41 years old

I am in love with the man of my life Daniel for 8 years now.

Fitness Category:
Bikini Master fitness athlete. Certified Private Coach.

I have my own little business of private house cleaning.

To conclude, at 41 years old, I can say that I am living the life I have always wanted and I am dictated to stay positive and share the best quotes day after day to inspire the person that is giving me their trust to follow me.

I grew up in a small town in the province of Quebec named St-Moise in the beautiful region of Gaspesie in the Belle Province of Quebec! All my youth I was an active young girl playing boy’s sports with my older brother Dave. Having to play hockey and act as a goalie, throwing myself the ball in baseball with him. I was the shy, somewhat sweet quiet little sister. At school, I was a little quiet Isabelle, the one who was often in the shadow of my little sister Miranie who was so pretty and popular and whom I admired so much. She also later had a career in the music world industry. In sports, I was enticed by athletics and also by Volleyball. Athletics is a sport where you constantly go beyond yourself, where limits are never reached. The other sport (Volleyball) where the team comes before the person, a girl sport where I had great skills. I have been invited to elite camps and have been chosen for the Quebec games twice in both sports. This period of my life had an impact on me.

Positively, I discovered my physical strength and my skills, and my competitive side.

Negatively, I had the painful experience of meeting a volleyball coach who would change a good part of my life and which I absolutely want to share with any coaches, the person in authority, the example of my story on the impact of words can cause.

When I arrived at Cegep de Rimouski, I had just turned 18. And yes, I was selected for the elite Volleyball team. My passion, my sport! After a few games in the season, I injured my ankle. A sprain. Lucky, I recovered quickly. When I returned, everything was fine. But in November, I will always remember, I was the victim of another sprained ankle. My coach at the time, a woman whom I admired, met me a little disappointed with my injury, she asked me the question that was going to have an impact on part of my life “Isabelle, why do you think you are still injured again?” I answered, “I jumped too high and I fell wrong.”  And she said, “Not my dear, you should realize that you are an athlete and that you should pay attention to your weight.” At 18, I never wondered about my weight. I was performing, I was good with my body. I was built, but I was fine with my 5 feet 6 inches and 160 pounds. She really insisted on the fact that I needed to lose many pounds because my body weight was way too high vs my ankle capacity to resist. Then, yes, I did not eat anymore. I lied to my parents whom I said I had dinner already. When I had to eat, I went to the bathroom to throw up. I had to let go of Volleyball. I was sick and suffered from bulimia. I consulted, I worked very hard and I was well supervised. But my sports life was over.

Now, I have a personal mission to share this story with all coaches and teachers so they can realize the possible impact of their words. It did change me, and now it’s over me, but still not far in my mind.

Then life, university, work. I focused on being a woman, a spouse, and a mother of a beautiful young girl who today is 11 years old. But sports, it was over.

After a few years, separation, back to school, career change. I finally met the man of my life. Being also a former Major Junior Hockey athlete, we had sports in our DNA. We decided to train 3-4 days a week together. Life was good. Life was simple and we were good to spend this moment at the gym together but without any goals other than well-being. At the age of 39, the crisis of the 40 years began to take hold of me. My work was not satisfactory and I needed to challenge myself. The desire to become an athlete once again takes hold of me. With my boyfriend, I made the decision to leave my job, which was asking a lot, and I founded my own small business. No more bosses, I was going to be my boss. But also, I was going to have time to train every day without mistakes and discipline in order to resume the shape. I even chose a trainer to maximize my fitness. My sports passion was back!

One month before my 40th birthday (Feb 2019), I took a contract with myself, a commitment, a challenge. I was going to present myself in September 2019 in shape at a regional Bikini Fitness competition. All my passion, my love of sport took hold of me and I worked harder than anyone else. I was strict with myself, I followed my training and food plan to the letter. Total disciplined and dictated to my goal. All summer I deprived myself of going out, drinking, and partying so as not to make me laugh and present myself with an acceptable physique. But if I knew that it was only for the challenges of me towards me. I must emphasize that my lover Daniel was a complete source of motivation for me. As much financially as he supported me, he too decided to join my lifestyle and lost 30 pounds during the first 5 months. I even drew the attention of my Popeyes supplement store who made me a place in their POPEYES athlete team program, with the great kindness of the president himself Philippe-Antoine. For a no-name who hadn’t done anything yet, can you imagine the motivation and the pride?

September 28, 2019, was the big day. I was nervous but also satisfied with my shape condition. I’ve skipped the posing stage training work in the last months prior to the event. Who would have thought it was that difficult, but I was ready! I thought I was going to be matched with the rookie’s category. I was advised with my physique to register directly in the Master category. That was stress, that was pressure, so many beautiful and pretty magnificent women so intimidating, but at 40, I was a lot more confident and I was there for me, my boyfriend, to achieve my goal.

Verdict: Third place for Bronze: ISABELLE MORISSETTE! A fairy tale, really! Can’t explain the feeling, it was unreal!

Since this evening of September 28, 2019, fitness was no longer a sport, it is now my passion, my way of life (or lifestyle). It is my life!

For very personal reasons, I changed the trainer – a friend of ours who from my beginnings, saw my progress on my social networks and had the desire to train me. Together we have had a plan since November 2019. I had to live a real offseason, gain mass, and work on my weak point, my glutes.

Remember my youth challenges stage, I was 117 pounds, I have been a woman from 115 to 120 pounds for over the last 20 years. Today, since that night, I change all my alimentation and keep working 6 days a week at the gym. In May 2020, my weight was 137 pounds.

Most honor my coach who gave me trust in myself and made me eat like ever before to reach my goal. We are a team and I trusted him all year. Big shout out to Frederick Charland who himself has won in the past Physique athletes competition here in Quebec.

