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When other 12-year-old girls were playing with dolls and makeup, I was sneaking into my Gramma’s townhouse complex gym. I would hold my CD player as flat as I could in one hand so it wouldn’t skip while I would lift a weight with the other. It created me, moulded me and has held me down during some of the worst times of my life and in turn provided some of the best opportunities of my life. Honestly, the biggest challenge has been running through the idea of retiring from competitive bodybuilding. So much of who we are as people and our perceived self-worth is tied up in our success as athletes.


Calgary, Canada

Hair Salon Owner & Mindset Coach.

On the stage of TNT Muscle Showdown 2023

Share your unique training/coaching methods
Trust your Coach. Ryan Richardson from Team Ignite has been my family, friend and rock through competing. His expertise in nutrition, training as well as; for myself, making sure I am being accountable and open to criticism, as an athlete is crucial.

Training Plan:
5 days a week hypertrophy, 6 days a week cardio, 2 rest days and daily stretching custom built for me.

Nutritional Plan:
7 meals a day; custom. Pre/post/mid-workout supplementation and nutrition are key.

Please describe the importance of mental health
Mental health, I would argue, is the most important part of fitness. Lifting gives us confidence, a safe space to ground ourselves, face ourselves and grow ourselves; to face and overcome our demons.

How has your hair business connected to the fitness industry?
Weave Life specializes in show-day extensions. We create that polish for your show day look and have worked exclusively to sponsor, attend, compete at and do backstage services with the Canadian Physique Alliance at the TNT Muscle Showdown.

On the stage of TNT Muscle Showdown 2023

What is it like being the official hair service for the TNT show?
Incredible. Working with the athletes and creating beauty for them brings so much joy to the whole team. The event has the best energy and is incredibly well run by the Promoter/CPA Director Tara Laviolette.

What are your thoughts on the show and how it’s run?
It’s amazing. It’s run efficiently, the volunteers are fun, and it has a very high calibre level of athletes competing.

You were competing in the Wellness category at the TNT show. What were your goals? And what was your experience like at the TNT?
This show was very different for me. A couple of months ago, I lost almost everything in my life. This show was my revival story and I am holding my head high, for the first time, not worrying about placing but simply honoured to step foot on that stage and proud to have made it.

The show was incredible this year. Highly organized, fun, great sponsors, athletes are always put first. So happy to be ending my bodybuilding career on that stage. Such a high note!

How has your experience been with TNT promoter Tara and her staff and volunteers?
They have become family. Simple as that. Tara is an incredible leader, support system and wealth of knowledge. The team is a reflection of that as well. You’ll often find us making faces at each other after working tirelessly to set up and tear down because everyone is just genuinely happy to be around each other.

TNT Muscle Showdown 2023

Wellness was created for you. Can you talk about your prep?
Wellness is such a beautiful look, and the category is so much fun as far as powerful, feminine posing. I am super excited to be re-qualifying and solely focusing on this category as I was competing in figure and wellness prior.

You looked phenomenal on stage. What does it mean to you to persevere in your prep and shine on stage?
Thank you so much! For sure the best place to date! To me, it means holding your head high no matter what you are going through, having great sportsmanship, hugging the other athletes, being grateful for your coaches but most of all.. being proud of yourself for what you have accomplished. 

If you could ask Status Fitness Magazine Editor-in-Chief Rodney Jang any industry question, what would that be?
I would ask him if he would like another pastry.

What does the future hold?
Love, so much love. And gratitude, for this sport, for what fitness has brought me, and to have the honour of working with TNT and the amazing athletes we get to.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned?
Never give up. We only live one life, so when you do, make sure it’s yours, that you fight for what makes YOU happy, fight for what’s right and that above all else you never give up on yourself, your dreams or your heart.

What does success look like for you?
Collaboration. As I rise, those around me do too. Nothing in this life we achieved alone.

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Photos: Canadian Physique Alliance | Twixpix Photography
Cover Photo: Ray Urner

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