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Cute outfit and water bottle! But.. is that enough?
Don’t you agree that this is an amazing feeling when you are ready to start your fitness journey? You feel all those endorphins and you have a positive mindset! Yes, let’s do it. You couldn’t be happier. You even bought a pair of new shoes or a pretty, matching outfit to motivate yourself to finally put the first step into the gym.
Let’s pause here for a second. Before you actually go to the gym I want you to think it through. If you go without proper preparation, well let’s just say that your first week might be your last. Harsh words, I know. But, if you go prepared – it might be a game-changer, possibly for life. You could think: “But I’m prepared! I have my new shoes and a cute outfit and I even remembered about my water bottle! What else is there?”. Yes, all of those are great but those external stimuli influence our motivation just for a short period of time. From my clients’ experiences, I know that enthusiasm lasts no more than a week. What will you do when one day you wake up and say: Well I’m not motivated today. Maybe I should stay home?” Not to throw anyone under the bus but that was one of my clients, literally a few days ago texting me: “(…) I haven’t left the house. (…) just not motivated today!”. I thought: “oh no my lady” and texted back right away: “Go change and do your 30 mins cardio. Just do it. (…) you don’t need the motivation to move. Go J You got this!”. I will say it again – You don’t need the motivation to move! I guess at this point the main driver was the forgotten. I personally think that motivation has an expiration date and we can NOT rely on it! What we need is dedication because it will take us to our goals and further.
What is it then, what magic trick we need to use to make us continue our fitness journey? What makes us dedicated and not give up? For the next few articles I will tell you all about it, but let’s start at the beginning.
You already have your mindset set and you are ready to go. This is your time to shine! To spike this strong feeling a little bit, I would like you to ask yourself one, probably the most important question there is: WHY? Why do you want the change? Why did you choose to start now? Why this is so important to you?
This is truly the most important question that the answer needs to come from your heart and make you feel powerful! This answer will be your best friend telling you to go work out when everything else fails. This response will lead you through daily obstacles and will lead you to success. Why? Because it will be the most powerful motivation there is! Your WHY will have the strongest drive than any other spur. Your WHY will make you determined and dedicated. When you will start feeling lazy and unmotivated this answer will make you go back on track right away.
I met clients on a daily basis. It is amazing to ask them why they decided to step their foot to the gym and it is even more remarkable to know their whys! I will be completely honest here, many times my clients’ answers brought me to tears. I can only imagine how much they really want to change and how much power they must have in their hearts. At that moment, I’m in an incredible position because they choose me to help them. There is nothing better than knowing that you can support someone’s dreams. So next time when you see me wear your cute outfit and bring a water bottle, remembering your WHY.
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Jagoda is a health coach and bikini PRO competitor. She works at the gym as a Fitness Manager. She is also a mommy, former lifeguard, and snowboarding enthusiast. Jagoda obsessed with sports and physical fitness. She enjoys pushing herself to the limits by achieving more and more every day. Jagoda believes everyone has the ability to change if you only believe in yourself.

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