My goal was clear, by the end of 2020, GOLD was my GOAL. That is step #1. Only, seem all the events are canceled. Mine was supposed to be on Oct 17th, 2020 and it was canceled.

Then, if I do win (ok I will) I would love and go this time, live the experience of the nationals, and see what I could miss in order to reach and work on my ULTIMATE dream, to become a PRO master! Last time, I was qualified to go, but I am a strong believer, we must follow the step one by one. I won Bronze, not gold. The feedback from the judge was all about posing quality and my glutes. So work needed to be done. I am currently also realizing another dream, all the last 7 months, I was following courses live on Webex to become a certified trainer with the ATARAXIA school. I did get the best scores on the final 3.5 hours exam of all the classes. So I am certified and already have 20 customers. That is only the beginning! I have my brand, my logo and I am really proud to help others to reach their goal. So, am I a determined woman? I hope to have my chance to share my story, make an impact, tell the message that our actions and words can have a positive and really a negative impact on young athletes and anyone in life, and hope, inspire other women like me.

On my Instagram, I have been conquering the hearts of more than 15k followers in 2 years with my passion and my story. A local newspaper also wanted to know more and I also published it in October 2019 following my 3rd place.

I’m 37 years young. I’m a fitness enthusiast. I have done a few Bikinis shows in the past which brought me to my love of fitness and was my biggest passion in life. My sport is Equestrian, at the time I was a Jumper and Hunter, but 8 years ago I shattered my clavicle and was told I wouldn’t ride again. I have a huge plate put in and 3 years of rehabilitation. With that, I was determined to ride again so I worked my butt off to get there! I fell in love with fitness and it brought me to do a few fitness shows. I competed in SAF and was runner up all times, and competed in CPA and was top 3 in open, 30, and over in Niagara Falls. It was so fun and I definitely will do it again! My sport is horses and when I got the ability to ride again, my heart sang! I now ride Dressage as an adult amateur because I wanted to keep that status. As I do ride with the pros, it was a choice to always keep that card! This was supposed to be my year to show internationally and ride for Canada but it will have to wait for next year! I will be showing across Canada, Quebec, and the States when it’s clear to go!

On a personal level, I’m a stepmom of 2 amazing kids, 12 years old daughter Katie, and 15 years old son Dreydan. I don’t like using the word “step” as their mother passed away from cancer and I have been in their lives the longest so they are my babies. I’m a hard work boss lady that likes to keep busy, I involve myself with supporting groups and charity works as I strongly believe in supporting our community! My true life’s purpose is to spread kindness. So you can say I keep myself busy! As for future plans, I definitely will be riding for Canada one day, I’m willing to try and make it as far as I can in my riding career. I will definitely hit another fitness show, and keep doing shoots when I can as they keep me in check with my fitness goals.

Medical aesthetician and I do permanent makeup, as well I have my own business and my own Lash brand.

Fitness goals:
My fitness goals are always trying to improve my strength and flexibility. I had a very life-changing accident on my horse that almost ended my riding career and ability to work out. And since doing 3 years of rehabilitation, my goal is always to improve my functional strength!

Training plan:
I will always include a gym, outdoor activities as well as my sport (Equestrian). I love to change things up and take my workout routine outside or on horseback, I truly believe in having multiple places to work out. In that way, I don’t feel so locked up inside and I like it to be fun and interesting! What do they say? “Variety is the spice to life”!

Thoughts on HIIT, Powerlifting, TRX, Yoga, bodybuilding, other:
I truly believe in having variety so doing yoga, or spin or TRX is so important to your training, the body needs a lot of different exercises and stretches to stay strong and healthy! I’m always up to try something new!

Nutritional & Supplements:
My nutrition is always number one for me. I’m a holistic nutritionist so I truly believe in feeding the body right. I do have times when I let loose and have a nice meal and enjoy a cookie or 2 or maybe 3! But I do keep my healthy lifestyle on par!

My supplements are minimal other than Multivitamins and joint care, I keep it super simple with this. I typically take Nutraphase Protein and BCAAs and sometimes a pre-workout but I love going on natural and take a nice shot of espresso! It definitely keeps me going!

Special skills?
I would say my special skill set would be riding! I have been riding horses since I was the age of 8 and let’s say, my first ride never stopped! I’m now showing gold national shows in Dressage. It’s fancy horse dancing! This year was my international debut but due to COVID and travel restrictions, this will have to wait! My goal would be to ride for Canada one day! 

What do your parents mean to you? What did they teach you?
My Mom means the world to me, so much! I am adopted and when I found my real parents, my mom and dad had 3 months to live so when I met them, it was so short but by meeting them I’ve learned so much. This experience changed me! So from my birth parents, I would say I’ve learned life is short and live it fully. My mom who raised me, I do not know where do I begin but the one thing I’ve learned from her was to work hard for the things you want in life. That has never left me, my mom was the hardest worker I’ve ever known! And I take this to my everyday life! She is now retired and enjoys life to the fullest! She is my hero!

What separates Status from other fitness magazines?
I truly believe that Status is so diverse. I just love how you have so many different people on the cover even sometimes with 2 people! I love how Status does not have a “type”, this is my absolute favorite thing about you guys!

What would it mean to you to become the next Status Fitness Cover model?
It would mean so much to me to be on the cover of Status as I stand for diversity and through all of my career in fitness, I have always been told that I have too many tattoos or I’m not fit enough, or I don’t have the look, ect! I’m a proud indigenous woman that wears her tattoos with pride! And I would love to see more indigenous women on the covers! Other than that, it is a big dream of mine since I started my fitness journey!

If you meet Status Editor-In-Chief, Rodney Jang, what question would you ask him?
I would ask him what inspired him to create Status? I love to hear stories about people’s passion, there is no better joy than listening to someone who speaks about their passions!

