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So I had an opportunity to speak with Rodney Jang in depth a month or so ago and one thing became clear. Yes, he highlights the beautiful people of the world because he runs a magazine that is based upon competition and next-level fitness.

My first thought was what does he want with me? I’m not pretty or young. Yes, I’m fit but I thought I’m a 50-year-old dude that simply puts my head down and consults, trains and educates. I don’t outwardly give off the vibe of wanting to be in the spotlight.

Now through our conversation, it started to become very clear Rodney is much more than a creator of a fantastic forum to highlight fit pretty people. He highlights people with a passion for what they do. Not only this, he wants only people in and on his magazine that are true to character and care about health as well as just looking the part. I really got the vibe he truly cares about the health and the state of health far too many people are in right now.

He wants to use the young and the young at heart and mind to educate and truly teach people how important taking care of one’s body is. My respect went up 10 fold at that moment.

Much like many people, I often paged through the magazine and sometimes marvelled at the amazing physique but seldom read the articles.

One day, it hit me that I was judging the cover and not digging to get the information. I tell you what happened and it was like a light went on inside! These people are simply younger versions of me and how often have I been judged throughout life.

How often was I called arrogant or misjudged, having had it easy or even people saying things like, “that is easy for you!” I went in and started reading the articles and was amazed at the depth of knowledge and wisdom beyond the years most if not all of his writers have. Bingo! A new perspective and I realized what I can offer.

In one word, “Consistency” I am proof that one can stay healthy and even beyond fit into 40, the 50s and I am certain long beyond. It just takes a perspective shift. It also means that 30-year-old can ask themself an honest question. What do my body, mind and health look and feel like 10 years from now?

Next up is creating a blueprint on how we will make that happen. Once we answer these questions, it’s all about actions but at the heart of these actions is a health-first mentality.

So in the following articles, I will be hoping to bring a perspective from the so-called “Old Dog” but not just a perspective and actual truth because I am living it.

Let’s get after it and, as always,

“Start Where You Are”

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I am in one word "Obsessed" with helping others become the best version of themselves physically because I know the mental miracles this can work. Health first is always our starting and ending point.

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