Eat Your Greens - Luke Matthews
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As a personal trainer, I seem to reiterate every week to my clients the importance of getting in their daily greens. Believe me, I know how hard it is. Even for super trainers, it’s hard to get in our daily vegetables. It takes constant preparation and focus to adhere to the regiment necessary for our bodies to optimally perform.

For me personally, the hardest part is the preparation. Steamed broccoli only lasts a couple of days in the refrigerator. Even if you are eating it as you should, the preparation never ends as you have to do the same process just days later. Depending on what other greens you buy, they can perish quickly and take time to cook, chop, clean, and store. This is all part of the discipline factor that I continually write about. However, I’ve developed a strategy that I would like to share. Invest in a good organic greens complex drink. The worst drink I’ve ever had in my life has come from my own blender. The sludge of kale lurking at the bottom still gives me nightmares. That lasted about a day and a half before steaming my veggies seemed like the greatest thing ever.
I’m not saying to abandon whatever you are doing to get in your daily vegetables, but I strongly recommend getting a greens complex drink to fill in the gaps. I personally use BIOEDGE Greens Complex. I’m also a huge advocate for no artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners, or added sugars which this blend does not include. In addition, it promotes stress relief, and improves gut health, while cleansing and detoxifying your body. In today’s processed foods, gut health has been a huge issue. I personally want something that is easy on my stomach while helping my digestion and gut health and giving me my daily greens. This is why I selected Bioedge Greens.

90% of people do not get their daily recommended vegetables. Bioedge Greens has a massive dose of organic vegetables whereas most others have less than 50%. Greens normally taste like grass, however, Bioedge’s signature flavouring system, makes all these vegetables taste like juice. This makes me enjoy eating healthy and staying consistent. I can do that on an everyday regular basis. Remember, consistency is key. Head on over to the WEBSITE if you would like to give it a try as well as look into their other natural and organic products.

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Born and raised in Idaho, Luke Matthews is a United States Marine Corps veteran and athlete. He played both baseball and basketball growing up, continuing his athletic career through college and into the professional European league. After baseball, Luke entered the world of men’s physique bodybuilding where he competed for 5 years. This eventually led to a career in fitness & lifestyle modelling. Additionally, Luke is a certified ACE personal trainer, which makes him highly desirable for his knowledge and professionalism.

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