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I am a published portrait and wedding photographer. Seeing a lack of fitness photography in the Phoenix area, I saw a need in the industry. Bringing my lighting background to the fitness arena, I started creating artistic images for fitness athletes. My style has allowed fitness competitors to showcase their hard work through amazing imagery. I work with my clients in-studio and on-location to bring out the best in each client.


What do you like most about being a photographer?
I would say it’s meeting new people. Every client brings a new set of dynamics to every project. I thrive off of that!

Among your works, which one is your favourite?
That’s a tough one, as all my clients are amazing. I will say one shoot I did with Lori Siegel was very inspirational. Why? Covid was in full swing so I had to take time off from shooting. Once things settled down, I booked a session with Lori as she was prepping for an upcoming competition. She was bouncing back from a tough offseason along with all the Covid stuff like the rest of us. She showed up at the studio looking incredible. Not only was her physique perfect, but she came in with this aura that I sorely needed. We got to work and it was like Covid didn’t even exist anymore. I was so energized from that session. Lori’s images were next level as she crushed the shoot.
What separates Status from other magazines?
I love the variety of the models they showcase. I get inspiration from seeing other photographer’s work being featured.

The fact that Status is both a print and online magazine (most are only online). What does that mean to you to showcase your work?
I love the fact that Status is a print magazine. I’m a big believer in printing your photos. I always say photos go too hard drives to die. Being able to see, touch and feel your prints is a game-changer. My favourite saying is #printYourLife

Your favourite quotes?
“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened” – Dr Seuss

Model testimonials:
’m so grateful for the work I’ve done with Chris. I’d been watching his work from a distance for a number of years and couldn’t wait for the opportunity to work with him when I was in the area. I wasn’t disappointed! He’s so kind, personable, creative, detail-oriented, encouraging and obviously passionate about what he does. The final edits were beyond what I had imagined. From start to finish, my experience was so positive and rewarding. Thank you again, Chris! ~ Jessica Jenkins

I have had the pleasure of working with Chris Frailey for the past 4 years. Chris is extremely professional with all his models. He makes you feel 100% comfortable, has an amazing eye for detail, and clearly communicates to create the best shot. I have done boudoir, fitness, and outdoor shoots with him, and each session has surpassed the last. Chris is the type of well-rounded photographer that has a diverse portfolio for anyone’s needs. I can’t recommend him highly enough. ~ Simone
I‘ve had the honour of shooting with Chris twice, and he is a true master behind the lens. Not only does he create beautiful images, but he is so kind and considerate. Through his safety, and creative and open energy, we have captured some of my all-time favourite pictures! Chris has a true passion for photography and it shows! ~ Courtney Tillia
I’ve worked with Chris Frailey for a few years and he’s become one of my favourites hands down. His level of professionalism and talent are undeniable. I’ve always been extremely happy with my images and working with him because he’s also become a good friend of mine that I refer to many people. Working with Chris has been a true blessing. ~ Carmen
Chris was professional, fun, and creative! His attention to detail is on another level, technical lighting, and recommended poses that would flatter my physique. I absolutely love how my pictures turned out, I can’t wait to do another session with him in the near future! ~ Lori Siegel
Chris was great to work with! He was very professional and made me feel very comfortable during the shoots we did together. He captured some really great sunset shots using his own specialized equipment during the outdoor session, and some really great fitness photos during the gym photoshoot! The photo sessions were so much fun, would definitely recommend using Chris for your next photoshoot! ~ Jenna Ross
I worked with Chris for some pictures right before a fitness competition a couple of years ago; we did both outdoor and in-studio sessions, and absolutely loved the results! We shot hundreds so I had so many to choose from, but his professionalism and attention to detail while shooting and during the editing process, are really what makes him stand out. You can tell he is well experienced in photography, knows which angles are most flattering, and most importantly, never makes you uncomfortable for even a second. I would highly recommend Chris for anything from wedding pics/special occasion to just-for-fun pictures. Promise you won’t be let down! ~ Kristi

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I am a content and talent manager of Status Fitness Magazine. If you are looking to share your story or get featured in Status, contact me.

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