What was it like working with your photographer?
Working with my photographer was truly amazing. Koko is my dearest friend and her story is so inspiring to me. She only picked up a camera 4 months ago! She turned this COVID situation and found a new passion in photography so to be part of that, was unreal! I’m so happy for her! It was so fun and so creative!

6 things people would not know about you:

  • I sing to my pets every night.
  • I love that gym that tastes like soap.
  • I’m totally afraid of falling off my horse again.
  • I love to read comics.
  • I am really bad at spelling.
  • I love Halloween way too much.  

Who inspires you?
That is a hard question as so many people inspire me! I love love love inspiration so I surround myself with people that do so! But if I have to pick one, it would be my mom.

Who do you wish to inspire?
I wish to inspire anyone I can! I truly believe that my life’s purpose is to inspire and motivate people! It’s my biggest joy in life to see someone smiles.

Transformation story:
My transformation story came from my fall on my horse 8 years ago! I was prepping for the championship, I was a jumper back then and was practicing with my coach and my horse stopped and I jumped the jump. I shattered my clavicle and had 9 plates and 8 screws put in, at the time they told me I would never be able to ride again. So given my stubbornness, I told myself I would ride again. It took me 3 years of rehabilitation and in that, I fell in love with fitness and that was the beginning of my fitness journey. Not only I did get back on that horse, but I also competed in several fitness shows. And never looked back! 

Life goals:
My life goals are always the same: improve, be kind, and help others. It may sound cheesy but doing this, I fill my life up with so many great things that I do not see. Goals for me rather a mission and a purpose! That is life! 

5 lessons you have learned:

  • Never be too hard on yourself
  • It does not matter the size of the step you take but to take the step,
  • Take your time.
  • Enjoy yourself.
  • Tomorrow is always a new day.

Music and artist you listen to while training:
I love all music but when I’m at the gym, I love house music, all of it. It keeps my energy at max level! My favorite DJ is Felix Dahouse Cat 

Favorite actors/movies:
This will be hard as I love all movies but if I have to pick one then it would be “Tears of the Sun”. I’m a huge army buff and just love this movie so much! Bruce did an amazing job in this!

Favorite books and authors:
For books, I love fantasy books so I’m gonna say, Harry Potter. JK is such an amazing author and her story is just wow! 

5 most important attributes you see in a person?
I can’t really narrow it down to 5 but I truly believe that character is everything. How you treat others and yourself is everything to me! 

Favorite Quotes​:
“The greatest glory in living lies not in falling, but in rising every time we fall”. Nelson Mandela.

Photo by Koko King

By Status Fitness Magazine
April 26, 2021

Vancouver – Status Fitness Magazine has signed master trainer Hannah Dawson to its professional fitness and editorial team. Hannah has been a professional trainer for 15 years, helping many of her clients to become healthy, not only their body but also their mind. Hannah will share her vast knowledge and expertise in her own expert column in Status Fitness Magazine. 

Hannah Dawson shares her thoughts on joining the Status Fitness Magazine Team
I am feeling beyond blessed for this opportunity to work with Status Fitness Magazine. I have on my vision board and social media that in 2021 that I will reach over 10,000 women inspire them to rewrite their stories. Having this column means that I will get to bring my knowledge, wisdom, education and inspire you along your health and fitness journey. I believe everyone has the power to change, no matter your background, status, who you are, where you came from, the mistakes you’ve made, or what people have told you. We all need to be reminded of this; we all need to be encouraged, inspired, and educated to keep moving forward.


Hannah talks about the publication Status Fitness Magazine
“I am obsessed with health and fitness and love reading all the articles around training, nutrition, and supplementation that status Fitness Magazine publishes. One article on training, nutrition, supplementation, and even someone’s story can change the total direction of your health and fitness forever. I love that Status Fitness Magazine provides knowledge, education, and inspiration to help anyone along with their health and fitness journey”.

Status Editor-in-chief Rodney Jang shares his thoughts on Hannah Dawson
We are ecstatic to have Hannah join our Status editorial team. Her fitness experience combined with her passion for health & fitness is such important elements to provide our subscribers with valuable, effective, and relatable information. We know our readers will get tremendous value from Hannah. Welcome to the team, Hannah.

About Hannah Dawson
Hannah is a transformation coach, she not only creates workout programs and meal plans but also helps with mindset. She is a mom of 2 amazing girls and married to her best friend. she is also the owner and creator of the Fit Club, where she gives women the tools to reach their health and fitness goals. Hannah has competed in 3 bodybuilding shows and has had many transformations. She knows what it takes to change body, mind, and life, and it’s no cakewalk, but it is possible.

Find out more about Hannah Dawson: IG | Facebook | Youtube | Webiste

About Status Fitness Magazine
Status Fitness Magazine has been a reader favorite since it hit newsstands in 2006. Known for industry-changing covers, Status has featured the likes of George St. Pierre, Brock Lesner, Vernon Davis, Cass Martin, Ashley Kaltwasser among others. Geared to everyone from the general health and weight loss person to the extremely competitive physique or performance athlete, Status delivers researched, proven, and cutting-edge knowledge to everyone interested in fitness as a lifestyle.  

To learn more about this announcement, please contact:
Julie McGraa, Media Relations
CANADA : 3920 Francis Road Richmond. #120
USA        : 1922 Raymond Ave, Los Angeles, California 90007
Office      : (888) 304-3201

By Status Fitness Magazine
April 25, 2021

Vancouver– Status Fitness Magazine has signed master trainer Andrea Hawkins to its all-star fitness and editorial lineup. Andrea Hawkins has been in fitness for 13 years, her happiness is seeing people change their physiques and changing into something they never knew was there. Andrea will share her vast knowledge and expertise in all areas of physique change and contest prep in her own column in Status Fitness Magazine.

