Mallory Dougoud


As an online coach, I hear this ALL the time. “I just want toned muscle. I don’t want to be bulky.” Well, if I’m being honest, “tone muscle” doesn’t translate. You either have muscle or you don’t. You either build muscle or you lose muscle.

In terms of training, you build muscle or achieve “toned muscle” by having a well-balanced program designed with your specific goals in mind. I do understand that many women don’t want to be “bulky”. They want nice “toned” muscle. Trust me when I say that “bulk” muscle is hard to achieve as a female, so babygirl, that’s not even in the equation.

You want to have a well-balanced physique, snatched waist, rounded shoulders and tight glutes? Lift weights. And you can go heavy. Bulking vs leaning out refers to your nutritional calories. Not, lifting heavy vs. bodyweight training.

“Toning” doesn’t mean prioritizing cardio, HIIT classes, and shorter rest times only to burn calories. Burning calories does not equate to building muscle. Lifting weights, resistance training, and clean eating are all necessary to achieve a well-balanced physique.

My Made By Mal“Build X Bold” ebook is a 4-week program designed to give you that well-balanced physique through weight training. Check out this one and others here.

Not your leanest? Not your strongest? Not your most shredded? Or maybe you are… Only you know where your progress lies.

However, this should be the most confident you have ever felt in your own skin. Whether you were at your leanest and proud of your body‘s progression or this is not your most shredded look but you know how to get there because you’ve done it before.

Love your body. Be kind to yourself. Allow yourself to be confident in every phase of your journey.

We have all faced the facts. I am currently in the middle of mine and it’s a struggle to get back. But you do find a new appreciation in your journey. Your goals are never linear. Highs and lows occur but it’s constant growth and pursuit of the best version of you!

Self-worth is not defined by the scale, body fat, strength, etc. But the confidence in your own skin. Confidence transfers to others. Be proud babe! Love your body. Be kind to yourself. Allow yourself to be confident in every phase of your journey.

I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.” – @michaeljordan

How To Make Progress:

  • Don’t Quit
    It’s not easy, motivation comes and goes, the body gets tired and will go through different phases. Stick to it. Keep pushing. There are levels to this.
  • Struggles Are Normal
    No one has had an easy ride. We all face our own storms. You’re not alone in that. That’s why it’s called a “Fitness Journey”.
  • Practice Good Habits Daily
    Take it one day at a time. Set small realistic goals for yourself each week. Then add to it. Get in the habit of getting into and sticking to a routine.
  • Create Momentum
    Remember that feeling of losing your first 5 lbs. Hang tight onto that. Wake up and decide that you will have a good training session, eat according to your plan, and drink your water. Celebrate those small wins.
  • Do What You Enjoy
    Why do a diet you hate? Why do a certain style for training that you dread? Find a diet that you can stick to and enjoy. Discover new ways to work out and commit to it.
And I should listen to you because….

My first job was as a hostess at Lonestar steakhouse. I worked there for about three years before going off to college. In college, I worked at Victoria’s Secret working my way up the ladder in retail to become district manager at Vanity (similar Buckle Stores) at 23 years old. At 26 I started Made By Mal and at 27 Made By Mal: Online Coaching.

Don’t feel a failure – embrace the journey.

It was probably the scariest thing I’ve ever done. Fully relying on myself for my own income and resources. But it’s also been the most rewarding. I’ve never had a business coach, I’m not entrepreneurial mindset. It’s been a lot of trial and error but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Made by Mal is still on the rise thanks to all of you. I threw myself into this business and have been forced to level up. A huge barrier myself was “Fear of Failure”. Going out and promoting myself and my business on social media only for it to come to nothing. Focusing on the what if’s and what could go wrong instead of what if it went right. Life in any capacity is never linear. You live, you take risks, you win, you fail, and you learn. Don’t feel a failure – embrace the journey. Worrying about what people will think, it’s ridiculous. I have more respect for people that are trying than those that are sitting on the sidelines. I have more empathy for those that have tried and failed than people who don’t believe in you. You won’t always have a cheerleader. You won’t always have support. It’s just you and your journey. You got this babe!

Photo By: SOF Fitography