Do What Others Won’t - Luke Matthews
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The average person does average things. The elite person does elite things. The reason why certain people have their stellar physique is that they do the things that others won’t on a daily basis. They do things today that others will put off for tomorrow, or never.

Small changes in progression lead to big physique changes down the road. If you have hit a plateau you need to do something different. Below are some examples of strategies to level up your training and mindset to reach your desired physique.

  • After leg day, go on an hour-long hike. The average person would think this is crazy, but for the person that has an amazing physique, this is standard procedure. It’s inspiring to see what the body can do when it’s pushed to the limit. The physical changes to the body make it totally worth it.
  • Make cognitive decisions in your diet and make it a habit. Put cottage cheese on your salad in place of dressing. The typical person puts dressing on their salad thinking it’s normal behaviour. They are right, it is normal behaviour, but not for a physical specimen. In my opinion, cottage cheese works just as well as dressing. The nutritional benefits and results from that decision are night and day.
  • Be accountable for your decisions. The average person will justify their daily decisions in their workouts and diet. The elite person won’t make excuses. Be disciplined. Take accountability to keep yourself on track.
  • Continue to advance your knowledge in fitness. Don’t be afraid to try different fitness routines. Go up in weight or challenge yourself in a HIIT class. Challenge your body with something new. The average person will stick to the same routines, this is how the body plateaus.
  • Stay on track during the weekends. It’s too easy to feel like you hit the finish line by Friday night. This is usually when people start the decent in their diet and decisions. How about levelling up during the weekends. There is a huge sense of pride in yourself when you know you are doing things that others aren’t.
  • Aline your daily choices and mindset with the person that has the body that you want.  You can’t get it by doing average things.  Take it to the next level and make it a daily habit.

Photo By: Frank Kovalchek

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Born and raised in Idaho, Luke Matthews is a United States Marine Corps veteran and athlete. He played both baseball and basketball growing up, continuing his athletic career through college and into the professional European league. After baseball, Luke entered the world of men’s physique bodybuilding where he competed for 5 years. This eventually led to a career in fitness & lifestyle modelling. Additionally, Luke is a certified ACE personal trainer, which makes him highly desirable for his knowledge and professionalism.

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