Jennifer Nicole Lee is, yet again, making history. As our only ever 3X cover model, JNL is setting the bar for celebrity fitness models the world over. And this cover couldn’t have gone to a more deserving woman.  JNL is more than a beautiful person with an inspiring story: she is a business mogul; a brand; a movement. She is a mother, speaker, author, model, actress… She is inspiring to everyone who meets her. But more than that, Jennifer Nicole Lee is a REAL person. Down to earth, compassionate, kind, understanding. She knows what rock bottom feels like because she once lived there. She understands shame, pain, heartache, and embarrassment. She understands not being happy in her own body.


JNL has been a friend of Status since day one. After meeting Editor-in-Chief Rodney Jang at the 2007 Arnold Classic, this iconic beauty stood out in the crowd, and we knew she had to be on the inaugural cover.  Fast forward to 2015 and here we are again, celebrating her third cover. With an energy that is simply contagious, this woman is not showing ANY signs of slowing down!

AB: Congratulations on cover number three, Jennifer! How does it feel?
JNL: Thank you! It feels so good; I am so excited about reconnecting with my Status family and fans!

AB: You’re an icon in the fitness industry in so many ways. A published author, fitness guru, actress, cover model and so much more. How did it all start? What prompted you to brand yourself and completely change your life’s direction?
JNL: I had three pregnancies; I lost one and then had my two boys, Jaden and Dylan. Someone took a Polaroid of me. It was awful. I was out of shape physically but it was so much darker than that. I was so unhappy. It was a really bad time in my life. I decided that I didn’t want to feel that way. I wanted to prove to the world that I could be a mom and have a rock-hard body.  So I did what many women do: I over-exercised and under-ate. I lost over 80 pounds. And guess what? I was still unhappy. I was skinny. And I felt weak. I wanted to be sexy strong – not skinny. So I started reading. I had never worked out, so I poured myself into learning about it. It was an art form for me.

AB: And how long did it take for you to see the results you wanted?
JNL: Well, the first three months, nothing really happened. I didn’t see any changes at all. At that point, I thought ‘Well, I can either give up or just keep plugging away at this.’ And I did. I put everything into this; I really looked inside myself and just went for it.  It was honestly more of a health decision than anything else. I just wasn’t happy. I would look at my before photo and think ‘I’m not going back there.’

AB: Who was your biggest inspiration at that time in your life? Who inspires you now?
JNL: Jane Fonda! I loved what she was about. She empowered women, and I did her workouts at home. She was strong and I loved that.  Then there’s Madonna: I love Madonna because she’s just herself. She’s totally unapologetic.  So many people: Tony Robbins, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Donald Trump – he really tells it like it is. And of course, I was always inspired by Bob Kennedy.


AB: It’s now your turn – you inspire, empower and educate others every single day. How do you stay positive, day in and day out?
JNL: You know, people think I have a magic wand or something.  But I have four important basics that I go back to when things don’t seem to be going my way:

  1.  Always use the power of contrast: It might be a ‘bad’ day for me, but it could be so much worse. And so many people in the world are suffering much worse than I am.
  2. Is it life or death? If not, then it really doesn’t matter in the long term. In a couple of days, a month… it will be a distant memory.
  3. Practise gratitude. Every day. Always. I am always thankful for what I have, for the people and relationships that I have in my life. Always.
  4. Fans and people around me. I really feel a spiritual connection to so many of the people that I meet every day. I am so blessed to have these connections. I love that I can have those connections with people.

AB: Of all your roles, which is your favorite: model, author, actor, educator?
JNL: I would have to say Motivator. I like to wake people up – Jolt them! It’s Life Coaching – it’s so empowering. That’s why my newest project is called JOLT.  It’s, and it took over ten years to create, but I’m really excited about it.  You can get access to everything on one website! Videos, infomercials and so much more!

AB: You have competed in fitness contests in the past; what were your experiences like? What do you think of the process as a whole? Will you compete again?
JNL: I have done a lot of shows. I was really excited at first. But I’m the person that wants everybody to succeed. And the more shows I did, the more I saw the segregation between competitors. I thought ‘Why do we compete with each other?’ I wanted to be in a more non-judgmental community where we would empower and support one another.

As far as competing again goes, I really feel that it would be like I was rewinding my life. That was then, and I have so much more going on in my life. A good friend told me once, ‘Know when to close one door.’ And I’ve done that.

AB: What do your boys think of having a famous mom? What lessons do you think they’ve learned from your experiences?
JNL: They love our life. They know that I’m so much happier. They see it. What’s in the mind, your body will show. And they know that first-hand. I’m turning 40 in June and I’m so excited about it! Experience is the greatest teacher of all. And I love to continue to grow and learn, and I think they are learning that from me. The strongest muscle is the mind.

I like to teach them that your past does NOT equal your future. You have the power to change your circumstances. You can choose to be happy.

AB: What is your ultimate goal? Your dream?
JNL: I want to leave a legacy for women. Women are the most undervalued commodity in our world today. I want to teach women to be proud of the skin they’re in.


AB: What would you say to the overweight woman who is unhappy in her skin?
JNL: If you have failed, give yourself another chance.  Never give up. It’s worth it. It’s not easy but it pays off. Life is a journey to be enjoyed.  It’s a gift. And it’s up to you to plan your success.

AB: Thanks so much for your insight and amazing inspiration, Jennifer. Do you have anything in the works to tell our readers about?
JNL: Well, my 12th book is going to be out this fall – 12th! Can you imagine that?! And, as I mentioned my motivational website ‘Jolt of JNL’ is up and running and I’m so excited about it!

