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“Confidence comes from discipline and training.” ~Robert Kiyosaki

I love this quote! Confidence is not necessarily something we are born with. This means we are all capable of having confidence as we build and grow when we commit to something. Our careers, health, family, hobbies, etc. I believe that confidence isn’t the only thing that comes from discipline and training. When we commit to ourselves, amazing changes can happen in our lives for the better! Working on yourself, and dedicating time to make positive changes, will inevitably generate an upward spiral of wonderful new beginnings and honing past challenges/struggles. (P.S the Upward Spiral, by Alex Korb, is a book I highly recommend!).

I want to delve a bit deeper into discipline and training and how you can focus on discipline to stick to your goals!

Below are six steps that will help you keep disciplined!

  • Set Goals Before Gym Commitment
  • Do The Small Things Well/Making Daily Actions Easier
  • Set Up Your Environment
  • Countdown and Go
  • Move Your Body
  • Accountability Partner

Even when you have a bad day, discipline is what gets you to the gym/ your goals!

  1. Focus On The Goal, Not The Gym

So this one may seem silly but let me explain. Sometimes we dread going to the gym and that’s all we can think about. We may waste time coming up with all the excuses not to go! However, if you focus more on a goal/the results you want to achieve/ the “why”, the more likely you will want to go to the gym. And it doesn’t just have to do with working out, but something you have to do in order to reach your goal. For example, you may not want to drink lots of water, do meal prep, or attend that work meeting, etc, but if you focus on the results/ the ‘why’, it automatically becomes more meaningful and thus more impactful/desirable to achieve.

So even when I don’t feel like going to the gym or being active in any way, I am focused on my overall why and my goal to help me get there!

Currently, my goal is to be a strong, healthy mom like I know I can! (I am excited to announce I am expecting on January 30th, 2023!

  1. Do The Small Things Well/Making Daily Actions Easier

Accomplishing a big action/goal can be super daunting. Looking at the big picture can seem impossible to manage. To make it seem more attainable, you’ll want to master the basics first!

To be successful you want to start with doing the small things well, day in and day out! I love this saying: the way you do one thing is the way you do everything! Try to think of one small thing you can accomplish successfully every day to feel confident in that task/thing. When we check off the small items and practice doing them well, it makes our day-to-day lives easier!

In our hustle culture, we think that there needs to be a struggle, but it doesn’t have to be. What can we do to make everyday actions/tasks easier on ourselves? When these daily tasks are more manageable, it makes taking new steps and conquering new goals manageable as well!

  1. Set Up Your Environment

 Setting up your environment lends its hand to making your life effortless as well. When the environment around you is set up to help you, instead of hindering you, goals can be accomplished more positively!

So how can our environment be set up to help us with our goals? For example, maybe you are a candy lover but are trying to decrease the amount of sugar you consume. Set up your environment by limiting the amount of candy you have in your house. Try setting fruit out so it’s readily available, versus having candy on the table.

Another example is your workout space. Is that designated area motivating for you? Maybe it needs to be tidied up, or it needs some inspirational posters on the walls or a speaker so your favourite band is blasting during the workout! Maybe you don’t have a space at all; it’s time to carve out an area that is just for you and make it an environment you want to be in!

  1. Count Down And Go

When a rocket ship is about to take off, there is always a countdown! Usually, it goes…5,4,3,2,1, blast off! Another example is when a parent counts down from three to encourage their child to do something right away!

Counting down and “going” is a great way to get something done. There is no time to second guess or discourage yourself from doing that thing you need to do.

Try it next time you want to say something to your boss or to someone you find attractive! 3,2,1, Go! Just say or do the thing you want, and keep going without regret! Blast Off! This may be helpful when trying to get out of bed in the morning too!!

Take a moment to come up with ways you can use this countdown action more in your life. Mel Robbins has a book all about this called, The 5 Second Rule. I highly recommend the read!

  1. Move Your Body

 I am sure I am not the only one, but sometimes we feel like working out is too much of a chore but usually, after a workout, you want to do more. When you feel like you can’t even imagine exercising but know you should, just start with smaller, more enjoyable movements.