Andrea Hawkins shares her thoughts on joining the Status team
I am honored to have the privilege to share my knowledge. I am passionate about helping others, so this is such a great opportunity to be able to help a broad audience. I am very excited to join the Status team and share what I have learned over the years!

Status Fitness Magazine has always been a huge motivation for my fitness career. During my time in Canada, I gained so much knowledge from the articles while reading the magazine. It is not just a magazine filled with ripped bodybuilders but also a tool to expand wisdom in the fitness community.

Andrea Hawkins shares her plan on bringing to the team and audience.
I plan to bring helpful information that I have learned as a mom, wife, and athlete in the fitness world. I have had many different types of training and nutrition clients through my experience that helps me find solutions for others. My understanding of being an athlete and knowing the difficulties of everyday life while training can help others to manage the same. I think even the everyday fitness enthusiast would benefit from my experience in the industry.

Status Editor-in-Chief Rodney Jang shares his thoughts on Andrea Hawkins
Andrea is a consummate professional. She lives a fit and healthy lifestyle that needs to be shared with others. We are thrilled to have Andrea as part of the Status Fitness Magazine editorial team. Look for great things from this amazing fitness expert and coach.

About Andrea Hawkins
Andrea was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. She is a mom of three and a wife. Andrea has always had a desire to be more physically fit so she became a certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist. Andrea has been a trainer for 13 years and loves helping people reach their fitness goals! Being in the fitness industry led her to compete and earn her IFBB Figure Pro Card. Her focus is to help people achieve a physical and healthy better self!

About Status
Status Fitness Magazine is a fitness media company founded in 2006. Geared towards the fitness enthusiast to the hardcore competitive athlete, Status delivers current, reliable, and valuable knowledge to anyone interested in fitness as a lifestyle.

Status is well known for its Print Magazine featuring the likes of George St. Pierre, Brock Lesner, Jennifer Nicole Lee, Ashley Kaltwasser among others, Status Model Searches, and Media Production Studio, YouTube page, and Athlete team. All of these avenues help focus on presenting its information with the highest quality photography, design, layout, and in the case of its print publication, paper stock. Status is not only available as a high-quality, attractive print publication, but is also available through various technologies, allowing access to the masses.

To learn more about this announcement, please contact:
Julie McGraa, Media Relations
CANADA: 3920 Francis Road Richmond BC. #120
USA: 1922 Raymond Ave, Los Angeles, California 90007
Office: (888) 304-3201

Originally born in an Army base in Germany. I am half Filipino (mother), half American (father). My first language was Tagalog and later English then lost Tagalog unfortunately. I did not grow up as an athlete, healthy eater, or even had any confidence. I began my fitness journey while I was in college and picked up a job as a desk girl at a local gym. At the gym, I learned about nutrition and weight lifting and made it onto a calendar for the restaurant I worked at. I fell in love with how I felt and looked and soon switched majors to become a sports & fitness major at UCF Orlando. After college, I knew I wanted to open a studio and also discovered fitness competitions. After my first competition which was actually figure (there was no bikini division then), I decided to switch fitness goals and my interests led me to the pole dance studio where I absolutely became obsessed. I began to train, became certified then moved up from instructor to manager. Later, I moved to the Jacksonville Beach area from Orlando and opened my pole dance studio. I ran it successfully for 2 years until I gave birth to my first child. We moved and I began my CrossFit journey and later WBFF journey. I hit the stage in 2013 where I won my pro card. WBFF took me out of a postpartum funk and brought me back to life. I loved the goal of the show plus the added glam & diva factor. I was awarded Ambassador status in 2016 and have continued to promote and host workshops in Orlando. In 2020, I came back to the stage, after my 2nd child & during the pandemic won my division in the Virtual Reloaded International show. I competed live on stage in November 2020 and placed 2nd in my class. Now I’m launching my online program and excited for what the future holds.


Orlando, Florida

Trainer philosophy:
Progress, not perfection. Discipline over Emotion.

Training Plan:
At the moment, I train weights for 5 days, 30 min cardio for 6 days.

Nutritional Plan:
I eat mainly lean meats, vegetables, healthy fats, and my main carbohydrate source are sweet potatoes.

Supplement Plan:
I love Vasayo products because of their liposomal delivery. I rotate what I take but always take Core Complete for my vitamin-mineral complex, Neuro for brain support, and CBD One Oil for stress and anxiety control.

Do you prefer to take and recommend all-natural (no sugar, no artificial colors/flavors/sweeteners) supplements or supplements with artificial flavors and sweeteners? And Why?
I try to stay away from artificial and use Stevia.

Is weight loss more of a fitness issue or a health issue in your opinion and why?
Weight loss Fitness and Health go together but I would say a health issue.

If you have 100 tokens in total and you could apply them to the following categories, how many would you apply to each?

  • Fitness level: 35
  • Health level : 65

I see so many people in the gym but still have not lost the weight they want. It comes down to quality and breakdown of their nutrition plus proper fitness training. If weight loss is the goal it takes both.

Describe your coaches and the impact they have on you?
I have to give a huge shout-out to my coaches: Nate Harewood of Domin8 has brought me the look I always wanted and has been absolutely amazing. Caroline DeCampos brought me back out of my shell and pushed me to compete after a hiatus and continues to support and inspire me. My amazing husband  Alvin Green also is a huge part of my team for the stage. He keeps my body pain-free and in working order with adjustments, cupping, tissue work, and muscle testing among keeping me sane.

What separates Status from other fitness magazines?
I love how Staus is so passionate about bodybuilding and competitive athletes. They truly care and support the athletes and industry. That is awesome.

If you could ask Status Fitness Magazine Editor in Chief Rodney Jang any industry question, what would that be?
What are your biggest tips for aspiring fitness models in the industry now that it’s 2021?