AB: We wish you the very best in all you’re doing Jennifer. Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us!
JNL: Thank you, Asha!


Leg day is a big one. You need to fuel properly to make sure you can push through those hard sets and rest up beforehand so you can effectively pour yourself into the iron…. There are no other workouts for which we plan ahead so diligently. Part of the reason that training legs take so much out of us is that it’s not just one muscle.  The quadriceps alone is made up of four different muscle groupings.  So when we have an epic leg workout, it’s pretty demanding, both physiologically and psychologically. Make the most of your leg day by hitting all four heads of the quads, and hitting them hard.

The quadriceps femoris is a large muscle group that includes four muscles on the front of the thigh (quads). The four muscles work together to extend at the knee, and they cover the front and sides of the thigh bone, or femur. The four heads of this muscle group include:

Rectus femoris 
This is the biggie. It is right in the middle of the thigh, and it covers the majority of the other three quadriceps muscles.  Its origin is the ilium (hip bone). Because of this attachment point, this muscle also assists in hip flexion.

The other three quad muscles lie deep to the rectus femoris (think ‘underneath’) and have their origins directly on the body of the femur:
Vastus lateralis is on the lateral side of the femur (outside of the thigh).
Vastus medialis is on the medial side of the femur (inside of the thigh).
Vastus intermedius lies between the lateralis and medialis muscles, also on the front of the femur.

All components of the quadriceps muscle insert into the tibial tuberosity of the lower leg (just below the kneecap).

Now that you have an understanding of where the muscles are and what they do, let’s have a look at four popular and effective quad exercises that you can implement into your training routine today!


There are several variations of this exercise, depending upon the particular machine that you have at your disposal.  But most variations follow the same process:

The Set-up:

  • Get into position by ensuring that your back is securely against the pad, your bottom is in the seat, and your feet are firmly planted on the foot plate.  Again, placing your feet in different positions and at different angles will activate the muscle fibres differently, so switch it up to really hit the quads.

The Movement:

  • Push the weight off the sled and un-latch the safeties.
  • Lower the sled toward you in a slow and controlled manner.
  • Ensure that your knees remain aligned with the middle of your feet at all times; don’t let the knees fall in.
  • Bring the weight down as far as you comfortably can, ensuring that your bottom remains on the seat and your back remains against the pad.
  • Pause for a moment before returning to the start position in a controlled fashion.
  • Avoid locking out the knees at the top of the movement.

The most common variation of the hack squat is the actual machine hack – and even within that, there are several different options. This is the exercise I will discuss here.

The Set-up:

  • Secure your back against the pad of the machine; maneuver yourself so that your shoulders rest underneath the machine’s shoulder pads.
  • Place your feet on the platform using a shoulder-width stance with the toes very slightly turned out.
  • Keeping your head up at all times will ensure that your back remains in a neutral (safe) position.

The Movement:

  • Holding the handles, shift your weight so that you can un-latch the safeties (depending upon the machine you use, you may need to move either up or down).
  • Start with straight legs (ensure knees are not locked out).
  • Keeping your back and glutes against the pad, begin by slowly bending your knees until your upper legs are just below parallel.
  • Ensure that your knees remain aligned with the middle of your feet at all times; don’t let the knees fall in.
  • Ensure that your knees do not fall forward over your toes, which can cause knee strain.
  • Pause for a moment before returning to the start position in a controlled fashion.
  • Avoid locking out the knees at the top of the movement.


The Set-up:

  • Adjust the back pad, ensuring that when you sit in the seat, it just touches the back of your knees, and your back and buttocks are touching the back of the seat.
  • Adjust the foot roller so that it is just above the ankle joint.
  • Adjust the thigh pad so it’s locking your legs in, without pain, and above the knee joint.

The Movement:

  • Holding the handles, bring your feet and lower legs straight up, as if to kick the ceiling.
  • Aim for straight legs without locking out the knees at the top.
  • Pause for a moment in the contraction; return slowly to the starting position, while keeping tension throughout the movement (do not drop the weight stack).

There are several variations to the Dumbbell lunge: Stationary, Reverse, Alternating and Walking.

We will discuss the Alternating lunge for the purpose of this article, but the exercise form itself is applicable to all variations.

The Set-up:
Stand straight with a dumbbell in each hand, hanging by your sides.

The Movement:

  • Step forward with your right foot. You want to take a big enough forward step so that you are able to go up on the toes of your back foot.
  • Ensure that your toes (both feet) are pointing directly forward.
  • Once you’ve stepped forward, lower the back leg so that the back knee nearly touches the floor.
  • You want to move DOWN in this exercise, not FORWARD.  You can ensure that you are doing this by tucking your pelvis in slightly before descending into the lunge.
  • Ascend so that your legs are again straight. Step back to the starting position. Repeat with the Left leg.
  • You will know that you are performing this exercise correctly if you can see the toes of your front foot when you are in the ‘down’ phase of the lunge.

If you’re looking to build strong, powerful legs, it’s essential to keep the basics in your routine. Loading the quadriceps muscles, both in open and closed chain fashions, will help to build your wheels while also adding stability and strength to your knee and hip joints, allowing you to power through even the most difficult of challenges. Throw the above exercises into your leg workouts and you’ll be screaming ‘Oh my Quads!’ in no time!

March 28, 2017

Vancouver, Canada


Warren Zelman of Healthy Vision Photography is an award-winning photographer with over ten years of experience creating images that have appeared in print and online media, promotional materials, and advertisements. Warren works with his clients, and not just for them, getting the most out of his subjects, approaching each shoot with his unique style and personality

Status Editor-in-Chief, Rodney Jang:

“We are excited to have Warren submitting his fitness images to Status Fitness Magazine.  We think Warren’s style complements the styles of highly sought-after Status Chief of Photography David Ford and Status accredited photographer Ali Sohrab.  Warren’s calm demeanor and strong work ethic are key characteristics in capturing fitness images.”

