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Let me start this off by saying, you are all busy and on the go. In life, we have a basic plan or framework for our day. We get up, get moving and get out the door. Most reading this are already in the fitness business or are already taking care of the biggest asset we have. (Our Body!) For most of us, it’s been a lifelong endeavour but most of us work with people daily that have a big pushback when it comes to taking care of their bodies. They push back with time or often have a work-first mentality.

Our job is to convince them of what they already know, which is that the body or health should not be the back burner item. Why would we put our biggest asset to live a great quality of life on the back burner? To us, this makes little sense, but that’s because somewhere along the way our perception was created to include the great value of taking care of the body.

Most clients either are business owners or work within a business so they value the dollar the work brings to them. Some value being a part of projects that bring joy upon visual completion. The key is they get to see it. Seeing a completed project creates inward joy. This is where the disconnect comes in where the body or one’s health is concerned.

Most don’t think about it until an issue arises. It can be a medical issue or all of a sudden one day they don’t like the way they look. Instantly all eyes are on this urgency to make a change. The problem is not that this urgency is not useful, but rather how we take this newfound urgency and get enough momentum to make this change a lasting part of our clients and friends’ lives.

The key is they get to see it. Seeing a completed project creates inward joy. This is where the disconnect comes in where the body or one’s health is concerned.

I train many business people and over the years have developed a bit of a hack. We create something they know about and tend to follow the letter. We have a business plan for the body. In this plan, we have long-term projections and short-term goals or markers much as would be a part of any business plan. Not only do we create a plan but we sign a contract. We call it the training contract but in my contracts, I also include this key element.

All contracts have a clause and this clause is as it would be in any business plan or contract two parties enter into. If they do not apply effort and make ongoing excuses, I can fire them. If they lie about food, smoking, etc when we talk I can fire them. (Contract paid in full and no refund which is a huge motivator) I use this as a business tool to be sure spots are filled and assured so as not to lose potential business but more so to be sure we are locked in on creating a “lifestyle” because I’m not interested in creating short-term results only to be lost because we did not take the time to create a “lifestyle” nor should any quality trainer wish to create an outcome that can’t be long-lasting and sustained.

Now on the flip side if they feel I am not providing them with the proper tools for change they can fire me. What this does is bind us into a true business contract. Mutual accountability not only extends one way but two ways.

It’s basically a stepped-up accountability too not only for the client but the trainer as well. People tend to take it more seriously because something is on the line.

As true professionals, our jobs as trainers are not only to provide a service but to set the clients up with habits and knowledge to carry them through their goals into a lifestyle that will better them now and later in life.

This is just a snapshot into “The Business Human Body Plan” because we are all essentially the CEO of our own bodies.

I hope my fellow fitness pros found these useful and potential clients to themselves or any other good trainer/educator understands just how important their health and lifestyle choices are. The key is to create a plan that keeps our bodies and health on par so life stays active, fun and ultimately quality driven!

Let’s get after it and as always, “Start Where You Are”

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I am in one word "Obsessed" with helping others become the best version of themselves physically because I know the mental miracles this can work. Health first is always our starting and ending point.

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