Status Fitness Magazine runs model searches across North America including the largest one at the Arnold Classic for the Status cover.  As part of the Status family, you will receive a special participation invite. How excited are you about this opportunity?
Wow, thank you for the invite! I’m really excited.

Future fitness goals and plans?
I want to continue to compete and grow my brand to help more women around the world live better and feel sexier!

Your transformation story:
I was a woman who struggled with postpartum both times. I am a recovering sugar addict that had to reprogram myself to make good choices. I have rebuilt myself in many ways, after childbirth I struggled, it was the absolute hardest times in my life and many will never understand but it’s ok because who I am today is who I fought to become. I am proud to be a woman and mom, I now can help more women who are struggling to keep above water every day, who feel they do not exist because they take care of everyone else.

5 things people don’t know about you:
I was born with a cleft palate and had 2 massive surgeries to correct it. I am totally sweet and love desserts; as a kid, my name was Sugar by my family. I absolutely get eaten alive by mosquitoes, nothing turns my mood to Jekyll hyde like those bugs biting me.

If you could inspire one person, who would that be? And why?
My children, I want them to be confident, strong, free thinkers who aren’t afraid to be who they are and do what they are passionate about.

Who inspires you? And why?
I have lots. My family inspires me. The fact, I have opportunities that I do not take for granted. I am blessed. I treat others with respect, kindness, and smile a lot. I feel the angels with me. God is in me and I shine my light for those that are in the dark.

Favorite Quotes:
Express yourself, don’t repress yourself. If not now when?

Photographer: Elton Stevens

  • I’m a single mom to 2 boys.
  • Owner of Pro Physiques gym in Gilbert AZ, the Pros Online Personal Training – coaching athletes worldwide, FEARless by Whitney Jones Fitness apparel line, and a promoter/owner of the NPC Whitney Jones Classic Fitness competition.
  • 2 x Ms. Fitness Olympia – 2018 & 2019.
  • Fitness International – 2018.
  • 5 x IFBB Pro Champion.
  • IFBB Fitness Pro.
  • Fitness Routine Choreographer.

Chandler, Arizona.

Trainer philosophy?
Nobody is going to force you to do anything. You have to want it and you have to be willing to accept advice, constructive criticism, and be willing to learn to achieve what you want to achieve.

Training Plan?
For Me:

  • Fasted cardio 6x week, steady-state for 30 mins.
  • Lift 5x week – Shoulders, Glutes/Hams, Back, Full Body Circuit, Shoulder/Back Combo.
  • Routine practice or Skills training 2-3 x week.

Nutritional Plan:
Varies from off-season to prep. Off-season about 2500 calories a day, during prep, I eat more and when I’m running routine frequently some days it can go up to 3800 calories a day. My daily plan is always high, high carb and sugar work for me, so donuts and Oreos are a regular part of my meal plan. But I burn so much with the routine practice so I must eat a lot, so I don’t burn away my muscle. 

Supplement Plan:
LOTS of joint support and liquid collagen, Fish Oil, Probiotics, Digestive enzymes, BCAA’s, L-Carn, Fiberlyze, Sleep Powder.

Do you prefer to take and recommend all natural (no sugar, no artificial colors/flavors/sweeteners) supplements or supplements with artificial flavors and sweeteners? And Why?
I do a pre-workout by Surge Supplements, which is my daily go-to. Taste great give me a bump in energy and aids in recovery. I don’t worry about artificial flavors or anything like that unless I’m close to a show and then I will cut that stuff about 1 week out.

Is weight loss more of a fitness issue or a health issue in your opinion and why?
Fitness issue. People need accountability, motivation, and inspiration. Having a trainer, friends, and family who support you and help you stay accountable to just move, get active and clean up your eating is the start we all need to initiate weight loss. Once we experience some changes and improvements then it’s easier to take ownership of your own fitness goals, but you have to start somewhere and that begins will simply starting.

If you have 100 tokens in total and you could apply them to the following categories, how many would you apply to each?

  • Fitness level: 50
  • Health level:  50

What separates Status from other fitness magazines?
You all strongly support and highlight a variety of athletes and it’s fun to learn about them. The stats as well as the fun stuff. Great coverage with so many avenues of fitness.

If you could ask Status Fitness Magazine Editor in Chief Rodney Jang any industry question, what would that be?
What is the most interesting interaction you’ve had with an athlete that made an impact on you?

Status Fitness Magazine runs model searches across North America including the largest one at the Arnold Classic for the Status cover. As part of the Status family, you will receive a special participation invite. How excited are you about this opportunity?
That’s pretty freaking cool. I love it.

Describe your coaches and the impact they have on you?
Damian Segovia is my coach and business partner. He’s been great at allowing me to navigate my own journey and stepping in when needed to give me advice, be another set of eyes, strategize show selection and jump in those last few weeks of prep so I don’t have to do any of the thinking and analyzing. He’s the only coach I’ve ever worked with.

Your transformation story?
My transformation story is about handling a “career-ending injury” and how I transformed from broken down Humpty Dumpty to something legit. In 2017, I broke my neck while practicing my routine for an upcoming show. I was doing head spins and a new stylized one-footed gainer backflip and took a few too many crashes on my head in one day practicing those two skills repetitively. I didn’t realize it at the moment and thought the excruciating pain was actually a shoulder injury, but nerve pain is funny like that. Soon I lost full function of my right arm and neck surgery was imminent. My neurosurgeon gave me a 50/50 shot that I would ever regain feeling in my right arm, but I had to try. I had a two-level neck fusion and a 12 piece metal cage that was used to put my neck back together.