Warren will be contributing his images for both print and online publishing consideration and we look forward to having him as another contact for our loyal Status readers.

Warren: “After working in the fitness industry for close to 10 years, I have not come across a more rewarding experience than working with Status Fitness. To be able to collaborate with inspiring editors, writers, models, and athletes allows me to work at the highest level and produce work that I truly feel proud of sharing with their readership. In the fitness industry, Status has become known for its quality and integrity, and I count myself incredibly lucky to be associated with such a well respected brand.”

About Status:

Established in 2006, Status is geared towards everyone from professional athletes to general fitness enthusiasts. Casting the top fitness experts in the world, we believe that, no matter how good the information is, unless it is delivered in an attractive and interesting manner, and available through a number of resources, it’s worthless.

Status focuses on presenting its material with the highest quality photography, design, layout, and paper stock. Status is available through a number of logical direct market avenues: newsstands, subscription, supplement stores, fitness centers, and tradeshows. Status is not only available as a high quality, attractive print publication, but is also available through various technologies, allowing access to the masses.  Status Fitness Magazine is known as “The World’s Best Fitness Magazine.”  “Status is Everything”.

March 7/17

Calgary, CANADA

Status Fitness Magazine is very happy to add a new blogger to our world-renowned list of contributors.  The ‘Finnisher’, MMA’s Victor Valimaki, will be sharing his thoughts and expertise every Wednesday with readers.

Born in Ontario, Canada, Victor has fought in many different organizations over the past 15 years, including the UFC, MFC (former World Champion) Unified MMA and more. Valimaki is more than a fighter – he’s an intelligent, well-spoken businessman who works hard at everything he does.



“I am excited and proud to contribute to such a stellar magazine. I have been a fan of Status Fitness for years and I look forward to bringing a different perspective on the fitness world to Status followers.”

About Status:

Established in 2006, Status is geared towards everyone from professional athletes to general fitness enthusiasts. Casting the top fitness experts in the world, we believe that no matter how good the information is, unless it is delivered in an attractive and interesting manner, and available through a number of resources, it’s worthless.

Status focuses on presenting its material with the highest quality photography, design, layout, and paper stock. Status is available through a number of logical direct market avenues: newsstands, subscription, supplement stores, fitness centers, and tradeshows. Status is not only available as a high quality, attractive print publication, but is also available through various technologies, allowing access to the masses.  Status Fitness Magazine is known as “The World’s Best Fitness Magazine”.  “Status is Everything”.


You can feel the energy in the crowd. A full house of athletes, spectators and judges. The larger than life Arnold Classic stage. So many months of work have been put into this weekend. The 2016 Arnold Classic. What better place to spend Status Fitness Magazine’s 10th anniversary than here in Columbus, Ohio, where we have been every year since our launching. We are back again to bring the show to you, our readers.

Editor Rodney Jang: “I have been coming to the Arnold Classic for the past 10 years. Each year was a great time, and this year was no exception.  In fact this was a special year in many respects.  Congratulations to Kai Greene.  What a performance.  The sold out crowd appreciated it with a standing ovation. And a very special thank you to Matt Lorz for all his support of Status Fitness.

The Arnold Classic is so much more than a bodybuilding show. It’s an event suited for every single person with any level of interest in fitness, health and nutrition. The Expo is packed with vendors of all ilks: supplement companies, fitness equipment, athletic organizations, clothing lines, food products… it truly has to be seen to be believed.

Cover Photographer David Ford: I am always excited to attend and photograph the Arnold Sports Festival for Status Fitness. Over the years I have seen many memorable battles on stage. This years’ event was especially exciting as Kai was pushing for the title and Oksana looked to continue her dominance of the fitness division. We were not disappointed and the energy of the full house was testiment to the excitement the sports bring to the industry. Great work to all those who helped organize this one of a kind event and especially to Matt Lorz for all his hard work.

We bring you this coverage from the 2016 Arnold Classic 2016 media pit, where journalists and photographers alike were abuzz with excitement and anticipation.


This Figure class was absolutely incredible. The shape, conditioning and presentation of every one of these ladies was top notch. It may sound cliché, but it couldn’t have been easy for IFBB Head Judge Sandy Williamson to pick a top lineup from this amazing group of athletes.

But Latorya Watts climbed from a 4th place finish in 2015 right to the top of the class, winning the prestigious Figure International for the first time. Watts is no stranger to the big stage, also winning the Figure Olympia in 2015. She was presented the champion’s trophy by the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger, a $16,000 cheque, and a Tony Nowak Official Champions jacket.

Latorya Watts – Miss Figure International 2016

Second place went to the always beautiful Camala Rodriguez-McClure of Morrison, Colorado. With her excellent stage presence and conditioning, it is no wonder that Camala has had ten IFBB Pro wins in both fitness and figure, combined. This placing earned Camala a $10,000 cheque and a beautiful trophy from MHP and Animal.

Florida’s Gennifer Strobo took home the 3rd place win along with $8000 and a trophy from BPI and BSN. Gennifer has had 3 big wins at the Toronto Pro Supershow and it’s no wonder with an outstanding glute/ham tie in and overall fantastic physique.

