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This is the ultimate question we’re all trying to find the answer to. This includes an infinite number of sub-questions like:

  • How long do I work out?
  • What and when do I eat?
  • How much protein should I consume?
  • Will carbs make me fat?
  • What’s a “healthy” fat and “bad” fat?

So where does one even start? Just opening the doors into the fitness abyss can be extremely intimidating to people. This alone is the reason why many don’t start a fitness regime, to begin with. It also doesn’t help when mainstream media demonizes a particular diet strategy one day and then praises it the next. First fats are bad, then fats are good, then carbs are bad, then carbs are good. Who else has witnessed this lunacy?

The truth is, none of that matters until we master the basics of what it takes to make sustainable change. All of the other information knowledge can be acquired along the journey. We must learn to crawl before we can walk, let alone run.

So what’s the secret? Drumroll, please!

Results come from a little word called… HABITS!

Probably not what you were expecting but let me explain.

Let’s say you have a habit of sleeping in. This prevents you from getting up on time to make breakfast and get in a 30–60-minute workout before your family wakes up and work starts. This leads to stopping at McDonald’s for a calorie-dense breakfast sandwich and a coffee.

Since you slept in, I bet you didn’t pack a lunch for yourself either. This means you either ate out again for lunch or you didn’t eat at all. Then you get home from work where you binge-eat 2 plates of food for dinner, watch some TV in a food-induced coma, then go to bed because you feel “tired”. Then the cycle repeats itself the following day.

Changing habits never ends. We must continue to adapt them as our life changes. I’m constantly taking an honest look into my own life to see what habits I can tweak to improve my results, career, relationships, and life.

Scenarios like that are extremely common. Now, what if we just tweaked that habit of sleeping in?

Now you got your butt out of bed on time. Giving yourself the ability to eat breakfast and get in some focused exercise. Even if the rest of the day is EXACTLY the same, I can guarantee you that a small adjustment will result in a positive change in body composition and energy levels. This will also increase your confidence in yourself, giving you a feeling of achievement, while improving your work and home life. This little adjustment over time also resulted in a healthier immune system and increased your time on this planet with your kids, spouse, family, etc.

Now let’s tweak the habit of wasting time watching TV after dinner so you can make lunch for the following day. Now we just furthered your results while saving your hard-earned income from spending money out at lunchtime.

Do you see how changing these small habits can create such a dramatic change in our lives? We tend to get complacent and accept the way we are even when we don’t necessarily like it. Some of us suffer day in and day out with how we feel about ourselves not realizing that we are unknowingly doing it to ourselves.

Full disclosure, I had the habit of sleeping in. I made the excuse that “I train better mid-day” so I would sleep in. I would get to the gym late, and arrive home 3 hours later, giving me less time to focus on my clients, business, and book sales (The Good, The Bad and The Heavy–The Bold Truth About Bodybuilding), missed meals and anxiety from falling behind on work.

As a result, my relationship with my wife suffered because I was consistently falling behind on work, my clients weren’t getting the attention they deserved, my income was declining my training was rushed and of poor quality and my mental health was taking a major decline.

For me to change the habit of sleeping in, I did two things:

  • I now leave my phone in the office and out of the bedroom at night. This separates me from all distractions away while falling asleep resulting in higher quality rest.
  • I moved my alarm clock to the other end of the bedroom. Now I have to get out of bed and walk across the room to turn it off. This prevents me from hitting the snooze button. Now since I’m already on my feet, I have no excuse to get back into bed (Even though I really want to).

These little changes have not only resulted in improved training quality, but increased book sales, more lives being changed through Ironmind Fitness, massively improved training quality and meal adherence, and an even stronger relationship with my wife.

We cannot underestimate the power of habits. Habits have the power to pull us back or slingshot us forward towards our goals. They can create an environment of despair and shorten life spans or build an unshakable empire and longevity.

It’s time for honest self-reflection. Which habits are working for you and which are working against you? Once you are isolated and change the habits that are working against you, you’ll find your fitness results, happiness, confidence, and a whole new life waiting to embrace you.


Success is a journey fraught with challenges and obstacles, and one of the most significant challenges we face is the pain that accompanies our pursuit of greatness. Whether you’re striving for fitness goals, career aspirations, or personal growth, pain is an inevitable companion on your path to success.