Force your body to take action! Maybe this is just a short walk, or doing a flight of stairs. Remember action creates more action!

You may feel less intrigued to work out if your automatic thought is that in order to have a successful workout you have to exercise for 60mins or hit your PRs right away. However, this isn’t always true, you can start with a few bodyweight squats or any small movements to have success.

What is a 5-minute activity that can get your body moving? Jumping jacks, dancing to your fav song, etc… Pick one that works for you!

  1. Accountability Partner

Is there someone you know that is wanting to improve themselves or is taking steps to grow/ make changes? I am here to tell you that you want to be their friend!

Take advantage of an accountability partner! It’s a win-win for both/all of you! Find a friend, or a health and fitness group, or share your goals with your partner. When we commit to our goals with someone else who is working towards similar objectives, we are more eager to keep our promise and stick to our plan! We usually find the strength and desire to commit when we have someone else with us!

Can you find someone who will help keep you accountable? This is your sign to reach out to them!!

How can you add these 6 tips to your life?

  • Set Goals Before Gym Commitment
  • Do The Small Things Well/Making Daily Actions Easier
  • Set Up Your Environment
  • Countdown and Go
  • Move Your Body
  • Accountability Partner

I want this to say Why before (another world for obligation).

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The Fitness Fusion transformation challenge isn’t only about physical transformations, but mental, psychological, and spiritual transformations too!

I am excited as this will be the first time ever that I have announced the winners of my transformation challenges with the help of an article! I am so thankful to Status Fitness magazine for allowing me to highlight and congratulate these amazing women.

We had 30 incredible women finish the challenge with amazing results.

Through the last 8 weeks, these ladies have become stronger, healthier and more confident. Not only have these ladies had tremendous physical changes, but they have all noticed some amazing non-scale victories as well, which is something we truly focus on a lot within a program.

Most individuals in the challenge have increased their reps and weight in the workouts; they are now looking at buying heavier weights! I have read comments about how well clothes are fitting; they are even pulling old clothes out that were tucked away in the back of the closet! Craving the rush and satisfaction from completing the workouts is just another amazing non-scale victory felt by some of these ladies.

At the end of each challenge, I am tasked with choosing winners- let me tell you this is not an easy job! However, I was able to narrow it down and these four ladies stuck out for their incredible transformations!

I am excited to announce that I have added a BONUS fourth-place winner! I would love to share with you what she has to say about what she has gained these last 8 weeks.

“I feel strong and confident! I have increased energy and I am hearing compliments from my husband and friends on how I look. I can’t believe how I need to do this program-mentally, physically and emotionally.”

Congrats Kathy Murray on winning fourth place!

Next, let’s congratulate our third-place winner, she says…

“Doing the photoshoot was HUGE for me. Even after it was done, I still have nerves about the results but I stepped out of my comfort zone to do it, which was exciting! My mindset has changed quite a bit since I first started challenges. It used to be very one-sided to lose weight. But now, I really want to just continue making my health as a whole a focus and commitment.”

Congrats Jayme Waddell on winning third place!

Check out Jayme’s transformation from the start of joining our challenges!

I am excited to announce our second-place winner; she says…

“I’ve learned to appreciate my body for what it can do. I take the time now to take care of myself and do self-care, which I no longer think of as a selfish act when I do so. My clothes are fitting looser and I am down in sizes. I have had to go through my wardrobe and get many items altered.”

Congrats Karen Hulit on winning second place!

Check out Karen’s amazing success since starting the challenges!

Congratulations to our first-place winner! She says…

“Motivation is huge for me. I remember starting this program in the Spring and struggling for the first few weeks to get through the workouts. Now for Fall, I’m getting through the workouts with no problem. Looking at myself in the mirror and seeing my body change makes me proud of the hard work that I am doing. It makes me feel more confident. My mindset has shifted and I know that I have to listen to my body and look after myself. Take some TLC when needed and that’s ok.”

Congrats Jacquie Mitchell on winning first place!

Congrats to Kathy, Jayme, Karen, and Jacquie! Also a huge shout out to all the other ladies who finished the transformation challenge, you are now one step closer to your goals. I am so inspired by these ladies for committing to the Fitness Fusion program but most importantly for committing to themselves.