Colorado’s Candice Lewis-Carter was definitely a fan favorite, as she came from a 2nd place finish in 2015 with hopes to beat that placing. With a nearly impossibly small waist and insane leg development, Candice made a great impression and finished in fourth place, earning a $5000 cheque and trophy from 4 Dimension Nutrition and Aeon Clinical Laboratories.

In fifth place was Georgia native Cydney Gillon. This girl has incredible shape and definitely deserved this top 5 placing, which earned her both a $3000 cheque and a trophy sponsored by GAT and Powerhouse Gym.

Heather Dees of Highland, Utah, rounded out the class in sixth place position. Her physique and posing were bang on and I’m sure it was a tough top 6 to judge. Heather won $2000 and a trophy sponsored by supplement companies Rivalus and Nutrex.


Strength, flexibility, power, poise, and grace… combine that with spot-on conditioning, beautiful shape and feminine muscularity and you’ve got the makings of a Fitness athlete.  This category is never a let down, with competitor routines getting more complex and entertaining as the years pass.

The flawless Oksana Grishina of Hollywood, California took home her third straight Fitness International win, with a Michael Jackson inspired routine that gave me goosebumps.  She is truly a vision of perfection as she wows the crowd with incredible skill and presence. Oksana’s first place win earned her a $25,000 cheque along with the champion’s trophy, presented as always by the show’s namesake, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Grishina also received a coveted Tony Nowak Official Champions Jacket, and blew kisses to her fellow competitors as she was declared the winner

Oksana Grishina – Miss Fitness international 2016

Arizona’s Whitney Jones brought down the house with her high-powered routine that rocked from start to finish. Her amazing physique and conditioning combined with the energetic routine landed Whitney the second place finish, $13,000, and a trophy sponsored by Muscle & Fitness and MHP.

In third place was veteran Bethany Wagner, who has competed in over 30 IFBB Pro shows in her career. I was blown away with some of this girl’s moves. She mastered a straddle handstand on a skateboard, making it look absolutely seamless, and showed her intense power and strength when she executed a flawless back handspring from a sitting position. Wagner’s excellence earned her $8000 and a trophy sponsored by GaspBetter Bodies and The Columbus Dispatch.

Canada’s sweetheart Myriam Capes finished fourth in this stellar lineup, receiving $5000 and a trophy sponsored by Blackstone Labs and Jan Tana. This girl was a powerhouse from start to finish, and her elegance and grace in posing was phenomenal.  Capes always brings exciting and entertaining routines to the Pro stage, and this was no exception.

The fifth place trophy, sponsored by Muscle Egg and Ultimate Nutrition, went to Germany’s Regiane Da Silva, along with a cheque for $3000. I was floored at the talent that this athlete brought to the stage. She nailed a front layout into a pike hold like it was a walk in the park. Her experience in more than 30 shows is very evident as she amazed from beginning to end.

Wrapping up the top six Fitness International athletes was the ever-popular Tanji Johnson of Renton, Washington. Tanji has competed in more than 53 Pro shows and shows no signs of slowing down. She performed her high energy routine to a mashup of awesome throwback tunes, and her energy never once faded.  Johnson took home $2000 and a trophy sponsored by Nutrex and Optimum Nutrition.


Up next was the popular Women’s Physique division. With the exclusion of Women’s Bodybuilding at this year’s show, this newer category brought the chiseled, muscular feminine physiques that many paid to see.

Illinois resident and physiotherapist Autumn Swansen went home with the title of Miss Physique International, taking home a Champion trophy from Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Tony Nowak Official Champions jacket and a $5000 cheque. With her exceptional physique and fitness-inspired routine, Autumn definitely stood out as a top contender.

Autumn Swansen – Miss Physique International 2016

In 2nd place, taking home $2000 and a trophy sponsored by MHP and Powerhouse Gym was Florida’s Danielle Reardon. What an absolutely beauty to watch. Her posing, routine and overall presence made her a shoo-in to this top lineup.

Mindi O’Brien of Canada was as stunning as ever with her complex and captivating routine. She was picture perfect, winning the 3rd place finish, $1500, and a trophy from Animal and GAT.

Suit designer and popular competitor Tamee Marie’s sensual routine, fluid posing and stellar physique earned her the 4th place spot in this competitive lineup. The Nebraska native went home with a $1000 cheque and a trophy sponsored by BPI and Rivalus.

Jacklyn Abrams of Queen Creek, Arizona hit the stage with a bang, nailing a perfect tumbling pass right out of the gate. This girl’s energy is absolutely contagious and it’s easy to see how she cracked the top six. Her fifth place finish brought her a $1000 cheque and a trophy sponsored by BSN and Aeon Clinical Laboratories.

Completing the finalist lineup was North Carolina’s Gillian Ward, whose physique and routine combined earned her $500 and a trophy sponsored by The Columbus Dispatch and Muscle Egg.


Everybody likes to see the big beasts in Open bodybuilding, but this class brings the most conditioned, pleasing physiques from around the world to go toe to toe for the title.

Fan favorite Hidetada Yamagishi of Japan – arguably one of the most popular athletes in the IFBB – beat out 205 champion Jose Raymond to win the 2016 Arnold Classic 2016. Hide’s outstanding physique and conditioning (not to mention larger than life delts) and crowd-pleasing performance put Hide in the top spot, for his first ever Arnold Classic 212 win. Yamagishi’s humility and gratefulness were center stage as bodybuilding pioneer Arnold Schwarzenegger presented him with the Champion’s trophy, $22,000 cheque and exclusive Tony Nowak Official Champions jacket. When presented with his awards, Hide said, “I knew I was going to win. But when my dream came true, it was a shock.” Schwarzenegger asked him what it took to win this show. “Two hours of training, two hours of cardio and bang on nutrition every day. And posing is so important.  I spend 1-2 hours a day posing.”

