Do Things You Suck At - Luke Matthews
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When it comes to the gym we tend to avoid certain exercises or muscle groups that we suck at.  Why do we suck at them?  It can be due to a lot of things such as weakness, lack of mobility or range of motion, and poor form.  I want to encourage you to select a muscle group of exercise you feel you suck at and dominate it.

This kind of challenge can get you excited to hit the gym with new goals.  It’s motivating to watch and feel progress in something you aren’t very good at.  Take a squat for example.  When chasing a personal record gives you that competitive drive to achieve a personal best.  The same concept applies to getting good as something you used to avoid.  It gives you something to work on instead of going to the gym and doing the same old routine.

The best reward is seeing the difference not only in the mirror but the confidence and sense of accomplishment you achieved.

A lot of people don’t do abs, or they do a sloppy set at the end of their workout.  They hate doing abs because more than likely their abs are weak.  It really is as simple as that.  I would suggest working on your abs at the beginning of your workout with an added amount of volume.  From there you can work your way up in sets and reps.  You will quickly notice your core becoming stronger and more effective in the movements.  From there you add in different angles and exercises that make up a well-rounded core workout.  The best reward is seeing the difference not only in the mirror but the confidence and sense of accomplishment you achieved.

This course of attack is great for anything you are struggling with at the gym.  Whether it’s shoulder mobility, rotator cuff strength, flexibility, or bigger biceps, this strategy can get you focused and determined.  Once you master the targeted area you can move on to the next one and build your body from weakest to strongest.  Give it a try, you don’t have to suck.

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Born and raised in Idaho, Luke Matthews is a United States Marine Corps veteran and athlete. He played both baseball and basketball growing up, continuing his athletic career through college and into the professional European league. After baseball, Luke entered the world of men’s physique bodybuilding where he competed for 5 years. This eventually led to a career in fitness & lifestyle modelling. Additionally, Luke is a certified ACE personal trainer, which makes him highly desirable for his knowledge and professionalism.

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