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My name is Brandon DaCruz and fitness has not only been my profession for the past decade but it’s also been my primary passion and driving force in life. I am an online Nutrition Coach, National Level Men’s Physique competitor, Internationally Published Fitness Model as well as the National Sales Director and one of the Heads of Research and Product Development at Innovapharm which is a New York-based sports nutrition company whose supplements are carried and sold around the world.

28 years old.

Long Beach Island, New Jersey, United States.

Trainer philosophy:
My coaching philosophy is one that centers around taking what I’ve learned through my many years of training, competing and working with clients, and combining it with the information I’ve learned through my researches and studies to create an approach that provides my clients with the results they’re looking for in the most optimal, healthy and sustainable method possible. I’m all about incorporating fitness into someone’s lifestyle and creating positive habits that are integrated into their daily routine so that a person not only gets the results they desire but they also be able to maintain them in the long run.

Training Plan:
At this point in my training career, I use what’s called specialization cycles. The goal in using a specialization cycle is to target and prioritize a specific muscle group or two and focus on improving on these 1-2 muscles which may be lagging. I do this by initially de-emphasizing the rest of the body parts I’m not specifically focusing on, and lowering the amount of training I do for them to maintenance volume. This reduction in volume to the rest of my body is done to free up some extra resources both from an adaptation and energy perspective to go towards the training performance and recovery of the priority muscle groups I’m specializing in. Then due to having extra adaptive resources available, I’ll scale up the volume and frequency for the muscle groups I’m prioritizing to ensure they’re getting enough of a stimulus to bring them up. I will then run this specialization cycle over the course of at least 3 consecutive 4-6 week mesocycles to encompass one full block of training.

Nutritional Plan:
My nutrition plan is highly dependent on what phase of training I’m in, so I’m constantly changing it in response to my biofeedback, how my body is responding, and what my current goals are. However, there are some nutritional staples I follow each and every day. I make sure to eat 5 meals a day that spaced out 3 hours between each to ensure I stimulate muscle protein synthesis multiple times a day. I rotate between at least 3 different protein sources per day to ensure I have a variety of amino acid profiles in my diet. I eat at least 4 servings of fruit a day and try to make sure each come from a different source so that I can get a wide spectrum of micronutrients, antioxidants, and polyphenols and I make sure that I get in a 3-4 g of combined EPA and DHA from Omega 3 to hit my essential fatty acid requirements.

Supplement Plan:
I’m a big believer in supplements. Having spent the past decade-plus working in the sports nutrition industry but I do believe their place is all dependent on one’s needs. For me, I utilize supplements to first fill in the nutritional gaps which my clients may be lacking and having micronutrient deficiencies as a result. The first supplements, I always prioritize are general health supplements which will hit on the key vitamin and minerals that most individuals are deficient in such as Vitamin D, Vitamin K2, a quality chelated magnesium product like the bisglycinate form which has higher bioavailability, zinc, selenium, and fish or krill oil to hit ones essential fatty acid requirements. From there, I’ll look to add in supplements that will help someone hit their macronutrient requirements such as a quality whey protein isolate powder and a high molecular weight carb to be used Intra workout. My favorite is Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin. Lastly, I’ll add a few additional ergogenic aids that have been proven in research to help improve performance and recovery such as creatine monohydrate, l-citrulline, l-carnitine, and caffeine.

What separates Status from other fitness magazines?
Status Fitness Magazine separates itself from the rest with how well-rounded of a magazine it is. I’ve always loved how diversified the topics they cover are which range from bodybuilding and competing to training to nutrition and supplementation to everyday transformation stories. I also feel as though this magazine attracts a like-minded crowd who are all focused on constantly getting better which is what drew me in.

Describe your coaches and the impact they have on you?
I’ve had many coaches and mentors over the years to whom I owe a ton. They advanced my knowledge, shortened my learning curve, and pushed me to my limits. I’ve had the good fortune to be mentored by and study under several Ph.D.’s and researchers who had a great impact on me in areas like nutrition, exercise physiology, and training and who caused me to challenge my beliefs and dig into the research, as the fitness industry is one that’s filled with a ton of myths and misconceptions. By learning to be critical of everything, I hear rather than just accepting information at face value, I’ve been able to differentiate between good information and bad information and save myself a ton of time and potential mistakes.