Hidetada Yamagishi – Arnold Classic 212 Winner

Coming in a close second was 2015 winner Jose Raymond of Massachusetts. This bodybuilding veteran knows how to show off his best features with his precision in posing. If contests were won from the back, Raymond would have had a pretty good shot at the top spot here in Columbus. Jose walked away with $10,000 and a medal from Ultimate Nutrition and EAS.

The third place medal from Digital Muscle and MHP, along with $6000, went to the one and only David Henry, also from Massachusetts. I’ve never seen this guy at anything less than diced on stage, and tonight was no exception.

New Jersey’s Guy Cisternino hit the Arnold stage for his first time, coming in shredded and ready to go. His posing routine, set to ‘Hallelujah’, was fluid and captivating from start to finish. If his lower body were just dialled in to the level of conditioning of his upper body, it would have been a sure battle for the win. Finishing in 4th place, Cisternino earned $4000 and a medal from Optimum Nutrition and Jan Tana.

The tallest athlete in this class, Kyung Won Kang of New Jersey brought absolutely amazing shape to this year’s stage. His huge quad sweep stood out from miles away. Coming off some big European wins, Kang fit right into the 5th place spot, receiving $2000 and a medal from Gasp, Better Bodies and Blackstone Labs.

The final spot in this top lineup went to Greenville’s Charles Dixon. This South Carolinian brought thick and striated glutes to the stage. At 5’3” and 200 pounds, Dixon could have come in a bit drier in the race for the championship. His sixth place finish brought him $1000 and a medal from Muscle and Fitness and 4 Dimension Nutrition.


This class has grown exponentially since its inception just a few short years ago. This year’s lineup included 38 athletes from the USA, Canada, Finland and Iceland and was a hard-fought battle that must have been very difficult for IFBB Head Judge Steve Weinberger to call.

The 2016 Men’s Physique International title went to Illinois native Brandon Hendrickson. Hendrickson took top spot with a perfect score, and beating out a collection of incredible athletes. This would certainly be a highlight in Brandon’s 3 year IFBB career, as he was congratulated by icon Arnold Schwarzenegger, presented a Tony Nowak Champions jacket, and was given the Championship trophy, sponsored by Europa Sports products and EAS.

The clear second place winner was hometown (Columbus) favorite George Brown who dazzled the crowd from start to finish. Brown earned a $2000 paycheque and a trophy sponsored by Jan Tana and MHP. Brown’s posing and contagious smile kept all eyes on him as he battled for the title.

Popular Jason Poston of Dallas, Texas stood in the center of the lineup beside Brandon Hendrickson before he was moved into the third place spot where he finished. Poston was presented with his trophy from Blackstone Labs and Muscle and Fitness, along with a cheque for $1500.

Fourth place went to Ryan Terry, who made the trip all the way from England; and I’m sure he’s glad he did. Earning a $1500 cheque and 4th place trophy from Lone Star and Optimum Nutrition, Terry edged out the fifth place finisher by only two points.

Andre Ferguson of New York took his spot in fifth place, just narrowly trailing behind England’s Ryan Terry. Ferguson takes home $1000 and a trophy from Scitec and Rule One Proteins.

Taking home the impressive sixth place trophy from VPX and Black Skull, along with $500, was Raymont Edmonds, whose streamlined physique earned him a top spot among the nearly forty top-notch competitors.

India Paulino – Miss Bikini International and Brandon Hendrickson, Men’s Physique Winner


Since 2011, IFBB Pro Bikini athletes have been wowing audiences at the Arnold Classic Bikini International contest.  This year was no exception, as fourteen of the world’s most fit and beautiful women graced the stage in a hard-fought battle for the coveted title of Miss Bikini International 2016.

As only the second person to have done so, Florida’s India Paulino won the Bikini International for a second time. She first took the title in 2013. The only other IFBB Bikini competitor to have done so is Ashley Kaltwasser (2014, 2015). As always, India strutted herself across the stage with an elegance and confidence that was, in the end, unbeatable. Winning $7000 and the Championship trophy from Europa Sports Products and EAS, India was once again congratulated by Arnold himself.

Canada’s top IFBB Pro bikini athlete, Justine Munro, brought home the 2nd place trophy, courtesy of MHP and Animal. Munro impressed the judges with her girl-next-door charm and captivating physique, as she stunned the crowd with her contagious smile.

In third place was Janet Layug, another Florida girl, who brought incredible beauty and grace to the stage.  Just two points away from the second place finisher, Layug earned $2000, and a trophy from BPI and BSN

Angelica Teixeira from New Jersey claimed the fourth place spot, taking home $1000, and a trophy from Digital Muscle and Ultimate Nutrition.

Florida delivered four of the top six finishers in this competitive Bikini class. Fifth place went to Courtney King, who will be a strong contender in years to come. Courtney won $1000 and a trophy from Ricart Automotive and Quest Nutrition.

The sixth place winner, from – you guessed it – Florida, was Michelle Sylvia, who took home a $1000 cheque, as well as a trophy from Metabolic Nutrition and Body Fortress.


Last but not least was the return of the Big Boys. Twelve of the world’s best bodybuilders took to the stage in a battle of epic proportions. And every single one of them belonged there. In this, the marquee event of the 2016 Arnold Sports Festival, the Predator Kai Greene joined Dexter Jackson (5x), Flex Wheeler (4x) and Jay Cutler (3x) as the only men with more than two Arnold Classic wins.

