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Status Fitness Magazine adds Fitness Expert Petra Mace to Status Team

By Status Fitness Magazine
March 17, 2022

AB – Status Fitness Magazine has signed master trainer Petra Mace to its all-star fitness and editorial lineup. As a mom, Petra learned how to balance a personal workout routine with full-time parenting. Her mission is to empower women to feel and look their best. Petra will share her vast knowledge and expertise in all areas of physique change and contest prep in her own column in Status Fitness Magazine.

Petra Mace shares her thoughts on joining the Status team
I honestly can’t describe it. I absolutely love writing and I love learning about my craft, so to be able to combine the two is something I’ve dreamed of. Above all, I want women to have good and solid information about what to do and when to do it, as the internet can be crammed with a lot and it’s hard to know where to look. I’m so grateful to the Status family for the opportunity and I am really looking forward to contributing my thoughts.

Status Fitness Magazine has been around for a long time and they have an incredible team of writers involved. Status features very well-known athletes and people who are at the top of their sport, achieving greatness. Being a part of the Status team is a dream come true for me, as I always want to bring to light my knowledge and experience in the fitness world, particularly how it relates to pregnancy, postpartum and motherhood.

Petra Mace shares her plan on bringing to the team and audience
I want to share my knowledge and experience regarding safe and effective ways to train during pregnancy and postpartum. To be honest, when I was pregnant and gave birth to my first child, I found there to be a big gap between what women ‘used’ to do for training and what they ‘could’ be doing to better help themselves heal from the inside out, predominantly in regards to the core and pelvic floor training. As new information emerges about how to train and take care of ourselves postpartum, I immerse myself to gain the knowledge and understanding but also try to apply it to my own life and experiences. Now that I am pregnant with my second child, I want to use this time to really reflect on things that pertain to physical training, mental health and wellness, mindfulness, and other important pillars to help support an incredibly important population – mother’s to be, new mom’s and even throughout all of the motherhood as once you are a mother, you are always a mother. I feel as though there needs to be more support for this demographic because truly it is the single most dramatic change in someone’s life. It changes everything and the better we know, the better we can heal and recover and get back to ourselves so we can get back to giving our BEST selves to others, especially our kids.

Status Editor-in-Chief Rodney Jang shares his thoughts on Petra Mace
Petra is a fitness expert and a great communicator. Her focus on female health and wellness is essential to our audience. We are ecstatic to have Petra on the Status team.

About Petra Mace
Petra is a Mother, certified personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist, pre and post-natal corrective core specialist and a previous National Bikini Champion of Canada. She is passionate about the health and wellness industry and has a deep interest in postpartum core rehabilitation. Petra loves to program workouts that are safe and effective for women and new mama while ensuring they are quick, yet intense.

Learn more about Petra: IG | Website | Status Featured Interview

About Status
Status Fitness Magazine is a fitness media company founded in 2006. Geared towards the fitness enthusiast to the hardcore competitive athlete, Status delivers current, reliable and valuable knowledge to anyone interested in fitness as a lifestyle.

Status is well known for its Print Magazine featuring the likes of George St. Pierre, Brock Lesner, Jennifer Nicole Lee, Ashley Kaltwasser among others, Status Model Searches, Media Production Studio, YouTube page and Athlete team. All of these avenues help focus on presenting its information with the highest quality photography, design, layout, and in the case of its print publication, paper stock. Status is not only available as a high-quality, attractive print publication, but is also available through various technologies, allowing access to the masses.

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