Pain comes in various forms–Physical, emotional, and mental. In fitness and achieving fitness goals, it’s essential to distinguish between pain which is a sign of progress and pain that signals potential harm. Muscular soreness and fatigue are common in exercise and indicate that you are pushing your body to adapt and grow. This type of pain is often a sign of positive progress.

However, there is also a type of pain that is a warning sign, such as sharp, stabbing pain or joint discomfort. This kind of pain should never be ignored and requires appropriate rest, and in some cases, medical attention. It is crucial to differentiate between productive discomfort and detrimental pain.

Muscular soreness and fatigue are common in exercise and indicate that you are pushing your body to adapt and grow. This type of pain is often a sign of positive progress.

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from adversity, adapt to challenging situations, and persist in facing difficulties. It is the mental and emotional strength that allows us to push through pain and continue our journey towards success. Here is why resilience is crucial:

  • Overcoming Plateaus: In fitness and many other areas of life, plateaus are inevitable. These are the periods when progress seems to stall, and frustration sets in. Resilience enables you to keep pushing, experiment with new strategies, and break through these periods.
  • Embracing Failures: Failure is a part of any success story. When you encounter setbacks or fall short of your goals, resilience helps you view these experiences as an opportunity to learn and grow rather than as a barrier that’s impossible to cross.
  • Building mental toughness: Pain, whether physical or emotional, can be mentally challenging. Resilience strengthens your mental toughness, allowing you to endure discomfort and keep moving in a positive direction—the direction of progress.
  • Maintaining Consistency: Success depends on consistency. Resilience helps you stay committed to your goals even when the initial excitement fades, and the path becomes dark and tough.

Remember that pain, in its various forms, is a natural and essential part of the journey. By developing resilience, you not only endure the discomfort but also thrive in the face of adversity. Embrace the challenges, stay focused, and never underestimate the power of yourself. In the end, it is your resilience that will help you reach the pinnacle of success.

Showing up for yourself is an important aspect of personal growth and development. It means taking responsibility for your own well-being and committing to your goals, even when it’s difficult or uncomfortable. Whether it’s in your personal or professional life, showing up for yourself can have a profound impact on your success and happiness.

When you show up for yourself, you are demonstrating self-respect and self-care. This means prioritizing your needs and taking actions that are aligned with your values and goals. By doing so, you are sending a message to yourself and others that you are worthy of respect and that your goals and important.

Showing up for yourself also means taking ownership of your mistakes and failures. Rather than blaming external factors or others, you acknowledge your role in the situation and use it as an opportunity for growth and learning. This kind of self-reflection and accountability can lead to greater resilience and self-confidence.

Showing up for yourself also means taking ownership of your mistakes and failures.

Another benefit of showing up for yourself is that it can help you build trust and confidence in yourself. When you commit to your goals and follow through with your actions, you demonstrate to yourself that you are capable and reliable. This can increase your self-esteem and make it easier to take on new challenges and pursue your aspirations.

Of course, showing up for yourself isn’t always easy. It requires discipline, courage, and a willingness to step outside of your comfort zone. However, the rewards are often worth the effort. By showing up for yourself, you can create a life that is more aligned with your values, passions, and purpose. You can also cultivate deeper relationships with others, as people are naturally drawn to those who are authentic and committed to their own growth.

Showing up for yourself is an important investment in your personal and professional growth. By prioritizing your needs and goals, taking responsibility for your mistakes, and building trust and confidence in yourself, you can create a life that is fulfilling and meaningful. Remember, the most important relationship you have is with yourself, and by showing up for yourself, you can strengthen that relationship and achieve your full potential.

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How have you heard these words like these come out of your mouth before?

  • “I’ll never get that”
  • “That’s impossible”
  • “I wish”
  • “If only I was that lucky”

These statements are the result of a lack of self-belief. Usually programmed into our minds at a young age from our closest social circles. Unfortunately, in most cases, from our parents. They weren’t able to believe that they could achieve, therefore, they instilled in us that we weren’t either.

This usually comes from a place of love because they don’t want us to feel the pain of failure and defeat (Which are necessary feelings that come along with the journey to success). However, because they were too weak to push through, doesn’t mean that you are. Never fall for this trap.

The human brain can be programmed in a very similar manner. In order to tear the post holding you down to the ground, you need to first believe that you can, and I promise you, YOU CAN!!