In his third Arnold Classic win, Kai Greene blew the crowd away. To see such size, shape, and conditioning in a physique that moved with such grace and fluidity was definitely a sight to behold. I have seen Kai Greene posing on several different occasions, but this was by far the best I’ve seen him.

Not only did Greene show his outstanding physical abilities, but he showed amazing sportsmanship and camaraderie as he gathered with his co-competitors for an Arnold Classic ‘selfie’. The top six athletes appeased fans and media when they came down from the stage to pose for photos and shake hands. Brooklyn’s champion, Kai Greene, led the way, sharing laughs with spectators, VIPs and judges alike.

For his win, Greene received a cheque for $130,000, a Tony Nowak Official Champions Jacket, and a champion’s trophy from Europa Sports Products and EAS.

Arnold Classic winner Kai Greene

Cedric McMillan of South Carolina battled – right until the end – to take the second place spot. In comparison to Greene, McMillan certainly had a height disadvantage, but his incredible back detail kept him in the running. Kai’s glute development and conditioning were tough to beat, though, and Cedric took home $75,000 and a medal from Ultimate Nutrition and MHP.

The third place prize, $50,000 from Muscle and Fitness and Jan Tana, went to Australia’s Josh Lenartowicz, who erupted into the professional bodybuilding scene in late 2015, where he won back-to-back pro shows.

Justin Compton walked away with the 4th place spot and $30,000 from Optimum Nutrition and Body Fortress. Compton finished third in the 2015 Arnold Classic, but he just lacked the size necessary to edge out the top 3 this year.

Veteran bodybuilder Branch Warren took to the stage with his gigantic, cross-striated quads, and brought home a 5th place finish. This Texas native won the 2011 and 2012 Arnold Classic, and this year earned $15,000 from Blackstone Labs and Rule One Proteins.

Capping off the top six Arnold Classic International competitors was New York’s Juan ‘Diesel’ Morel. This is an outstanding placing at Morel’s Arnold Classic debut, made sweeter with his $10,000 cheque from Lone Star Distribution and Quest Nutrition.


Icon Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lifetime Achievement award recipient Dr. Rafael Santonja

The IFBB is the second biggest sports federation in the world. IFBB President Dr. Rafael Santonja was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award, as an individual who as made notable contributions to the fitness industry, as well as offering a lifetime of service to the enhancement of sports performance and promotion.

Santonja was elected in 2006, to replace legendary Ben Weider, and was then re-elected in 2010 and 2014. Prior to taking the Presidency, Santonja was Ben Weider’s personal assistant, as well as the president of the European Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation.

Dr. Santonja’s acceptance was both thankful and humble; his words of wisdom reached thousands as he spoke of his journey with the IFBB. He most certainly made this sport feel like a culture of its own when he said, “We are the Iron Family.” Congratulations, Dr. Santonja.


Status Fitness was honored to be a part of the media team at the 2016 ASF. The weekend was jam-packed with events, displays and information that left no stone unturned. As the sport of bodybuilding grows and becomes more mainstream, the caliber of athletes continues to climb, setting the bar high for those making their way up to the ranks of IFBB Pro. We are excited to see what happens next year!

Photos courtesy of Dave Emery, Arnold Sports Festival

March 17, 2016: Venice, California

Status Fitness Magazine is excited to announce a “big” addition to our Status editorial team.  American bodybuilder Mike O’Hearn is our newest columnist, bringing over 30 years of fitness experience to an already stacked editorial lineup. He has been featured on more than 500 magazine covers and is a four-time Mr. Natural Universe title holder.  Mike has been Fitness Model of the year a record seven times and is the only individual to be a part of both the original cast and the 2008 series of American Gladiators, as the fan-favorite, Titan.

Mike focuses and excels at all aspects of fitness, fashion, acting, and business. He has joined the Status team to share his vast knowledge with our devoted readers.



Status Fitness Editor-in-Chief Rodney Jang:

‘Mike is arguably the most recognizable male fitness model of all time.  His power bodybuilding method is one of the best programs out there; I incorporate it into my own workout program. We are ecstatic to have Mike join our already all-star cast of writers, and I know that he’ll only make our team stronger.’

Look for Mike’s ‘Straight Talk’ column for tips on style, fitness, health and more. ‘Straight Talk’ will be in every print issue as well as on our website,

About Status:

Established in 2006, Status is geared towards everyone from professional athletes to general fitness enthusiasts. Casting the top fitness experts in the world, we believe that, no matter how good the information is, unless it is delivered in an attractive and interesting manner, and available through a number of resources, it’s worthless.

Status focuses on presenting its material with the highest quality photography, design, layout, and paper stock. Status is available through a number of logical direct market avenues: newsstands, subscription, supplement stores, fitness centers, and tradeshows. Status is not only available as a high quality, attractive print publication, but is also available through various technologies, allowing access to the masses.  Status Fitness Magazine is known as “The World’s Best Fitness magazine.  “Status is Everything”.

Do you want to look bigger, harder, and fuller in your next photos?  I’m not just referring to professional photoshoots. I’m also not suggesting you learn to use Photoshop. This article is for everyone looking to up their selfie game, improve their social media engagement and simply look their best in front of the lens.


At 6’6 and barely breaking 200 lbs, I struggled for years to look anything more than “that lean guy” in photos. My coach Jean-Jacques and I were able to put some great lean muscle on me over the last couple of years, but in photos, I often still came out as flat and nothing more than “lean.”  Here are my top secret tips to getting more “savage” comments and fewer “are you a runner” questions that make you cry when no one is around.

1 – THE PUMP:  I don’t know if anything is more important than getting pumped before photos are taken. Before you tell me how obvious this is, let’s discuss how to maximize your pump and not just cross your fingers that today is a good pump day.