If you could ask Status Fitness Magazine Editor in Chief Rodney Jang any industry question, what would that be?
I’d love to know what he’d like his legacy and impact on this industry to be by the end of his career. I often find that when speaking with successful entrepreneurs, you learn the most about what they’ve been able to do based on the driving forces fueling the success you see and the reason why they keep pushing as hard as they do to get to that ultimate end goal.

Status Fitness Magazine runs Model Searches across North America including the largest one at the Arnold Classic for the Status cover. As part of the Status family, you will receive a special participation invite. How excited are you about this opportunity?
I cannot wait! I have been waiting to be able to partake in one of the Status Fitness Magazine Model Searches since I first met the team at the 2019 Arnold Classic so this has been a long time coming.

Future fitness goals and plans?
My future fitness plans are divided into both competitive and career-oriented goals. On the competitive side, I want to continue to develop and improve my physique with the goal of attaining a pro card in the men’s physique category of the IFBB. My current plan for this year is to take the next 12 months and devote it towards having a productive improvement season, where my aim is to add 6-8 lbs of lean tissue onto my previous stage weight at my last show. From there, the goal is to compete again in 2022 and get back on the national stage which I haven’t competed on since 2018. On the career side, my main goal is to continue building and growing my online coaching business so that I can help as many people as possible when it comes to their body composition, fitness, and health-related goals. I want to do that not only through improving their approach to nutrition and training but also through improving their mindset and psychological relationship with food so that they can develop skills that will serve them well past our time working together.

If you could inspire one person, who would that be? And why?
I don’t have a specific person I wish to inspire as my goal is to inspire as many people as possible. I want to show people that you can become successful by taking the lessons you learn through fitness and the qualities you need to develop your physique such as discipline, work ethic, consistency, organization, and adherence, and applying them to other areas of your life.

Who inspires you? And why?
My mother is the person who has inspired me the most. I’ve never met a person who’s stayed as positive and focused through adversity and challenges as she has and I know I wouldn’t be the man I am today without her.

Your transformation story:
Fitness and bodybuilding have been major components of my life since I was a teen. When I first discovered both the physical and mental benefits that initially came from the training itself, I always say that I found the gym at a moment in my life when I truly needed it most. I grew up as a very competitive athlete and was active in every sport I could fit into my schedule as a child. As I got a bit older, I gravitated towards martial arts and endurance sports like cross country, track and narrowed my competitive focus on these 3 sports. Engaging in these activities builds a great foundation for hard work, self-discipline, and determination. However, the competition aspect of them came with some drawbacks as well. Seeing as both sports have a weight restriction aspect to them as they require you to be light and agile, this caused me to become extremely conscious of my weight at an early which eventually lead me to develop an eating disorder. This is something that plagued me for years and caused me to be constantly be watching and moderating my food intake and under-eating to ensure I’d be able to stay in my weight class. Eventually, this over-restriction lead me to develop some injuries due to being deficient in several key micronutrients. It was during the time I spent rehabbing my injuries under the guidance of a PT, I was introduced to weight training as a way to rebuild my body. Luckily, when I found the weights, I also learned that I must fuel my body through proper nutrition to see the results of the work I was putting in the gym, which entirely changed my relationship with food. Eventually, my love of training sparked an even greater interest in both nutrition and supplementation. As a result of loving these topics and wanting to immerse myself in them, I started my first part-time job in the supplement industry in high school and it’s an industry I’ve continued to work in some capacity in throughout the past 12 years.

I trained diligently and seriously through high school, and into college but it wasn’t until I was approached by a large New York-based fitness modeling agency mid-way through college that I really decided to push my limits and see what I could do with my physique. Up until that time, my goal in training was simply to get as big and strong as possible. What started out as just a single shoot scheduled so that I’d have a clear cut date to get into my best condition for, has transitioned into a hobby where I’ve done hundreds of shoots and have grown to love. Since that time, I’ve had the honor of working with some of the largest fitness and fashion publications around and I’m proud to add Status Fitness Magazine to that list as I’ve been a fan of their content for quite some time. In addition to both modeling and working within this industry, I became an active competitor in the Men’s Physique division of the NPC in 2015. In that time, I have competed 13 times including twice at the National Pro-Qualifier level. Competing has caused me to find an even greater love and appreciation for the sport of bodybuilding, and the depths I need to take myself during prep to get into stage conditioning which has pushed me to transform my physique even more. Fitness has truly been the greatest blessing in my life and has given me so many opportunities which is why I’m so personally and professionally invested in it.