This concept is the same as the story of the elephant and the post. A human being can tie an elephant to a post so many times that the elephant learns that it won’t be able to move farther than the rope will allow. Eventually, we can tie this elephant to a small tree or bush and it won’t escape. Why?

Even though the elephant has immense power and strength to easily rip a small tree or bush out of the ground, it doesn’t believe that it can because its mind has been set to such a low standard that it won’t put in the slightest effort to attempt it anymore.

The human brain can be programmed in a very similar manner. In order to tear the post holding you down to the ground, you need to first believe that you can, and I promise you, YOU CAN!!

This is why listening and investing in successful mentors is incredibly important. In terms of taking your physical health to the next level, this means sacrificing what you need in order to hire a coach/mentor that has been down the path you wish to achieve and help you believe in yourself again.

If you want to succeed in any goals in your life, you must separate from those who don’t believe. Otherwise, we will constantly face the bombardment of their negativity and lack of self-belief only to hold our progress back. We must remove ourselves from any lack of belief and surround ourselves with those that know that the post is easily removable.

Success always starts with the mind. If you believe, you will succeed. There will be nothing stopping you from success, no matter how many posts try that try and keep you stationary.

As the health and fitness industry explodes, fitness/bodybuilding competitions are becoming increasingly more popular. The idea of looking and feeling like a modern-day Arnold Schwarzenegger feels exhilarating. Having minimal body fat, glistening skin, popping muscle bellies, and skyrocketing self-confidence is secretly the dream for the majority of people.

However, this God/Goddess-like feeling doesn’t come without its disadvantages. Like anything else in life, the universe requires equilibrium. This equilibrium comes in the form of sacrifice and these sacrifices must be thought about before pulling the trigger on living the extreme lifestyle of bodybuilding competition.

This industry requires an incredible amount of time. This time, for most, comes in double-digit numbers of years. This is just for the possibility to become successful. If patience isn’t your game, then you may be in for a big surprise. You need the time to prep your food and to keep your nutrition on point every day. Sacrificing date nights, family outings, and events become a regular occurrence. You’ll find yourself hauling your food and water everywhere you go, and every day is going to seem like Groundhog Day.

Success in bodybuilding, like anything else in life, will require sacrifice.

Only for the lucky few this industry can become monetarily rewarding. For 99.9% of everyone else, it’s nothing but a financial burden. The cost of food, travel, recovery, competitions, supplements, etc. can add up to tens of thousands of dollars extra per year.

Get ready to throw your fluffy pillow out of the window because comfort is going to be a thing of the past. Pushing the body to build muscle is painful. Dieting into the low single-digit body fat percentages is mentally and physically exhausting. Learning your body’s biomechanics and nutritional requirements is going to be a whole new world and developing new daily habits is going to change the entire way you live your life.

Taking all this into consideration, this is going to have a drastic impact on your romantic and personal relationships. Personally, this industry has been the demise of many relationships because the sacrifices required don’t fit the traditional agenda. It’s very rare to see a relationship last when one person is in the industry and the other is not. It’s unfortunate, but it’s true.

Success in bodybuilding, like anything else in life, will require sacrifice. That comes in forms like time, finances, relationships, comfort, patience, etc. We all need to be aware of the potential downsides this industry can dish out in order to help combat them. Like scheduling dates, improving time management, and organization, becoming more financially responsible, etc. With some little tricks and time, it can become easier to live this extreme life.

The only person stopping you is you. Be willing and prepared to sacrifice what you must to succeed. If you’re not, that’s understandable as well because it’s not easy. However, we cannot expect reward if sacrifices are not made

We all know what comfort feels like. It’s that extra 5 minutes in bed you squeeze in after you’ve hit the snooze button for the 3rd time. It’s sitting on the couch after a hard day of work, watching your favourite show, and ordering in your over-priced, calorically dense dinner for the 3rd time this week. It’s repeatedly complaining about the job you hate but not doing anything about it because it’s easier to do the job you already know how to do. It’s hating what you look like in the mirror on a daily basis but continue to live the same way.

Comfort feels amazing because it’s easy. It’s easy to order. It’s easy to sit on the couch and watch Netflix after work. It’s easy to sleep in. However, that euphoric, dopamine-filled rush that comforts pumps through our veins is exactly what’s preventing us from improving our lives.