PUMP (a) – the right pump supplements.   What I am about to say is not just for men – the ladies look better with a pump too!  A pump means your skin looks tighter, your muscles look worked and you look like you know what you are doing in the gym (and not just someone who must do lots of cardio). I personally never shoot without Magnum Volume, Magnum Pre Fo and Magnum Mimic. These 3 supplements increase vasodilation, blood flow and drastically improve vascularity. This trio will have you pumped and full of focus and energy.

A pump means your skin looks tighter, your muscles look worked and you look like you know what you are doing in the gym.

PUMP (b) – the right food.   Most people don’t recognize how food can enhance your pump or take it away.  The wrong meal, or too much food, will draw excess blood to your digestive system to help process – this means far less coursing through those pipes to give you the full look.  Not to mention this same error just wiped out a bunch of the definition in your abs. I personally eat smaller meals, more often the night before and the day of the photos being shot. The morning of a photo shoot, I will have 1 cup rolled oats with 1.5 scoops Quattro (Salted Freakin Caramel), 1 cup blueberries and 2 tbsp jam. This is light and easy to digest. I have this one hour before starting to pump up, then I will eat a couple of rice cakes with jam every hour or so, just to keep sugars in my bloodstream and keep me going.

PUMP (c) – the right exercises.  You’ve eaten the right way, you’ve taken the right supplements and now it’s showtime – you need to get the blood flowing to the right spots to present your best physique. First, some self-analysis is critical. Everybody is different, so you need to know what your strengths and weaknesses are. For me, my chest has always looked small in photos. This is my number one focus for pumping up – I need as full a chest as possible. In order to look my thickest up top, I pump up the chest AND my back to fill things out up top. I hit a little shoulder to increase the voluminous look, but I don’t do anything for legs or arms (ain’t nobody looking at my legs once my chest starts to pop anyway)!  For arms, I know that when I pump them up, they look very big, but I lose all my definition, so I don’t pump them at all.


2 – KNOW YOUR ANGLES:  I learned this one from Paris freakin’ Hilton of all people. There was a documentary on her and how 95 percent of photos of her are one angle, one look. Why you might ask? Paris discovered that look, that angle was her best. I’m not even a fan, but she looked great in that one pose. So I started looking through my own photos and realized I was always happy with photos shot from my left side and NEVER happy with photos shot on my right. So simple solution, don’t ever take photos of my right side!

But let’s go next level with our angles knowledge. Did you know as you change the angle of the photo just ONE percent, you create a completely different photo?  So with that, you need to know what angle makes your physique look best. Is it straight on? Slightly shooting down? Aggressively angled up? Personally, being a tall and lean dude, I know that a slight upward angle makes my chest and shoulders appear wider and I love those shots.


To find your favourite angles, it simply takes practice. Is it that weird to ask your friend to shoot you for 10 minutes on your iPhone? Direct them to try every angle so you get to see what you like and don’t like. Chances are, if they work out too, they will be more than happy to do this for you if you offer to reciprocate. Show them this article and I promise your friend will be sold.

3 – LIGHTING CHANGES EVERYTHING:  Lighting in photos is something that will never cease to amaze me. I have been in ridiculous shape, shooting with bad lighting and I look flat and definitionless. I have also shot in okay shape, with exceptional lighting, and was blown away by how full and ripped I looked (even though the mirror was clearly telling me a different story).  Here are a couple of tips to use lighting to improve your physique:


LIGHTING (a) – natural lighting trumps all.   Natural lighting flowing through a window at an angle will blow you away. Too much light or too much direct light will wash you out. Take a few photos in the light and near the light and you will quickly learn what works and what doesn’t.

LIGHTING (b) – choose a good photographer.   If you are planning to use a professional photographer, take time to look through their portfolio. How does their lighting look? Specifically, look for models in their portfolio with a similar build to you – this will show you if they will shoot you well. When I look at portfolios, I’m looking for tall, lean dudes, not huge bodybuilders.


I would like to encourage you, no matter what level of fitness you believe you are, to BOOK A PHOTOSHOOT with a pro. If you are just starting out or have never shot before, don’t spend more than $500. Yes, the really good photographers are much more than this amount and they are worth it, but you are not likely ready to utilize their talents yet. If you are happy with your first shoot, feel free to go big! I’ve spent thousands on big shoots and have insane photos to show for it, but I too got myself ready by shooting with some newer photographers who weren’t as expensive. Why I encourage this so much: once you book, you have a killer goal and date. Now you have extra reason to train harder, say no to fast food, go longer and harder with your cardio… this focus is so valuable. I recommend you book the shoot 60 – 90 days out.

4 – MINDSET: For the weeks/months before you know you are taking important photos, VISUALIZE IT. See yourself dominating the shoot. Visualize how your abs look, how your muscles bulge and how your face and eyes look comfortable, borderline cocky, in every photo. On the day of, walk in with confidence knowing you came ready. You came ready to own this shoot. Don’t second guess yourself and question if you could have done more – this is your day to win.

If you are a visual learner, make sure you take a look at my YouTube page and find the video I made with Status Fitness Magazine and Coach JJ with the same title (How to Look Bigger in Photos). I know it will amp you up to go train insane and fill out even more.

Good luck and please keep me posted on your fitness journey.



I’m going to fill you in on a little about me and where my love for sports all started. I was a big tomboy growing up. I never went to dance class or went to the mall – I was happier riding my BMX bike or going to karate 5 days a week. I rode my dirt bike and was big into trucks and cars.