5 things people don’t know about you:

  • I struggled with an eating disorder early in my childhood which led me to find fitness and developed my passion for nutrition and training.
  • I’m an only child.
  • My favorite sport is MMA and the UFC is the only athlete endeavor I actively follow and watch besides bodybuilding.
  • Although I’ve spent the past 12 years working full time in the fitness and sports nutrition industries, I went to university to study law and got my bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies as my initial intention was to be a lawyer after college.
  • I cut off my cable service in college and haven’t watched a single TV program in the past 8 years, which has been the greatest decision I’ve made in terms of my productivity and mental well-being.

Favorite Quotes:
“How you do anything is how you do everything”

Photos By: Gennaro Brigante Ryan Gulledge  Jimmy Murtaugh

Brandon Dacruz

I was originally from the Philippines and moved to the US back in 2014 to work as a computer programmer and to pursue the Hollywood dream. Though the pay was good, I couldn’t find the satisfaction and I felt like I’m growing old for nothing. In Aug 2017, I’ve decided to pursue my singing career since music has been my number 1 passion since I was a kid. I did a vocal polyp removal surgery which messed up my vocal range. I couldn’t get back to singing and be really depressed at that time. I was devastated because I was left with nothing. I lost my job, ended my relationship and all of my plans were ruined. I couldn’t find any outlet for my emotions since I’ve lost my voice that time until my co-worker invited me to the gym to work out. Since I love challenges, I fell in love with the training and the positivity it brought to my life. It completely saved me from depression and gave me a different perspective on life. Opportunities and different doors were opened for me which I never imagined having in the past. The best part is meeting new people who have the same goals and vision as me.


I currently reside in Van Nuys, CA.

Occupation details:
I’m a Personal Trainer.

Relationship status:

Fitness Goals:
To reach more people around the globe to inspire and motivate when it comes to fitness, health, and lifestyle.

Transformation story:
I was feeling weak and intimidated by the people at the gym. I remember there was this one girl who looked at me from head to toe and judged me from the way I look. I couldn’t even do one push-up and my form was bad in any exercise. I’ve decided to get a personal trainer to help me correct my bad habits and since then, I’ve been training consistently and gain confidence in training. It wasn’t an easy route, there were days when I didn’t want to go to the gym but pushed myself because I needed it. I would always find an excuse, not to work out but I’ve learned self-discipline along the way not only at the gym but also applied it to my daily life. I’ve always devoted three hours of my time training at the gym to learn new stuff and even changed my training schedule from night time to early mornings. Training in the mornings at 5 am is the best as I feel energized throughout the day. Every day I’m learning new stuff and discovering new with my body. It takes time, sacrifice, a lot of patience, dedication, hard work to achieve the body’s maximum potential.

Training Plan:

  • Monday – Back & Biceps & Abs.
  • Tuesday – Legs & Glutes & PLYOs.
  • Wednesday – Chest & Abs.
  • Thursday – Rest Day.
  • Friday – Rest Day.
  • Saturday – Shoulders & Triceps.
  • Sunday – HIIT exercises​.

Thoughts on HIIT, Powerlifting, TRX, Yoga, bodybuilding, others?