The morning of surgery, I put a countdown clock on my phone that my goal was to be back on stage at the 2018 Arnold Classic which was 276 days out. I rehabbed and worked every day post-surgery to come back as best as I could be, not knowing what to expect, but I wanted to prove to people that what others classify as a “career-ending injury” does not have to be. I didn’t know what to expect, didn’t know if I would be able to lift the same and bring a similar physique, and had no idea what skills I would even be able to do post-surgery to put together a legit fitness routine for the prestigious Arnold Classic stage. All was going well, and I was getting very excited until 4 weeks out when I suffered another mishap during routine practice. I crashed on a difficult flip which sadly injuries are common for fitness competitors and unfortunately, I heard a “pop” in my knee, and I knew what that meant. I called my ortho surgeon that afternoon and he got me in right away and the MRI showed I tore my ACL and MCL and again surgery would be needed. But I was dead set on showing up at the Arnold Classic like I planned because my goal was to get back on stage post neck surgery to show it could be done.

So, with only three weeks left at that point, I scratched my entire routine and had to come up with a one-legged routine that didn’t require too much intensity on the upper body since my neck was still weak and this was by far the most challenging thing I had ever done. I was in pain nonstop, couldn’t walk more than 10 steps without my knee giving out on me, and had to be careful with any upper body movements as to not risk a setback with my neck but I was determined. I had to think out of the box and come up with crazy unconventional skills that could make the routine look flawless and hide the fact that I was injured because I didn’t want anyone to know about my knee. Well, the perseverance and relentless mindset paid off and I made it to the Arnold Classic and actually won that show which was my first World Championship title ever. I flew home the next day and had surgery to repair my ACL/MCL and 6 months later stepped on the Olympia stage and won my first Olympia title. That’s my greatest transformation story from breaking my neck and tearing my ACL/MCL to becoming a world champion all in a matter of nine months.

Future fitness goals and plans?
Olympia 2021

Life goal?
Launch my 5th business this summer and continue to grow my existing companies which are all fitness related and continue feeling fortunate that I am lucky enough to get to do what I love every single day.

5 things people don’t know about you?

  • I have Narcolepsy – yes like the chic from the movie Deuce Bigalow, Male GigoloI.
  • I keep my Christmas tree up year-round and even turn the lights on every night. My boys and I love Christmas.
  • I graduated college with honors from Summa Cum Laude.
  • I have broken almost every major bone in my body and have had 16 surgeries so far. Let’s be real. I’m not done yet!
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger personally set up my Snapchat during a dinner with him in Brazil when I was there for the Arnold Classic.

5 lessons you have learned?

  • When it comes to competing, you need to feel like you’ve won before you ever step on the stage and no matter the outcome, DO NOT let a placing validate your accomplishments or hard work.
  • Change your mindset from “I Have To….to….I Get To” It’s a gamechanger. Nobody is forcing you to do anything. If you have a goal, then focus on the fact that you have the ability to go after it and take advantage. Change the negative connotation to a positive one and it changes everything.
  • Be organized and plan each day but know it will never go as planned and be willing to roll with the punches and just do the best you can. Dwelling on the craziness that comes at us each day and getting mad about it is a waste of energy. It’s called being an adult and making the most of each circumstance.
  • If you’re not having fun, don’t do it. Life’s too short to not enjoy things.
  • Laughter every day is the key to happiness. Memes help with that.

5 most important attributes you see in a person?

  • Authenticity.
  • Humble.
  • Humor and someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously.
  • Hustle.
  • No Excuses mentality.

If you could inspire one person, who would that be? And why?
It’s my two boys. I want them to constantly be inspired. I work hard to set the example of what hard work and living life to its fullest looks like. I want them to dream big without limitations and be inspired to go after whatever they desire.

Who inspires you? And why?
People who overcome adversity. Who doesn’t fall into the victim mentality and find a way to rise above and find the good in even the most difficult circumstances? We can’t ever control some things that happen to us, but we can always control how we react to it and what we do in those situations to make the most out of it.

Favorite quotes?
“You’re either making progress or making excuses”.

“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will” – Vince Lombardi.

“People may doubt what you say, but they will believe what you do” – Lewis Cass.

Photos By: Sean Nelson  |  Bodyphotage 

I am a certified CanFit Pro Personal Trainer, Boot Camp, and Kangoo Power Fitness Instructor. Through my Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies Degree (CRDS) and my previous career as a physio and occupational therapist assistant. I fell in love with helping people reach their optimal level of health and wellbeing! I have a passion for health and fitness, and I love giving it my all; whether that be on the stage as a figure pro athlete, at the gym crushing my workout, or in the kitchen meal prepping and trying new recipes! I believe that health and fitness are a lifestyle choice, not a fad. I love listening to inspirational podcasts or reading books to help develop my mind to be strong enough to overcome any obstacle in my way. I have had many experiences and education opportunities, such as being a Magnum-sponsored athlete and receiving my Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Nutrition certificate. These endeavors have helped me to provide my clients with the best possible advice and products to assist them in reaching their goals. I stand by the importance of mental strength and help my clients

Trainer philosophy:
I fully believe in creating a lifestyle for my clients, whether it be through nutrition, exercise, and physical activity, or both! I believe in living life to the fullest in all aspects. Once you find a balance between life and fitness then you are in the sweet spot of living a life you can be proud of! When we support our bodies through positive thought, healthy foods, and physical activity, it will support us back, by allowing us to crush goals, live our dreams and discover new adventures and opportunities.

Training Plan:
I create my clients’ plans in a way that is flexible for their lifestyle. Adding in a progressive challenge throughout their program to ensure they are reaching the results that they need, as their body adapts to their new lifestyle! I also believe in creating balance with the body. This will allow for a stronger posture and a decreased risk of injury.

Nutritional Plan:
Again, very flexible to make it work for my clients. I believe in the 80/20 rule. 80% healthy whole foods and 20% treat foods. As I always say, “memories over macros”. We do need to enjoy our life and life events. Finding that balance is what helps us to find success in the goals we have created!