If you are also interested in transforming, click here to register today!

Motivation is something not everyone has all the time, nor is it something we can snap our fingers and instantly receive. However, motivation is attainable; everyone can get/gain more of it. I want to discuss five ways to boost motivation and keep it firing for a successful health journey.

We will see how Vision, Intention, Schedule, Action and Routine can support us in acquiring the motivation we need to keep working towards goals and accepting opportunities for growth!

1. Vision: The fuel to get your motivation running!

Having a vision and plan is important! Imagine you are trying to get to a destination that you have never heard of. Maybe, Yemeni Village Restaurant in Calgary (for example). Imagine driving through Calgary for the first time with no directions. No map, app or shotgun rider telling you the way to go. Chances are you will probably never get there and you may struggle to find your bearings. Now imagine if you had the exact directions and a game plan in place to arrive at your destination right one time. You would more than likely get there because you had a vision of what and where you needed to go and a plan to execute! It is just like your vision/goal, the clearer the directions and game plan are, the better chance we will get to our destination!

Take some time now to reflect on the questions below to help solidify your vision.


  • What do you want? _____________________________
  • What do you want your life to look like in the next:

Day _________________________
What kind of relationship do you want with your health/fitness journey? _____________________________

Journaling is a tool that has helped me immensely! I recommend journaling daily. Write down your vision on something, a notebook, the notes app on your phone, or sticky notes. Writing down your vision every day will help you get there; it’s like having the directions to the destination with us every step of the journey! There is no way to get lost now!!

2. Intention: Give your vision its meaning

Imagine being on a boat with no motor. It’s possible you may never leave the shoreline or make your way across the lake without one. Without a motor, you may end up just floating, not really going anywhere. Not having an intention is like sitting in a boat with no motor- we don’t want to float through life, we want to LIVE life.

How can you bring intention into your routine? Ask yourself, am I just going through the motions, floating my way through life? How can you bring intention to everything you do? What do you want to accomplish and how do you want to feel in your environment, with your workouts, your dinners with your family, at work, etc?

When you put intention behind the things you do, you will

  • Enjoy it more and
  • Get more out of it.

What will make today a success? Asking yourself questions like these are great prompts to add you your journaling or goal-creating endeavours.

3. Schedule: Get yourself organized!

Having a consistent daily schedule is very helpful to feel confident in your ability to achieve your goals. Do you plan out your day or week?

Try focusing on your personal schedule (one that works for your unique life/lifestyle) and what needs to be done to see your vision through.

I know when some people hear the word schedule, it gets them to feel overwhelmed just at the thought. The sentence “I don’t have enough time” may be said often. I know I have been a victim of this excuse! Especially for parents! Try not to use your kids as an excuse; your kids may be the reason you want to create the life you deserve. (This could be your why or your purpose for accomplishing your vision/goal.)

We need to remind ourselves that this schedule doesn’t need to be jammed-packed or executed perfectly; it is a tool we can use to feel confident in what comes next. Scheduling your day to fit you and your goals is a skill, so don’t worry about mastering it right away, practice makes progress!

How to start creating a schedule:

Step one: Get a calendar/whiteboard- have something you are able to write on and see clearly every day.

To make it less overwhelming, start by keeping track of everything you do from hour to hour during the upcoming week with the schedule below. Example include:

  • Wake-up time/ morning routine
  • Meals
  • Work
  • Scrolling  through social media/TV
  • Task/activities/events
  • Naps
  • Workouts
  • Kids’ activities
  • Downtime

Once you have completed documenting your week, reflect on how it went.

  • Is there anything in your schedule you can hand off/tag the team?
  • Is there anything you can reduce/eliminate?
  • What are the must-haves?

Optimizing time
I know that most people’s lifestyles are hectic with a lot of priorities; it would be unrealistic to cut back on everything that we do in our day. So how can we optimize our time? How can we chunk tasks/ activities together so we feel both satisfied and accomplished with our day? For example, can you listen to your favourite podcast or catch up on the news while driving, working out, or cooking?

Can your kids help with the gardening or the lunch making, so you can all spend quality time with one another while completing important tasks?