  • I am a big fan of HIIT. I love incorporating HIIT into my workout routine as this makes my metabolism faster and makes me younger from the inside out. I love doing bodyweight HIIT exercises the most as I find these more challenging than the usual bodybuilding route.
  • Powerlifting is good but my fitness goal is not towards it. I’ve worked with other fitness trainers who are powerlifters and their strength is unbelievable. They tend to eat more as they needed to fuel their bodies which is the opposite for me because I build lean muscles.
  • I’ve incorporated TRX on some of my workouts, and it’s very useful for strength training. People at the gym should also do TRX training once in a while to continuously confuse the body and not reach a plateau.
  • I’m also a certified yoga barre teacher so yoga for me is the best for flexibility exercises. Yoga taught me good techniques on how to prepare muscles and stretch them before using them for exhaustion to prevent any injuries. I think most bodybuilders tend to neglect these flexibility exercises which caused them a lot of muscle tension and injuries.
  • Bodybuilding for me is the best for people who want to sculpt their bodies the way they want to. It needs a lot of time, patience, dedication, and nutrition to achieve the best version of oneself. Whenever I compete, I would always go ALL IN. I would hit the gym twice a day and be consistent with my diet. Of course, having a personal trainer on the side will help big time

Nutritional & Supplements:
My diet would consist of high protein and low carb to stay lean all year round. I do cheat meals once a week to satisfy my cravings. I also take collagen, vitamin C, Zinc, Fish Oil, and Turmeric as my supplements.

Do you prefer to take all-natural (no sugar, no artificial colours/flavours/sweeteners) supplements or supplements with artificial flavours and sweeteners? And why?
I try to stay away from sugar or any colours/flavours/sweeteners on the supplements as much as possible. I’m more of natural supplements as this is healthier and doesn’t cause insulin spikes on my body.  Staying away from sugar also helps me fight inflammation as I train 5-6x a week.

If you have 100 tokens in total and you could apply them to the following categories, how many would you apply to each?

  • Fitness level: 50
  • Health level: 50

I would say both. I feel like, I’m getting younger and able to reach my body optimization as I age. For me, age is just a number. As long as you keep on moving and keep on eating healthy, you can do a lot of things with your body. I’m always out and about and been exposed to people who got Coronavirus but luckily I tested negative. I’m really blessed and thankful that I have a strong immune system right now.  Staying active boosts my health to the highest level!

Is weight loss more of a fitness issue or a health issue in your opinion and why?
For me, it’s more of a health issue. Not all people who go to the gym are really fit or trying to lose weight. Some people especially the old ones are there to just stay active and keep moving. They don’t go to the gym to lose weight. But for those people who are not active and don’t do anything but stay at home, eating unhealthy foods, sitting on the couch for hours have more issues with weight loss. They aren’t motivated enough to exercise thus losing weight is a huge problem and causes sickness. It may be heart problems, or they’re more prone to injuries since their bodies are not used to moving. Nutrition is a big factor in health. When I was younger, I thought it’s normal to just grow old, gain weight and get sick but as I get knowledgeable in fitness & health, I became aware that being fit, staying active, and fueling my body right can fight this aging process thus staying and feeling young can be easily achieved.

Special skills?
I am also a singer, dancer and can play sports like volleyball and basketball.

What do your parents mean to you? What did they teach you? 
I’m very family-oriented and grew up with their supervision. They’re my strength and inspiration. They taught me to be nice, kind, humble all the time. Treat people good no matter how they treat you back. And be strong and courageous in every struggle I face.

Can you describe the Status Arnold model search? What was that like?
I love the experience! That was my first time attending Arnold’s event and I met a lot of amazing people with the same vision and goals! I’ve learned a lot from that experience and inspired me more to do better with my fitness.

How did it differ from regular physique events? Would you do it again?
I love it because it’s like a pageant and lets me showcase my personality and creativity on the stage. I had the freedom to express myself more showcasing not only my physique but overall. And yes I would definitely do it again!

Having Status involved in the Model Search how big of the addition was that?
I think Status would give a better opportunity for the people who joined the competition like me to be known and reach more people in regards to fitness and health and to be able to share inspiring stories on how they started with fitness and how they choose to continue to do it despite obstacles that come in the way.

What separates Status from other fitness magazines?
I never knew Status until I joined Arnold Model Search last year. I got excited and had wishful thinking of being featured in the magazine. Dreams do come true. Now I’m filling up these Q&As with a wide heart open. I love the people behind it and the success/transformation stories of the featured athletes. It’s not just showing how to fit the models are but the stories of how they achieve the look and struggles behind it. It’s more relatable to people and inspiring to read.

