach, like myself, for only ameasly few hundred dollars a month.

Without health, all the money in the world is worthless. Without health, our love dies. Without health, our positive impact on the world vanishes. It’s time to rethink how we view our bodies and health.

If we want to simultaneously level up in all areas of our life, we must start at the source and that source is US.

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I’m the eldest of 3 sons. I’m a father, husband, coach, athlete, and a published author. I eat, sleep and daydream about fitness and bodybuilding. I’m used to be a chef and I’m a certified firefighter. I’ve worn many hats but bodybuilding and fitness is my suit.

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