Benny Benaroch


A common issue I see amongst clients is rushing the numbers. What I mean by that is people have a bad habit of wanting to see the weight go down quickly on the scale when they are trying to lose weight. From personal experience, this leads to failure.

Before even starting your weight loss journey you have to accept the lifestyle change that comes with it. You have to process that is the way you’ll have to continue to live in order to keep maintain your weight and health.

Do you see yourself living like this for more than 12 weeks? Are you going to keep up with your nutrition and exercise? If you’re ready to commit and take care of yourself then go for it. If this is the way you’d like to live then why are you stuck on those numbers.  It’s not a weekly race, it’s not a competition. Every day you’re improving yourself and you’re better than yesterday. Enjoy the process of how far you’ve come. Whether you lost 1 or 3 lbs does it really matter. If this is for life, then why should you be disappointed if it’s not enough.

If you’re doing it right the weight will always come off. Don’t lose sight of all the other positives around it. Don’t put pressure on yourself. Don’t compare yourself to others. You’re putting in the effort and doing your best. You’re becoming the best version of yourself and that’s what matters most.

A great piece of advice that I can give to everyone is to set weekly challenges. Asides from wanting the number on the scale going down use other tools such as tracking your calories while working out. Try to outperform yourself and have something else to look forward to and keep you motivated. Try burning more calories while exercising and even tracking your heart rate. These are fun incentives my clients like to use, it definitely helps.

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A common question I get asked is: “How do I get my clients to stay committed and motivated?”

My answer is always the same, RESULTS! When you see your hard work pay off, it’s definitely much easier to follow a meal plan and stay consistent with working out. This is what ultimately gets my clients to reach their goals. Any new client I meet, the first thing I mention is don’t cheat! I put a lot of emphasis on that because I know if they cheat, they don’t lose and don’t see results. That leads to failure and quitting! As clients stay committed and see results, then that’s how they stay motivated, on track and hungry for more.

You can have the best program and meal plan out there but without commitment and motivation, it’s just a piece of paper.

From the way they feel and look, their health improving, confidence is higher, clothes fit better and so much more! When you stay committed and all these great things start to happen then you stay motivated! Allow yourself to get to this point, it’s not an easy journey but keep reminding yourself why you started and acknowledge all these small goals you’re accomplishing along the way! Are my clients perfect? No! Do some cheat and give up? Yes! My duty as their trainer is to get them back on track and stay focused on their goals! Using positive reinforcement, reminding them how far they’ve come, supporting and listening to them. Using all tools I possibly can to spark the motivation once again!