Christina Larson


I have always been a ‘stages of life’ personal trainer. I’ve seen many of my clients go through high school, college, adulting, marriage, and raising kids. This relationship is strong and real.

In January 2020, the pandemic caused a lot of confusion and was the cause of a lot of change. My job became even more important because it’s my job to care about the health of others and it became a 24/7 job. This has continued for 2 years and now the second wind of those who had not been affected originally are beginning to be affected. As a gym owner, it was crucial to keep the gym sanitized by wiping down all the equipment and putting a lot of focus on keeping the gym extra clean. Of course, with it being hard to find all the necessary cleaning equipment, it was necessary to find more cost-effective alternatives. We also have clients clean their hands and shoes before they begin their workout.

When we shut down for 3 months, I took the high road and paid my staff and not myself. I focused on organizing my business to perfection, remodelling the gym and my business model. It was hard to keep all the trainers and we did lose some along the way, but this was to be expected during such a busy and stressful time. Other gyms were losing a lot of clients, but I was training them virtually and making sure they weren’t losing themselves. Each week I was educating trainers and clients virtually which forced me to get creative with my workouts. I rocked free creative cardio on Facebook live to keep my energy up and positive, which led to people wanting more. So, I created a creative cardio subscription! Click here for your monthly creative cardio.

I’m grateful that all my clients that were exposed to Covid came out well. New clients are trickling in, having achy joints, being depressed, and struggling with weight. The energy it took to keep up with taking care of all my clients can not be described. I look back on those two years and I see that I had made myself too vulnerable and this caused many to take advantage of me. I thank God that I have relationships that are strong and people that will ride with me no matter how bumpy it gets. To name a few: Ethan, who has worked here for 6 years and has made his way up from a gym associate and is now a personal trainer/manager. Mary Jo, my best friend and also a client since 2006. My grandma, friends, and many clients stuck with me the whole way.

I’m so grateful that they have continued to train whether it be virtually or in person! Today we run this business off of 6 very trusted employees. We would love to open the door to more qualified individuals, but with the higher expectations on sanitation, organization, qualifications, kind and passionate personalities, we will not settle for anything that doesn’t meet these qualifications. The future is certain when you work next to people that care about each other from the team to the clients! We continue to rock and “help one person at a time live a healthy life”.

The holiday season is a time of celebration and festivities reminiscent of your childhood. Unfortunately, the routines you have adopted during the holiday season probably aren’t the healthiest. This holiday season takes charge of your health and celebrates with your friends and family the ‘fitness way’.

Of course, it’s illogical to expect you to be able to make it through the holiday season without making any unhealthy decisions (unless you want to), but I can certainly give you tips to help you build up a good foundation.

  1. Small Plates! Don’t go back for seconds with family meals, but do have a meal again 2 or 3 hours later that is SMALL!
  2. Meal Prep! Prepare all your meals for the week before the week actually starts. It’s much easier to eat healthy when you have already prepared healthy meals for yourself!
  3. Walk! Walk after meals to burn those excess calories. If you already walk, walk more and don’t just do the walking you do normally!
  4. Keep Lifting! Lifting is how you build muscle. If you are not working out at least 3x a week, it’s not enough! If you do more than 3x a week, make sure it’s a split workout.
  5. Hydrate! Personally, I have a reasonably sized water bottle in which I try to finish drinking 5 times.
  6. Wear tight pants to parties… 😉
  7. Set Goals!
  8. Balance! Don’t be that person who has to set goals in January because of bad health decisions this year! Be that person already working to accomplish their goals in January!
  9. Hire a Trainer! Sometimes it’s hard to get motivated to be healthy, especially during the holiday season. Having someone who wants you healthy is extremely efficient in terms of motivating you and forcing you to be active.
  10. Enjoy Yourself! Enjoy friends and family and have a wonderful holiday season. However, don’t let them pressure you into habits that you have made a commitment to change.

Now, if you want more tips, please comment! I have been doing personal training since 2001 and have been an athlete since my childhood. Love helping one person at a time live a healthy life!

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Photo By: Meredith Dubill