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Instantly, we knew Breanna would create an impact on the health and fitness industry. Our introduction unfolded in 2019 at her first ever Toronto Pro Show event, where she competed in our annual Model Search, home to the top fitness models in the world. After a last-minute invite, we witness an overcoming and becoming in Breanna that we understood would lead her far on her journey. Little did we know, however, just how much was to come in such a short period of time.

Her story started long before this critical point, but her history with Status began at the Pro Show in Toronto as Breanna demonstrated resilience, resourcefulness and adaptability with her commitment to competing in our show. After giving a great performance, the Editor In Chief, Rodney Jang, sat to have lunch with Breanna where she revealed her personal story and deep passion for what she wanted to create. 

Breanna grew up with Celiac Disease, undiagnosed until 11 years old. At this point, the damage to her intestinal tract had been so severe that it deeply impacted her everyday functions. Her childhood consisted of daily stomach pains, chronic bloating, random illnesses and alarming mental health struggles such as depression and social anxiety. It was a constant battle; a reality she felt destined for and tired of living in. Feeling unsupported by conventional medicine pushed pharmaceuticals and therapy that she found unhelpful, it’s astonishing that a single moment could shift the entire course of her existence! Now, it’s a memory and her testimony.

Breanna and Status’ Editor-in-chief Rodney Jang

Breanna cried tears of strength as she described to Rodney the time she had attempted suicide, her fourth try, leaving her in the hospital at just 13 years old. Evidently, she had not anticipated that the very moment that could have stopped it all, would simultaneously be the pivotal point that started everything! She realized that it wasn’t her life she wanted to end, but rather, her suffering. She knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but Breanna was willing to give it one last try to save the potential future she could create if she were finally able to learn how to overcome these lifelong battles of physical and mental distress.

Breanna is a talented and motivated health and fitness expert that is wise beyond her years. Breanna has earned the opportunity to be a Status Fitness Magazine columnist, where she will share her insights and experiences that will undoubtedly help others.

By the time Status had met Breanna, she had already been on her wellness journey for many years. Although previous obstacles were no longer in her path, she was set on a new venture of helping others who had been faced with similar afflictions and desires to finally get well and free themselves from psychological and functional constraints. It was clear that the conquering of her past pain had led her to her future purpose.

Photo By: Joshua Morley

Since then, Breanna has become certified as an Integrative Health Practitioner at the Integrative Health Practitioner Institute, under the guidance of one of her longtime mentors, Dr. Stephen Cabral. This certification program is internationally recognized by a host of Holistic Wellness Institutions and combines 7 different disciplines of medicine such as Ayurvedic, Bioregulatory, Chinese Medicine and Herbalism, Eastern Philosophy, and Traditional Naturopathy, Orthomolecular, and Functional Medicine. In his program, she discovered how to use the principles within these modalities to support Diet, Exercise, Sleep, toxins removal, Emotional balance, Supplementation and Success Mindset to “balance the body back to health and re-energize it with life” (Dr. Stephen Cabral, quote). On top of that, she compounded this knowledge with the study of Functional Medicine Lab testing to identify and address root causes that lead to states of dis-ease. 

By doing so, she discovered the source of her childhood ailments, such as the lack of serotonin production within her digestive tract (where 90%+ is created), her inability to absorb nutrients due to a leaky gut, as well as the immune suppression caused by chronic stress and inflammation within her body. The combination of her education and experience has helped her cultivate a deep understanding of bio-individuality and integrative health practices to support her clients in achieving their dream physique and optimizing their health from the inside out. 

Over the past 3 years, Breanna has expanded her operations, reaching hundreds of thousands on social media through her main platform, Instagram. There, she provides education, inspiration and entertainment to her following through her content and collaborations on a daily basis, and has since been rewarded for her consistent efforts and online development with multiple sponsorships, including the Integrative Health Practitioner Institute itself, as well as her mentor’s Functional Medicine supplement line, EquiLife. On top of that, she has helped thousands of women transform their bodies, and even built a Corporate Wellness Program for a business in her hometown, which her coaching has resulted in better company culture and a doubling in sales.

In conclusion, Breanna continues to demonstrate resilience, resourcefulness and adaptability as her company expands worldwide, supporting women in finally achieving the results they desperately crave. From being a sick little girl to being her own first client and now business owner of her incorporation, she has equipped herself to become an expert in her field of Integrative Health. As a sponsored Status athlete, we are supportive and excited to witness Breanna’s growth and the ongoing evolution of her endeavours. 

Cover Photo By: Joshua Morley
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