Now that you have figured out what a typical week may look like for you and have reflected on your priorities/optimizing your time, you’re ready to create your new and informed schedule this week!


What do you need to prioritize?

  •  Kids
  •  Workouts
  •  Nutrition
  • Etc.

What can be optimized?

What is not needed?

What can be added to provide some fun or relaxation

  • Self-care
  • Time with friends/family
  • Creating space for hobbies/leisure
4. Action: Push start to drive!

Just start! Get your body moving! YES, this seems simple right?!  But I get it, it’s not so easy to take action after a long day of work. Maybe you have been scrolling through your favourite social media platform checking out what happened that day to only realize that almost an hour has gone by. I am sure you have been there, I know I have! So let’s start small in order to get your body moving.

When you are unmotivated, taking action is the most difficult thing to do or so it feels at the time. So it is super helpful to work through steps the motivating boosting step-one through three- for an action-focused headspace! The action builds momentum. Remember Newton’s First Law of Motion. Newton’s first law states that every object will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless compelled to change its state by the action of an external force. So basically inaction will lead to more inaction and action will lead to more action. So move that body! Again, start small, maybe just start with standing up and jogging on the spot. You don’t need to do a full workout routine, just start with something small. The countdown rule/Mel Robbins 5 Second Rule applies greatly here!

5. Routine: Guarantees a destination

Do you have a set routine? Maybe a morning or night routine? Once your schedule is in place and we have accepted to take action, it’s time to make these steps into a routine!

Taking action consistently and sticking to your schedule with your vision in mind will create a routine. It is so much easier to build a solid routine with small daily habits/actions. It doesn’t have to be 20 things. It can be one or two things to start your day, creating that routine. If there are a few things you have been wanting to add to your routine, simplify it and start with just one new habit tomorrow. An easy way of creating a new habit is by attaching it to an existing habit! Creating a habit of drinking more water in the morning, could be attached to brushing your teeth. After you brush your teeth, drink a glass of water- a habit created!

If you have a vision, intention, a schedule, take action and a routine. Would you feel more motivated and less lazy?

I hope the answer is “YES!”

Grab your journal- homework time!!

Jot down your answers.

  • Where do you want to be in 12 months/5 years/10 years? What do you want your life to look like? What’s your vision?
  • What intentions do you need to set daily? How can you be more intentional with everything you do?
  • Is your daily schedule set up so you can be successful in working towards your vision?
  • What actions do you need to accomplish daily? How will you take the first step?
  • What routines do you need to create?

We all will be somewhere in 10 years. The action you take today will decide where you are in 10 years. If something doesn’t change, you will be where you are right now. Remember you are worth making positive changes, your family is worth it too! We can’t let the lack of motivation keep us down. Set yourself up for success and boost that motivation through having a clear vision, setting the right intentions, creating a schedule, taking action and solidifying routines!

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I honestly do not like the phrase “getting back on track” because I believe it can set us up for failure; it is like we ‘failed’ by falling off the track in the first place. In reality, we probably just had a slip-up or had an off day and that’s okay. We need to learn from it and learn how to come out stronger.

I wanted to preface this thought first to share with you some things that I have been working through lately. What I want to talk about are those times when we get sick or a hard life event happens and we feel derailed. I went through some hard times these past few months and I want to share what I did to bring myself out and get back to my routine. My goal by sharing this story is to hopefully help someone who is struggling to get going or needs to work through some hard times.

On December 14th, 2021 I found out that I was four and a half weeks pregnant. My fiance and I were so excited, just like a lot of you; we started fantasizing about the future. But on January 16th, at nine weeks pregnant, I miscarried. We were and are very sad about this loss but we know in our hearts that this was not meant to be. We are now excited for the day when we do become parents.

I knew that I could not let the sadness keep me from the everyday joys that life brings; I began the healing process by making mini-goals each day. Two weeks into the miscarriage, I started getting sick and found out I had Covid. Which lead me to begin a whole different type of healing process in addition to the miscarriage. I am not sharing this for sympathy or to make light of any situation similar to this. I know everyone goes through hard times and deals with hardship in different ways. However, I wanted to share with you how I started to get back to my normal, after being at such a low. Below are four easy tips to get back on track if you are going through a hard time.

