Photographer Cherie Cymbalisty Interviews with Status Fitness Magazine
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I was born & raised in Calgary, Alberta. I’ve lived all over Canada, but Calgary has always been home. I’ve worked as a full-time bartender & model for 15 years. I learned a lot from working in the bar industry, self-promotion, marketing, and how to work & talk with new people on a daily basis. Taking a step back from modeling & retiring from the bar life, I got into photography as an interest/hobby & eventually took it full time! Knowing that time, photographers were a male-dominated industry, I was nervous to get into an industry with such a lack of experience. I started from the bottom all on my own, promoting myself & taking photographs of friends & family to build my portfolio. After 6 years, I’m proud of where I have come today. I have been published numerous times, and have taken a liking to the attention I have received from clients and my following. I hope to keep building, and I hope one day to be a well-known Canadian photographer, and one day to even take it internationally.


I love the fact that I have been a model myself, so I know what to look for and what the client will want! I love making my clients laugh and have a good time! I love taking the time to edit and make the pictures come to life. Getting amazing feedback from many women mentioning how beautiful I’ve made them feel and how comfortable they felt is so rewarding and is why I love what I do!


This is a hard one as I love many shoots I’ve done! But my favorite to date would have to be the series I shot of Erin Porter at an arcade bar. It was so colorful & playful! And she’s a redhead covered in tattoos! It was just so much art going on and it was so fun and very outside the box. That series was also published which makes it even more special.


They will actually take the time to interview someone like me for the magazine! Real articles about real people. I also find Status a bit edgier and I think that needs to be added more into the fitness industry. Especially With photos!


Getting my images in Status would be amazing! Knowing my work and models is getting exposure on such a fantastic platform is very rewarding.


“I have had the privilege of working with Cherie for both personal photos and also content for my website and company. She is extremely professional and a pleasure to shoot with. She is fun, talented and makes her models feel comfortable and confident. I am blown away every time I receive my photos back from her, her talent exceeds any expectations. Cherie brings an artistic edge to her work and I’m excited for every shoot we do!” – ANNETTE MILBERS

“I have worked with Cherie on multiple shoots, I have lost count of how many now! She has such a creative vision that every photoshoot is always different and unique. Shooting with a photographer that is professional, tons of fun, and is all-around amazing at what she does makes for a great experience. I am always blown away when I receive my photos. Cherie is an extremely talented photographer that I am so thankful I have had the pleasure of working with!” – LISA SMITH

“I’ve been in health & fitness for many years but had never done a professional shoot before. I knew I had the body but I was worried about my “model face” or lack thereof, would ruin it. Then for my 30th birthday, I decided to book a shoot with Cherie. Nervous was an understatement. But as soon as I arrived, she made me feel comfortable and at home. Before long she brought out the confidence in me that I needed as an amateur model. Her guidance was incredible, the shoot and the edits were a total success. The way she’s able to capture certain energy is really something. I still look at those photos all the time and am completely blown away. She’s a wizard, and I count down the days till I get to shoot with her again!” – JENNA GRINDLE

“Cherie Cymbalisty is hands-down one of the best photographers I’ve worked with. I’ve done a ton of magazine, editorial, and featurette shoots and Cherie definitely knows how to execute a vision. The first time I worked with her, I was super impressed – she’s super fun on set but also very professional, knowledgeable, and I instantly felt comfortable with her. She’s able to direct a photo shoot with ease and has a great eye for making changes to ensure photos turn out amazing! I’ve now worked with Cherie on several published shoots for a couple of magazines and each time she’s produced the most amazing photo series. You can definitely see the excitement and creativity that she brings to her photography, and she’s always up to try new themes, ideas, and concepts. Cherie creates art with her photos and I love working with her because it’s not the same stereotypical sexy photos that you see everywhere.” – AMBER YOUNG

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I am a content and talent manager of Status Fitness Magazine. If you are looking to share your story or get featured in Status, contact me.

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