Fast forward to now: I train at the gym or my home gym at least 5 days a week, compete with the WBFF, dance professionally and I still ride motocross, cycle and train for half marathons and cycling races. I like to think of myself as not being someone whom you can label; like ‘a bikini competitor’ or ‘a soccer player’.  Do you know what I’m getting at? I’m a lover of all things that make my body move and challenge me.


And the reason is that I love to be active I love to move my body. And with this comes new loves and new muscle gains. Have you even seen a ballet dancer’s legs? Male OR female? How about a pro cyclist? If you have then you know that they’re unreal! Their leg muscles are so lean and strong so defined – it’s a work of art, if you ask me.

How about the stamina of some athletes? If you’re not familiar with motocross, then let me explain. It’s one of the world’s most demanding sports. If you don’t believe me, look it up! Not only are you maneuvering a 200-plus pound machine under you, but you need to be on your ‘A’ game when it comes to being precise about how to perform under pressure quickly, which line to take, and when precisely to take a jump. The cardio and stamina of a pro motocross racer is unbelievable. They not only spend hours on the track but hours at the gym, too.

How about the triathletes? Now I think these people are nuts lol. But honestly, it’s so impressive to swim 4km then hop on a bike for 160km and then run 40km. I raced my first half marathon and gran fondo (long distance road cycling event) last year and when I finished both, I was so damn tired I couldn’t even image doing two more races on top of what I had just accomplished. Multi-level training is where it’s at!


What about yoga?? This has to be one of the most beautiful strength training activities out there. And if you think you can’t build muscle and do yoga concurrently, then you’ll have to talk to my good friend WBBF Pro Michelle MacDonald who not only competes but has also recently started power lifting!

Now I’m not saying you need to buy the most expensive bike and enter a race. Or that you have to hire a world-renowned yogi to show you the ways… I’m just saying that training in different sports – whatever they may be – will only enhance your physical ability and your physique.

One thing that I do really enjoy dancing. I feel like it’s a total outlet for everything that I do. I get my cardio in. I’m usually challenged by some sort of new routine or move that I’m practicing, and it’s great for stage experience. By the end of class, I am always happy. It’s never too late to try something new. I didn’t even START dancing until I was 21.  When it comes to activity and movement, there is no age limit.


Just for fun here is a list of sports that burn calories and build muscle and confidence!

Swing – Hurling around your own bodyweight (and possibly your partner’s too) in this moderate to intense cardio workout burns between 300 and 550 cals. Depending on how high impact your style is and how much intensive maneuvering you do of your partner, it could very easily expend even more.

Ballet – We estimate that there are 380 to 450 calories burnt per hour. As an added bonus, this form of dance tends to be associated with great posture, a strong core, increased flexibility and very strong legs. It is known for building that long and lean look that women so often strive for, but make no mistake; ballet requires a great deal of strength. For example, pro football players have been known to use ballet training to improve their performance.

Cycling- An 8-mile-per-hour pace on a road bike over relatively flat ground is a leisurely pace. At this rate, you’ll burn 236 to 372 calories per hour, depending on your size. If you covered eight miles of mountainous terrain on a mountain bike, you’ll burn more like 502 to 791 calories in the hour.

Tae kwon do -A person who weighs 160 pounds burns roughly 730 calories per hour doing tae kwon do. A person who weighs 200 pounds burns 910 calories, while an individual who weighs 240 pounds burns 1,090 calories an hour doing tae kwon do, according to one study done by the Mayo Clinic.


So my question to you is: what do you have to lose? You’ll not only improve in various physical parameters, but you may even discover your new passion!! Live it up butter cup!

Heidi Cannon Boom Boom

Photography: David Laus


Status Fitness long time industry partner Magnum Nutraceuticals is looking for talent! The reigning  “Brand of the Year” for the retail giant Popeye’s, is looking for a professional, outgoing and personable sales professional who lives and breathes the fitness lifestyle. You, as Status readers, are clearly interested in all things fitness, and we know that many of you have experience and educational backgrounds in the industry. This is a great opportunity for you to put that to work! What better way to learn the ins and outs of the fitness and nutrition world than to work with one of the top companies out there.

Magnum is one of the biggest brands in the supplement industry today. You’ll have the opportunity to engage and interact with Magnum accounts and clients while working with a strong and dynamic team. Make your dreams a reality!

If this sounds like the opportunity for you, simply follow the link below for more information and to apply!


We are so excited to announce that we will be revealing the coveted Top 10 Sexiest Fitness Models of 2016, beginning at 12:00pm EST, April 18, 2016.  This is a highlight of our year for Status Fitness, and we love hearing the stories of personal success and triumph that come along with many of the thousands of entries we receive.

Many of our Top 25 models have been featured as Status Symbols and in editorials over the years. Additionally, great doors open up to these ladies as they become more well-known in the fitness industry; many girls have secured wonderful sponsorship and endorsement deals after having cracked the Top 25 in our transparent contest.

And this isn’t the last you’ll see of these girls! Each of these beautiful winners will be featured in an upcoming print edition of Status Fitness Magazine. Get your subscription now so you don’t miss an issue! 

Congratulations to all the models and athletes that have participated in the Status Fitness Magazine Top 100 Cover Model Contest. This has been an extremely exciting event that I hope has been a great experience for everyone. I would like to thank Status Senior Editor and award winning trainer/coach, Asha Belisle, for her endless work in running the contest for the past year, industry leading fitness photographer David Ford and all the other fitness photographers for all their model submissions. Finally I would like to thank and congratulate all the models and their friends and fans for all their participation.  Without all of you this contest and Status Fitness Magazine would not be what it is today.

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