  • Make Mini-Goals

Making mini-goals helped me a lot. And YES I kept them supermini. If you know me, I LOVE setting big juicy goals, but I mentally and even physically couldn’t do that during this time. So I made mini-goals, such as getting out of bed a few times a day, drinking a shaker of water a day, cooking one meal, or getting one load of laundry done. Yes, they were super-mini. At any other time in my life, I could probably get all of these done in one day with no problem. But I had to take it slow. After I completed each task or chore I saw that as a win, I would stack these wins! So each day I added something different to add to my stack of wins, more and more until my routine was back to normal. So for instance, once I accomplished some of the tasks above, adding a few things looked like, getting in five minutes of stretching, doing a ten-minute bodyweight workout, or upping my water and drinking three shakers of water a day. All these stacked wins eventually lead me to my regular workout routine.

  • Listen to Your Body

Listening to my body was another thing that really helped me. Every day was different and whatever my body felt like that day I did or didn’t do. Of course with stacking my wins, I felt I could do more and more from week to week. There were a few days that I didn’t feel that I could get any workouts in. I also noticed I would get really sore after I did a workout, so I needed to consider my recovery time as well. I decided to listen to what my body was telling me so I could heal at the pace it required. With that being said, I eventually got back to my regular workout routine because I took that time to do what my body needed.

  • DO NOT Let Yourself Feel Bad

This was another huge thing. Obviously, I knew I could do more in my regular everyday life, but I made sure to honour myself and my body. I am aware that I went through a lot and it’s okay to take a slower approach because I knew I would feel better soon. I didn’t beat myself up for not being the person I am on a regular basis. I was going through heartbreak and illness all at once, and sometimes the strongest thing one can do is take it easy without guilt. If I would have let myself feel bad for not feeling up to “getting back on track”, I may not have healed as well or as quickly.

  • Accountability Partner

Whatever/whoever you have for your support, make sure you have someone to talk to. My family and fiance’s support were amazing throughout this time. My Facebook group with all my clients was absolutely amazing as well:) Most of the ladies in this group are busy moms looking to improve their health and fitness, which was great because their goals are aligned with mine! They are all looking at bettering themselves. The support system was so helpful to have.

I would love to say that I hope no one ever experiences what I went through or have lows, but in reality, it does happen. I truly feel that moments like these do help us become a stronger and better version of ourselves. It may be hard at the moment, but hopefully, these tips will help you move through the hardships. Remember that support can come in various forms and from many different people. Some struggles may require a professional on your side. I want to stress that what I did are tips that helped me. If you ever feel like you need more help, there are many wonderful support options beyond friends and family. Regardless, I hope that if you ever feel like you are in a situation where you have been knocked off track, believe that there is joy on the other side and it is okay to take things slow. You will come back stronger than ever!

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You probably are thinking that this article will be about exercising more and eating less to help get you results. Now, that might work for a short period of time, but it may not be sustainable. Today we are going to dig a bit deeper into why you may not be getting the results you want.

Let’s review my top three reasons why you may not be getting results:

1. You are too much in your head.

There is so much research out there on positive thinking and getting results. We could go into the science with data and numbers, but just knowing from my personal experience and the experiences my clients have had, remaining positive and getting out of your head can help. It also doesn’t cost you anything to try!

One way to choose positivity and get out of your head is to change your thinking. If you have self-limiting beliefs, let’s learn to replace them with EMPOWERING beliefs.

One way to choose positivity and get out of your head is to change your thinking. If you have self-limiting beliefs, let’s learn to replace them with EMPOWERING beliefs. For example, a limiting belief could look like: “I am not confident enough or strong enough.” And an empowering belief could look like this: “I am on a continuous fitness and health journey of learning which never ends”. I challenge you to come up with a list of limiting beliefs that you have had and shift them to empowering beliefs. Once you have your list down, whenever you feel the limiting belief creeping in, swap it immediately to the empowering belief!