It’s hard to quit the job you hate because it’s stable and safe. You know how much income is coming in and when it’s going to be there. Sometimes it’s hard to cook a healthier, cost friendlier meal after a hard day of work. Sometimes it’s hard to get up earlier in the morning to go to a fitness class or hit the gym. It’s hard because it’s new. It’s hard because new is difficult. It’s hard because difficult sometimes hurts.

Tibetan Monks have a saying “Life in pain”. This pain is what I’m speaking about. The pain of growth. In order it lives the life we desire; we must grow through pain to flourish. No pain, no reward.

The truth of the matter is the uncomfortable, difficult and sometimes painful feeling is exactly what we need to succeed and grow. That’s the magic ingredient to success in any area of our lives.

Most of us know how to ride a bike but it took practice. It took a few good falls, some blood, and maybe a broken bone or two to get the hang of things. It was difficult and painful. However, now we can ride a bike without thinking about it. This is the reward we get for enduring the pain of learning and growing.

Tibetan Monks have a saying “Life in pain”. This pain is what I’m speaking about. The pain of growth. In order it lives the life we desire; we must grow through pain to flourish. No pain, no reward.

This means if you want to change your body, you must go through the pain of not hitting the snooze butting in the morning. You must feel the lava-like burning sensation in your muscles as you work out. This requires the pain of prepping your food for the next day before you go to bed so have proper nutrition for the next day. This requires deleting any food ordering apps from your phone and learning new habits just like you’ve learned how to ride a bike.

Will you fail a few times, absolutely? Just like how you fell off that bicycle but with time, it will continue to become easier until it’s your new comfortable position. You think the feeling of comfort feels amazing, try the feeling of reward when you hit a goal you’ve been painfully working towards. That rush is one hundred times more powerful.

Time to decide. To challenge yourself and grow or to continue to live the same way until the end of your days. Let the pain of growth begin.

Photo By: Sean Davidoff

Lifting weight has come a long way over the years. From archaically lifting the biggest stones we could find to deadlifting with steel weights that have been calibrated with absolute precision. Yet, one question has remained. How much weight do we need to lift to gain the most amount of muscle?

It isn’t a secret that lifting weights can take its toll on the body. Especially, when we turn our modern logical brain off, our caveman thought processes on, and toss around the largest amount of weight around possible. This can lead to joint problems, torn tendons, broken bones, herniated disks, etc.

I’m not going to lie, I have done all of these. I was forced to learn and adapt in order to give myself longevity in the lifting game. To my surprise, I am now gaining MORE muscle than ever before.

Here are 3 ways to pack on that muscle mass while significantly preventing injury:

  • Control The Tempo

I’m not talking about shaking your hips to the tunes blaring through your headphones. I’m talking about the speed at which you lift and lower your weights. For example, you may be able to bench press 225lbs for 10 reps. However, you’ll likely only be able to do 3 – 4 repetitions if I tell you to take 3 seconds to lift the weight and 5 seconds to lower it.

The loss of momentum forces maximum resistance onto the muscle tissues, activating more muscle fibres which result in increased muscle growth

  • Isoholds

An isohold is when you hold the weight/resistance in a static position for a predetermined amount of time. For example, if you’re performing a bicep curl, hold one arm at a 90-degree angle while performing 5 repetitions with the other arm then immediately swap arms until you complete your designated repetitions.

This will increase the time under tension of the muscle required less weight to push the muscle to the max.

  • Decreasing Rest Times

The muscle requires adequate rest in order to recover between sets to perform at its max. When we shorten the rest time the muscle requires to recover, we can reduce the weight needed to push the muscle beyond its limits. This will achieve massive progress while significantly reducing injury.

If we want longevity in the sport, and life in general, we must train smarter. We have access to an unbelievable amount of information that can help keep us safe to enjoy one of the greatest sports on earth. Time to utilize it and become the best version of ourselves possible without ending up injured.

Photo By: Sean Davidoff

When we think about investments, we usually automatically jump to stock markets, cryptocurrencies or RRSPs. Health is usually the last thing that we think of as an investment.

Why do most of the society continue to put their health on the back burner? We’re more inclined to spend 40 dollars ordering Skip the Dishes three times a week than using that income on nutrition that will provide a true benefit to our health.