Supplement Plan:
I 100% fully trust Magnum NutraceuticalsI have been personally using their supplements for over 5 years now and I highly recommend their products to my clients. My top 3 favorites are their Quattro protein (HIGHEST QUALITY 4 STAGE PROTEIN ISOLATE), Fasted Cardio (THERMOGENIC PRE-WORKOUT), and their Heat (THERMOGENIC FAT BURNER).

Is weight loss more of a fitness issue or a health issue in your opinion and why?
I believe weight loss is more of a health issue. Obesity and the complications that may come with being overweight can become a huge problem. Those who are overweight tend to have low energy and adverse health problems, that can affect them both physiologically and mentally. When someone begins to lose weight, these health effects can begin to lessen in severity, and hopefully diminish altogether. On the opposite side of weight loss, if people are underweight then striving for a having a healthy weight, which may mean weight gain, will, in turn, promote a healthy lifestyle for them as well. Remembering that everyone’s goals may look slightly different, but in the end, I believe that it all comes down to living that healthy lifestyle, whatever that may look like for that individual.

Do you prefer to take and recommend all-natural (no sugar, no artificial colours/flavours/sweeteners) supplements or supplements with artificial flavours and sweeteners? And Why?
I recommend the 80/20 rule here. So yes, 20% of the time I do recommend to my clients that if they want to have supplements with artificial flavors and sweeteners sometimes, it is okay. There has been a lot of back and forth research with sweeteners, but I feel if you have it in moderation, you are golden.

If you have 100 tokens in total and you could apply them to the following categories, how many would you apply to each?

  • Fitness level: 30
  • Health level:  70

For me, the reason I allotted the tokens in a 30-70 split for fitness and health respectively is to reiterate my belief that focusing on one’s health first is more important than the fitness level focus. But obviously, if you do one the other will follow. I love challenging my strength and fitness levels, but I truly believe health is more important. I don’t think I would be where I am today fitness-wise if I didn’t focus on my health first! When we open the doors to allow for a healthy lifestyle, it will be much easier to incorporate more fitness into that space.

What separates Status from other fitness magazines?
I appreciate how Status does not discriminate against someone’s athletic ability, the size of their muscles, or their fitness regime. They showcase people who work regular jobs and have families, who are striving towards goals and looking to adopt a health and fitness lifestyle. Status allows readers to see that anyone can work to be the best version of themselves and you don’t have to be a pro athlete, spend hours in the gym, or become a fitness influencer just to reach your goals!

Describe your coaches and the impact they have on you?
I have had a few coaches in my corner. My main coach is my business coach, Mathew Park, he has not only helped me with my business, but he has pushed me to become a better person, build my self-confidence and so much more. In return, I can present my best self so my clients are supported by someone who practices what they preach!

If you could ask Status Fitness Magazine Editor in Chief Rodney Jang any industry question, what would that be?
This is my go-to question: I love having a morning routine, that sets me up for success! Does he have a morning routine that he does to set himself up for the day?

Status Fitness Magazine runs model searches across North America including the largest one at the Arnold Classic for the Status cover.  As part of the Status family, you will receive a special participation invite. How excited are you about this opportunity?
This is such an amazing opportunity! I am beyond excited. Thank-you! I would love to connect with others who have similar beliefs and goals as I do! I definitely wouldn’t keep quiet about such a wonderful experience! I would have to share it with my loved ones, clients, and social media followers.

Future fitness goals and plans?
Personally, I would love to compete further as I am a WNBF Figure pro, covid depending. I would also love to open up a Samantha Anderson fitness studio one day, so I can support my clients all in one place. For now, I am excited to be prepping for future photoshoots that will help brand my business.

5 things people don’t know about you:

  • I am a dual citizen-Canada and Switzerland.
  • I went to school in Switzerland for part of my kindergarten year.
  • I hate scary movies.
  • I have 4 permanent teeth missing.
  • I have competed in a powerlifting competition before.

If you could inspire one person, who would that be? And why?
My clients, this is my daily goal and it would be my dream to impact more and more people! I love what I do and even if I inspire one new person a day, I am happy.

Who inspires you? And why?
I would have to say, my mom. She has come so far in her life. From living on the street and not having much, to seeing her work her butt off to provide for my brother and me. It is truly inspiring. Her hard work, what she did to raise my brother, and me, helps me push hard too, every day. My goal was to be able to give back and take her on a yoga retreat. Last year in Feb 2020, we did just that! We traveled to Bali, Indonesia for a 10-day yoga retreat. It was a trip of a lifetime.

Your transformation story:
Fitness has completely changed my life, so much that now I have a business with it. I love sharing with clients how to appreciate who they are through self-love, boosting their confidence and motivation through exercise because that’s what I did. I was very skinny when I was little and had very low confidence. I didn’t feel I was capable of much, but through exercise, I have gained so much confidence as I was able to see my body change physically and mentally. My first competition allowed me to have a huge boost as I received first. I later received my pro card as a WNBF Figure Pro athlete. Now, I run a successful transformation challenge with over 40 people and teach them everything that I have learned. If it wasn’t for my own struggles with self-confidence and the way my body looked, I don’t think I would have had the same appreciation and love for how amazing it feels to work towards and goal and find success.

Favourite Quotes:
“You cannot change the direction of the wind, you can only adjust the sails.” ~Jimmy Dean

Photographer: Tim Dardis

I started bodybuilding back in 2004 while I was still in the Canadian Military. I did fairly well back then but a torn Bicep in 2010 put me out of training and motivation for a long time. I became a firefighter in 2008, so health and fitness are important for the job. After the injury, I tried to come back to bodybuilding a few times but life always seemed to have other plan5s. Family grew. Another injury/surgery. Losing our home and fighting the 2016 Fort McMurray wildfire Aka “The beast”. So in 2018, we were into our rebuilt home, all was well or so I thought. I developed some PTSD issues from my work history and the fire. It’s not serious or debilitating to me but it is troublesome at times. Working out is great medicine for the mind but that wasn’t quite enough. My wife convinced me to step on stage again and use the prep as a focused goal. TNT offered that chance. I have found that the goal of the competition and the extreme focus really helps with my symptoms.

