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Georges St. Pierre, former UFC welterweight champion and two time Status Fitness cover athlete is returning to the octagon after a three year hiatus. St. Pierre said on February 18, 2017. It’s official. I’m back.

The UFC star from Montreal, Canada, was amongst the biggest pay-per-view draws during the six years he ruled a top the 170 pound class. During his down time, St. Pierre dealt with injuries that began to plague him after his tough schedule. UFC President, Dana White told the Los Angeles Times that St. Pierre had signed a multi-fight contract.

Georges St. Pierre is the epitome of a professional athlete. Georges trains like a champion. The heart and focus he has put into his training and nutrition over the years is an example of how true athletes live to reach the pinnacle of their sport. I have had the opportunity to watch Georges fight many times as well as sit and visit with Georges on numerous occasions and have always been impressed.” ~ Rodney Jang, Editor-in-Chief, Status Fitness Magazine

Status Fitness has spent a fair bit of time with St. Pierre. David Ford, photographed St. Pierre a number of times in Montreal at Tri-Star gym as well as at his strenght and conditioning coach’s location. In addition to this, Ford was at the first UFC in Canada – UFC 83 – held at the Bell Centre in Montreal with St. Pierre defeating Matt Sera to take the welterweight belt. Status Fitness Editor-in-Chief has sat down with St. Pierre on occasion to discuss training and nutrition which Status Fitness has shared over four issues.

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