2. Not the Right Program.

I am not saying that the program you are in won’t ever be the right program for you, but maybe it’s not tailored toward your goals. Checking in with your coach regularly, asking questions, and clarifying what you want to achieve is important if you feel you aren’t getting the results you are looking for. Always be sure to be clear with your coach on what your expectations are. Ensure the program is a good fit for your needs, goals, and values. If after a while you still don’t feel the program is suited for you, don’t be afraid to change things up or ask for help to find that routine that drives you!

3. Not Enough Practice.

This is another common reason why you may not be getting results. Consistency is key. Practice makes progress. I am sure you have heard these phrases before and it is so true because they WORK. When you stick to something long enough, it came become routine and hopefully that routine becomes your lifestyle!

Let me share a quick analogy with you to support this point:

When a child is learning how to walk, they often fall down many times, however, they get back up again. Over and over again. They are consistent and they continue to practice a lot. If they just gave up, then we would have a world full of people crawling, never learning to walk!

Remember, if you want to reach your health and fitness goals, you CAN do it. You need to keep at it. Stay consistent, choose positive self-talk, keep practicing, and get back up when you fall!

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Raise of hands; those of you who are moms, who struggle with mom’s guilt!? I am sure you all raised your hands!

Sorry guys, this one will be just for us females. But it might be informative to get an insight into some of our experiences. 

I personally feel that we females are programmed to want to help others, maybe motherly instinct, but I also feel that having a better perspective around what actually is helping others vs hurting others, based on how we treat ourselves. 

Most of us females will put off doing things for ourselves first, because there are so many other things that need to be done first, whether it is laundry, feeding the kids, taking the dog for a walk, cleaning the house, we truly feel that this needs to be taken care of first. But what if we switched our perspectives?

I always get my workouts in first, even if it may be rushed. I always feel energized after and I feel I am showing up better not only for myself but for the people around me.

Did you know that most of my clients, when they start working with me and they start on an exercise and nutrition journey, that their energy improves, their mood improves, they are able to do more for their kiddos? Now imagine with all that extra energy, better mood, and ability to do more, what you can actually be capable of.

I know for myself, I always get my workouts in first, even if it may be rushed. I always feel energized after and I feel I am showing up better not only for myself but for the people around me.

I am sure you have heard this analogy already. If you have, it’s a good reminder and if you haven’t, it is also a good reminder. You know how on the airplane when they tell you that in case of an emergency and the air pressure changes, to put on your air mask first before a child’s. Now, why? Because since we have taken care of ourselves first, we can now take care of other people way better than we would have done before. If we didn’t put on the air mask first and we passed out, we aren’t very helpful!

Now I am not a mom, but I understand this concept and I know my clients thrive off of this perspective change. PLUS, they tend to instill such an important concept of health and nutrition to their kiddos that can make lifelong changes. So what are you waiting for? Do this for you! Start that workout routine, sign up at the gym, register for those zoom workouts, challenge yourself to join a transformation challenge. 

I want you to know that you truly DESERVE this for yourself and the opportunity to become a better version of yourself. Let’s see what you are capable of doing and crush your health and fitness goals.

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What do you want for yourself? What’s the goal that you want to accomplish? Imagine having the body you desire? If you achieved your goal, what would this look like?

When most of us are looking to lose weight, increase energy and boost confidence, we usually start by doing a deep dive into the latest trend on social media. Or maybe we stock the popular page on Instagram to see what the top influencers’ are posting to find the next best diet or quick fix remedy! Instead of wasting your limited free time on fads and gimmicks, what I want you to focus on is goal setting! Goal setting? Yes, goal setting! However, this is not JUST about coming up with a SMART goal like you did in high school or at your kids’ first day of school meetings. I want you to throw out what you thought creating a goal should look like and follow these simple steps to set a proper (meaningful) goal. Let’s make it foolproof, to ensure you are going to get the body you truly deserve.

First, I would like you to understand and remember to BELIEVE that you CAN! You are fully capable of accomplishing this goal. No matter what past trauma you may have gone through, what limiting beliefs that you have; you can totally accomplish this goal. That is number one! Trust me on this one, it is that belief in yourself that will take you from 0 to 100! Don’t tell yourself otherwise. Heck, even I believe in you! Just some random person who is writing this column in the passenger seat of the vehicle, heading to a family event, believes in you, so you should too!