The TNT Muscle promises to be an amazing show. What helped you decide to enter it? What were you looking most forward to?
After competing in last year’s TNT and seeing firsthand how the event was all about the Athletes, it has blown me away. 10 years ago, I certainly didn’t feel that way. The promoters were super friendly and their support staff made everything for the competitors easy, from make-up to top-notch LSR tanning. Mostly I was looking forward to improving my size and condition from last year.

Fitness category?
Men’s open and men’s master Bodybuilding HW/SHW.

Your plans and fitness plans after the pandemic?
My plans for after the pandemic are to train harder, eat more, and enjoy lots of family time. I plan on competing at 2021 TNT.

Training Plan:
Currently 5 on 2-3 off. I hit every body’s parts once in that rotation and sometimes toss in a second leg day.

Nutritional Plan:
Simple. About 4200 calories currently.

Supplement Plan:
1500mg vitamin C, B-12, Citraline, Creatine. Mutant BCAA intra.

What separates Status from other fitness magazines:
In my opinion, I am impressed with the fact that Status focuses on amateur athletes, not just the top pros like most magazines. This enables amateurs to gain exposure.

What would it mean to you to become a “Status Symbol”:
It would be self inspiring to me as I am an older competitor and never thought such a thing would be possible

What would it mean to you to grace the cover of Status?
I cannot even imagine how much satisfaction and joy that would give me. Would prove to myself that I am worthy of my dreams.

Favorite Quotes:
When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you. (Isaiah 43:2).

5 things people don’t know about you:  

  • I’m older than I look.
  • I hate eating.
  • I have to force-feed to get my calories in.
  • I believe in public service and helping those that cannot help themselves.
  • I suffer from PTSD

If you could inspire one person, who would that be?
If I had to pick only one person to inspire it would be my daughter Marley (6), I would like to inspire her to always strive for more. Never settle and shoot for your goals.

Who inspires you? And why?
My main inspiration is my wife, Kayla. She is a strong woman and a great partner and mother. She is my rock, my learning post, my therapist. She has been beside me and supported my dreams since we met. It is because of her that I’ve learned to chase after my dreams and find success.

Photo by: David Abooody

I have a busy life managing a career and a family. I consider myself an athlete of the mind and body, and I set audacious goals in all facets of my life. My success comes from being disciplined on every target I set and holding myself accountable for the results. I follow three values: humble, hungry, and smart. Humble is acknowledging my weaknesses; being vulnerable to build that trust with my team. Hungry is the fire to excel and drive the team to do more than what the job expects. Smart is understanding your team, listening to your family, and having empathy. By modeling these values, I exude self-confidence, and ultimately a strong team is created to support any tough decisions that arise in the future. I compare my executive presence to Steve Jobs. Jobs always followed his heart his entire life, and that passion is what built Apple, instilling that principle to do what you love. I always find that passion for anything I do. Winning for me is seeing my team/family grow. That growth drives my passions to develop myself and share with others, and ultimately our organization benefits.


Relationship status:
Married, two girls.

Director, Services Canada (Thermon), Director, Finance, and Operations (Fitnessministry).

Fitness category?
Men’s Physique, over 6’0.

The TNT Muscle promises to be an amazing show. What helped you decide to enter it?
My wife and I set a goal to help us overcome our struggles of not spending alone time together. This experience allowed us to connect and work toward a common goal other than being the best parents for our children.

What were you looking most forward to?
I was looking forward to seeing my wife smile as she achieved her goal.

Your plans and fitness plans after the pandemic?
I will continue to set fitness goals with my wife.

The TNT Muscle promises to be an amazing show. What helped you decide to enter it?
My wife and I set a goal to help us overcome our struggles of not spending alone time together. This experience allowed us to connect and work toward a common goal other than being the best parents for our children.

What were you looking most forward to?
I was looking forward to seeing my wife smile as she achieved her goal.

Your plans and fitness plans after the pandemic?
I will continue to set fitness goals with my wife.

Georges St. Pierre, former UFC welterweight champion and two time Status Fitness cover athlete is returning to the octagon after a three year hiatus. St. Pierre said on February 18, 2017. It’s official. I’m back.

The UFC star from Montreal, Canada, was amongst the biggest pay-per-view draws during the six years he ruled a top the 170 pound class. During his down time, St. Pierre dealt with injuries that began to plague him after his tough schedule. UFC President, Dana White told the Los Angeles Times that St. Pierre had signed a multi-fight contract.

Georges St. Pierre is the epitome of a professional athlete. Georges trains like a champion. The heart and focus he has put into his training and nutrition over the years is an example of how true athletes live to reach the pinnacle of their sport. I have had the opportunity to watch Georges fight many times as well as sit and visit with Georges on numerous occasions and have always been impressed.” ~ Rodney Jang, Editor-in-Chief, Status Fitness Magazine

Status Fitness has spent a fair bit of time with St. Pierre. David Ford, photographed St. Pierre a number of times in Montreal at Tri-Star gym as well as at his strenght and conditioning coach’s location. In addition to this, Ford was at the first UFC in Canada – UFC 83 – held at the Bell Centre in Montreal with St. Pierre defeating Matt Sera to take the welterweight belt. Status Fitness Editor-in-Chief has sat down with St. Pierre on occasion to discuss training and nutrition which Status Fitness has shared over four issues.