So how is our health investment and how do we measure the gains or losses?

First, when we’re ignoring the signs of poor health, our quality of life slowly descends until we find ourselves in the depths of chronic illness and depression. We’re sitting in a constant state of fatigue and anxiety. We become short-tempered and impatient. Our recovery is poor, motivation is nowhere to be found, and any light has incredible difficulty breaking through the thickness of our brain fog.

Let’s take a moment and imagine how all of this is negatively affecting our lives. If we’re falling into illness on a consistent basis, we’re likely having to take time off work to recover. This means a decrease in income and those losses quickly add up.

If we’re feeling like a sundried cow patty on a consistent basis, our patience is thinner than tooth floss and the slightest inconvenience will send us into a mental tailspin. Think about how this affects our relationships. Do you think our friends, family or spouse is going to want to deal with that kind of attitude? A divorce or a broken relationship is going to cost a heck of a lot more than taking proper care of our health.

The single most important thing in life is your HEALTH.  IF you are going to invent in one thing, this is it.

How about our professional relationships? Do you think potential customers, clients, business partners, etc. want to be in business with an individual with high anxiety, brain fog, impatience, a short temper and a lack of motivation? It’s highly unlikely.

The negative ramifications are massive when we put our health on the back burner. Now this is where we can see the enormous ROI investing in our health can give us.

Less time off work from illness means minimal income loss. Increased self-esteem, confidence and lowered stress result in healthier and happier personal relationships. A clear mind, decrease anxiety, increased patience and motivation, givingusthe ability to significantly increase our potential for a raise, a promotion or to sign that whale of a client. Again, leading to increased income. With that new income you could dramatically influence your other monetary investments.

Like all other investments, investing in your health is a long-term game. We likely won’t see an immediate return but with time, the compounded returns are gargantuan. It makes you think a little bit differently about hiring a trainer or coach, like myself, for only ameasly few hundred dollars a month.

Without health, all the money in the world is worthless. Without health, our love dies. Without health, our positive impact on the world vanishes. It’s time to rethink how we view our bodies and health.

If we want to simultaneously level up in all areas of our life, we must start at the source and that source is US.

We needed off the last article on a very controversial topic. My mind was fighting between whether I stick to my beliefs and sacrifice my career or risk my health by taking the experimental Covid-19 vaccine?

After many emotional nights with my wife and some deep thought, the decision was made to proceed with my career and get the vaccination. I’ve worked too hard to get where I’m at to be strong-armed into losing it all. So now that is done, time to let it be the past and stay focused on the future.

Unfortunately, the path forward didn’t last long. I need up in Urgent Care 7 days after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine with chest pains. They started out light and hardly noticeable. Day after day, the pains continued to worsen. They reach the point where the shooting pains were taking my breath away. I was hooked up to ECG machines, had X-rays and so much blood work done. I was surprised I didn’t need a transfusion.

Although we had a little speed bump, we’re more focused than ever. There is a job that needs to be done and we’re working every day to make sure we make it happen. I’m noticing daily changes in my body composition, which is substantially helping with my motivation and pushing through the tough moments during this contest prep.

All the results came back as inconclusive and nothing wrong was found with my cardiovascular system. This, of course, was relieving news, however frustrating considering the circumstances of the situation. Since then, the chest pains have dissipated and now we’re back training to full intensity.

Although we had a little speed bump, we’re more focused than ever. There is a job that needs to be done and we’re working every day to make sure we make it happen. I’m noticing daily changes in my body composition, which is substantially helping with my motivation and pushing through the tough moments during this contest prep. Like dragging my butt out of bed in the morning to do an hour of fasted cardio or eating the same plain meals day in and day out. I’m starting to become ravenous between meals and I am having to spread them further and further apart in order to maintain some kind of satiety throughout the day.

This is starting to play its toll. The physical and mental stress of controlled starvation aka contest prep is quickly wearing me down. I couldn’t attend my family’s Thanksgiving dinner this year. One of many sacrifices that must be made during contest prep. My grandparent hosted the dinner and was leaving for Arizona soon after the gathering. Unfortunately, I was unable to see them before they left. Yet another sacrifice that had to be made for my success.

Surprisingly, they weren’t disappointed. They told me that after reading my book (The Good, The Bad, And The Heavy–The Bold Truth About Bodybuilding) that they completely understood why I couldn’t come. Experiencing that moment alone was worth publishing the book.

