Nikki Alliegro


Part 1: Balancing Fitness And Travel
So, you want to see the world without losing track of your fitness goals? You’ve been told this is impossible; that every calorie needs to be accounted for and every workout needs to be in a gym. Without following these rules your vacation with loved ones becomes a sacrifice to your hard work, including your dream of a physique you’ve been consistently working to obtain.

I’m here to tell you that this is not only inaccurate but a harsh, false reality. I’m Nikki, a Certified Personal Trainer, Pro Bodybuilder, World Traveler, and International Cover Model. I’m also the creator of The Fit Traveler®, with a mission to show you that you can enjoy your time with loved ones, follow every bucket list adventure, and still have the tools to become your best self physically and mentally.

At first, you may ask yourself how this is possible. How can you possibly enjoy Disney World with your family, or explore the Caribbean without compromising your hard work? I promise that you can make memories to last a lifetime and truly experience the adventures you long for while maintaining your path to physical and mental success.

Part 2: Healthy Eating Habits Away From Home
Your nutrition can seemingly be the most difficult hurdle to overcome when you are on vacation. Whether you’re heading out for a morning excursion or going out to dinner every night, there are ways to keep your meals on the ‘clean side consistently throughout the day. Every location in the world has healthier options when it comes to fueling your body, and a little preparation can go a long way.

For starters, do your best to include your basic Macronutrients into each meal throughout the day. It’s completely understandable that while you are with friends and family you may be eating out, but even the most remote locations will allow you to include proteins, carbs, and healthy fats into your diet. Eating a nutrient-packed breakfast accomplishes two big pieces to the lifestyle you are trying to obtain by starting your day on track with your wellness goals. This provides energy for all of the adventures awaiting you.

By continuing to keep in mind these three important Macronutrients and putting forth the little effort to include them in each meal you will find yourself feeling accomplished and full of energy.

Flexible Dieting is a great option when it comes to eating away from home. I advise my own clients to follow the 80/20 rule while they are on vacation or travelling for work. Eating 80% ‘clean foods’ allows for 20% freedom to enjoy whatever else you may want to experience on your trip. An example of a ‘flexible meal’ would be enjoying your dinner abroad by ordering a lean protein (such as fish), with a side of fibrous green veggies and rice! You can still experience an island delicacy while fueling your body with appropriate foods for your fitness journey.

Another important part of keeping up with your goals while you’re on vacation is to stay hydrated. Too often we forget how important our daily water intake is. The great thing about your travel plans; outdoor activities or relaxing in the sun, is that they will most likely require you to stay hydrated during your trip. Bringing a water bottle with you so you don’t fall behind on your water intake can be extremely helpful. I suggest keeping bottles of water in your hotel refrigerator so you always have one to grab on the go. By finishing a 1, 16oz water bottle every hour you’re crushing your water intake for the day! Along with that by drinking water consistently you’re avoiding dehydration, maintaining gut health, eliminating water retention, and offering your body continuous energy for all of your activities.

Part 3- Staying Active While You Travel
This may be my favourite part of helping vacationers with their best-self journey! There are unlimited ways to keep up with your exercise while away. If your physique goals are important to you, you will find the time to put aside each day to not lose traction on what you are trying to accomplish.

If your hotel has a gym (and most do), then use it! Put aside 30 minutes when you wake up in the morning to crush the workouts on your plan with the equipment available to you. If you are like me and fitness makes up the majority of your daily life, I suggest finding a local gym, especially in a new country! I’ve personally found inspiration by working out in local gyms around the world and immersing myself in their gym culture. You’ll also be supporting a business in a place you enjoy travelling to, and may even make some local like-minded friends.

If your vacation lands you in a place like Disney World wear your step tracker and I guarantee you’ll surpass your daily goal without even realizing it.

If your hotel doesn’t have a gym it’s not a problem at all! You will most likely have an idea before travelling where you are staying, so if a gym isn’t available then that is where your preparation will come into play. Resistance Bands are a great tool while you travel and fit into any backpack or suitcase without taking up space for your other adventure belongings. If you have a coach have them put together a quick and simple circuit using bodyweight and your resistance bands that can be completed in your room or outside on the beach during sunrise.

Finally, my favourite way to personally get in my fitness while I’m away is by utilizing the area I’ve travelled to. If you are on a beach in Aruba or Miami then use it to your advantage. Go for a run in the beautiful white sands to start your day and take in the amazing ocean views alongside you. If you are in the mountains go for a hike with your family, where even in the winter snow sports will have your heart rate up and keep your body moving. If you’re venturing to a city as wild as Las Vegas you can ride a bike down The Strip, getting in cardio before your day has even begun.

Part 4- Enjoy Your Life and Fitness Accomplishments
Keeping up with our goals for our health and wellness is extremely important. Practising healthy eating habits while you’re outside of your home, and not missing crucial days of exercise are both doable if you’re determined to live a happy, healthy lifestyle. You want to return home from vacation motivated and feeling that you not only obtained the relaxation you needed, but you also didn’t lose the hard work you had been putting in prior.

Enjoying your life with loved ones and experiencing the world around you is just as important as accomplishing the goals you have set for yourself. We are all given an amount of time in our lives to truly live it, and being afraid to have a meal with your family or travel to a new country with your friends isn’t only hindering a healthy mindset but takes away from a full, enjoyable life.

Finding a realistic balance when it comes to your fitness goals and desired lifestyle is key to being successful. You have the ability to put aside a few minutes a day for your exercise, and you have the knowledge to make healthy decisions when it comes to your eating habits. You also have the tools to enjoy your favourite destinations around the world while not losing all of the hard work you’ve been putting in from home. Give yourself a few guidelines to stick with while you are away; drinking water throughout the day, find a way for daily exercise and being mindful of healthier food options, and you will be unstoppable! Remember… Fitness + Travel = A Happier, Healthier, YOU!

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