Now I understand it may be hard to trust yourself, but let’s work through these steps to get you closer!

Goal setting is so important for success; having a plan and something to work towards will help to keep you motivated and on track. Consider a few things while goal setting. How is this going to look? How are you going to achieve this? Be as specific as possible. What do you want to get out of the program that you are in? Write it down! Whatever you feel is achievable but be specific!! This will help you pinpoint what you want to work towards!

So let’s dig deeper into how to be specific. The next step in goal setting may be an emotional journey for some, but trust me, the process is worth it and will take your goal from being worlds on a page to something with meaning, purpose and result-laden depth.

Ask yourself: “What is my WHY?”

Knowing your “WHY” is HUGE! It puts a lot more importance on your goal!

Why do you want to lose weight?? Why do you want to fit into the pair of jeans you could wear 5 years ago?? Why do you want to have more energy?

Is it because you felt confident and want your confidence back? Do you want to feel sexy again? Or to be a healthy role model for your family and kids? Or do you want to be able to bend down to play with your kids and even pick them up without a back spasm?

Finding the “WHY” to your goal makes your goal solid. So how do we find the why…?

Through the Seven Layers of Why!

I often go through this process myself and with my clients. So let’s work through it together.


Pick your goal: For today’s example, let’s say it is that you want to lose 15 pounds!

Now we are going to continue asking why this is important.

I want to lose 15 pounds…

Why is this important?… Because I don’t like being overweight.

Why is this important? ….Because I have no energy and no confidence in myself.

Why is this important? ….Because I want to be a role model for my kids.

Why is this important?…. Because my parents weren’t there for me like I want to be there for my kids.

BOOM now that’s your WHY! Dig DEEP, this may be emotional but it’s going to give you a stronger connection to your goal! With this stronger connection, you are more motivated to stick to the goal of losing 15 pounds because of the meaning behind the goal.

Of course, as you see in the example above, you might not get seven layers, it might only be three and that is perfect. Maybe it’s because that’s where you are at with opening up about your true why, or you are really good at digging deep and you can get right to the point. Either way, it is your journey and that’s what is important.

So now that we have our goal and our why, I want to focus on tools that you can implement today in order to help motivate you to fully accomplish your goal.

 Here are a few tools you can use!
I want you to focus on a few that you feel will work really well for you and your lifestyle:

  • Write your goal and your why on a piece of paper and stick it on your mirror, fridge, or pantry, etc:
    Try to find an area where you will see it daily. Much like a tattoo, seeing your goal in writing and somewhere visible makes it real and permanent. The more you see it, the more real and permanent it feels, creating a stronger connection to that goal. You will have a much easier time pushing yourself to accomplish it when you are reminded what exactly it is that you are working towards every day.
  • Tell someone: An accountability partner, family, significant other, a friend, or a trainer.
    Again, this part is just as important as creating the goal. Much like the old saying, if a tree falls in the forest does anyone hear it? We can create all the goals that we want to, but if we don’t share them with anyone does it hold any weight? It can be easy to give up because no one knew about the 15 pounds you wanted to lose or the marathon you wanted to run. I encourage you to share your goals with someone significant to you. Since you put in the work of giving your goal a why, it now means something to you, and so should the person you tell. This person should be someone who is in your corner to help you stay accountable.
  • Write your goals down and READ them daily:
    We talked about how writing goals down and putting them in a place that we see every day makes the goal real and permanent, but we need to also hear it out loud. We want to read them daily, so it’s the first thing you read when you wake up and the last thing you read when you go to bed. Like I said earlier, seeing it every day is going to help solidify this. I personally find it helpful to write it down in my goal journal and also on q-cards that act as a bookmark. Find creative ways to showcase your goal!

If you made it this far, I have one more challenge. No matter how many fitness tips we read it won’t change if we don’t take action. So let’s take action today. I challenge you to do some homework!!


  1. Create a goal and define it clearly
  2. Complete your Seven Layers of WHY
  3. Share your goal with an accountability buddy/ special person.
  4. Find three things you want to focus on this week and go be amazing!

Photo By: David Ford