The relationship between my wife and me is starting to become divided. She is prepping for the same show as I am, and it’s most certainly challenging the strength of our relationship. We’re both quickly becoming increasingly more exhausted by each passing day. Our patience, even with the smallest of things, is becoming more fragile than my grandmother’s china.

Our conversations have become short with little to no emotion. We’re both starving and living in a constant state of unease. Both of us can see that one of our emotional rubber bands is about to snap. We haven’t been on a date for months. Between the amount of training, cardio, careers, food prep and exhaustion, we haven’t been able to spend any quality time together. With the persistent, almost permanent, state of exhaustion, both of our sex drives have completely tanked and we haven’t been able to have any intimacy for weeks.

As you can see, if either one of us wasn’t involved in the industry to understand exactly how it feels physically and emotionally through a high-end contest prep, how it can easily turn the strongest relationship into dust. I have become now become exhausted to the point that I have never felt before and the concern for my physical health is crossing my mind.

I have now pushed my body beyond its limits and it’s starting to shut down. I’ve crashed. With only 6 weeks left, what do I do now?

Out of a 16-week prep, I can’t believe we’ve already created the 6-week mark. This must be one of the fastest preps that I’ve ever been through, but I can’t say that it hasn’t had its challenges.

In the previous article, I, unfortunately, had to return my sleep apnea machine which dramatically affected the quality of my sleep and recovery. I was waking up multiple times a night leaving me feeling hungover in the morning. I was becoming moody, impatient, and the smallest things were getting under my skin.

I was getting worried that it was going to affect my prep. In the long term, it most certainly would have, however, I was only without the machine for a week as I was able to source another machine. We’re back getting high-quality sleep and my recovery has improved dramatically. Problem Solved.

The first week without a cheat meal is always the most difficult but once that’s conquered, the cravings tend to calm down significantly or until you drive by a McDonalds and smell the french fries in the air.

We’ve dropped some calories from the diet and now I can really start to feel the depletion of prep. Energy is becoming low, memory is becoming affected. I’m needing more and more motivation to complete even the smallest of tasks like putting the dishes away or even showering.

All my cheat meals have been pulled and we are now only refeeding when absolutely necessary. The first week without a cheat meal is always the most difficult but once that’s conquered, the cravings tend to calm down significantly or until you drive by a McDonalds and smell the french fries in the air.

A few interesting things are starting to happen. First, I’m finding myself licking the tablespoon of peanut butter that I get before bed more and more hoping the peanut butter will magically reappear. Also, the other day I went to pour myself a glass of water but instead of pouring the water into a glass, I poured it into my bowl of food. This is what’s called “Prep Brain”. It usually doesn’t hit me until 2-3 weeks out of the contest but apparently, Christmas came early this year.

My wife is competing at the same show I am. When two people in a relationship are prepping together, things can get a little dicey. Mostly because everyone is hungry, tired, depleted, and grumpy and any little thing can throw someone into a fit. However, we’re good so far, so let’s keep this up.

I’m noticing that I’m starting to separate myself from the world. I get up, train, come home, work and sleep. I don’t want to do anything else. I’m cancelling or denying plans with friends and family just because I want to stay focused. Also, I don’t want to see or smell food that’s not on my plan. That makes prep life so much more difficult. I find it easier to tell everyone that I’m not available for a couple of months until prep is over and then safely re-introduce myself into society again.

We ran into a major issue now. Of course, if it’s not one thing, it’s another. Canada just announced that no citizen is allowed to travel via air, rail, or boat without being fully vaccinated. We’re also not allowed to attend large events without the vaccinations.

This means that as a healthy male with a strong immune system, who’s recovered from covid twice, that has strong natural anti-bodies, in an age group that’s a very low risk, I must make a major decision. Choose between losing the career that I’ve spent 31 years building or taking an experimental vaccine that I don’t need.

The stress in this decision is unbearable. This is a decision that I never thought I would need to make. I don’t mention this to cause debate or ruffle feathers. I only mention it because it’s the truth and it’s what I’m currently facing along with millions of others.

So time to decide. Do I stick to my beliefs and sacrifice my career, or do I get the vaccination and risk my health?


Photo By: Sean Davidoff