What would it mean to you to become the next Status Fitness Cover model?
This will be a big milestone in my fitness career! Been having this wishful thinking ever since I’ve started on my fitness journey. This will show that with perseverance, dedication, and hard work, anything is possible.

If you meet Status Editor-In-Chief, Rodney Jang, what question would you ask him?
I met Rodney last year in Columbus during the Arnold Model Search photoshoot. He is full of wisdom and this guy is very humble despite his achievements. If I’ll ever meet him again, I would ask him what’s his secret for success.

6 things people would not know about you?

  • I’m fighting my demons every day because I always overthink and have high anxiety towards everything which makes it hard for me to sleep at night.
  • I’m hopelessly romantic.
  • I’m a very lovable person but I can also be a monster in just a snap when I got triggered.
  • I easily laugh at any jokes.
  • I choose people who to hang out with because I value my time.
  • Most of my friends are gays because I feel secured with them.

Who inspires you?
My family inspires me the most

Who do you wish to inspire?
People who think that their life is over, that there is no hope for a better life.

Life goals:
My goal is to own a big gym that I can be branched out to different parts of the world. Have my own fashion/fitness clothing line and to be able to reach more people to inspire and motivate.

5 lessons you have learned?

  • Your time is very valuable, choose wisely who you spend your time with.
  • Always be open to learning new stuff.  Hang out with people who are more experienced than you because they give good advice.
  • Be stubborn about what you want to achieve in life, don’t stop grinding until you get it.
  • Sometimes, you have to let go of what’s not meant for you. People or things that are meant for you will stay.  Do not chase for it because it’s a waste of time and energy.
  • Money or Power is nothing if you aren’t healthy. Health is still precious wealth.

Music and artist you listen to while training?
I listen to different Spotify playlist, most of the genres I listen to is hip-hop or something upbeat.

Favorite books and authors?
Managing Your Mind. The author is Gillian Butler, M.D. & Tony Hope, M.D.

5 most important attributes you see in a person?

  • Trustworthy
  • Reliable
  • Persistent
  • Positive Mindset
  • Goal-Oriented.

Favorite Quotes:

  • Don’t look for motivation. ​Find your WHY, then no excuses will come between you and your goals.
  • Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.
  • Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.
  • Great things never come from comfort zones.

Photograhper: Joe Mikoli

Bianca G

I’m a small-town girl from Vancouver Island. I moved to the big city of Vancouver in 2015 to pursue my career goals. I am a project manager and multiple business owner. Growing up, I was always athletic and active in competitive sports, but in 2010, I realized that I wanted to compete and get into the fitness industry. I have been active in the fitness industry since 2013 when I won my first contest. I earned my first pro-card in 2014. Since earning my personal training and nutrition certifications through the ISSA, I have been taking on lifestyle and contest prep clients and achieved great successes with both. In my spare time, I love to hike, travel, cook and spend time with my friends and family.



Trainer philosophy:
I believe that keeping it simple is the best approach to fitness. My philosophy as a personal trainer is to inspire others with my passion for fitness and empower them by transferring my knowledge of fitness and nutrition to them. I aim to teach, coach, and educate my clients to reach their fitness goals and peak optimal health.

Training Plan:
I personally train 5-6 days per week for about one hour for upper body workouts and longer for lower body workouts. I do very minimal cardio – I think I banked a whopping 10 mins this week! I do have a couple of training e-books available on my website BUT other than that, my client programs are always CUSTOM to fit their goals and experience levels.

Nutritional Plan:
I personally have a macro split that I stick to and I track everything in the My Fitness Pal app. I enjoy a couple of refeeds each week depending on how I’m feeling. My clients always get their own customized nutrition plans tailored specifically for their goals. Whether I create a set meal plan for them or teach them how to track macros depends on their preference and experience level.

Supplement Plan:
Fish oil and Vitamin D in the morning, BCAAs, Allmax Impact Igniter Preworkout, Isoflex whey protein isolate (post-workout), Allmax ZMX and Renew Life Ultimate Flora probiotic before bed.

Do you prefer to take and recommend all-natural (no sugar, no artificial colors/flavors/sweeteners) supplements or supplements with artificial flavors and sweeteners? And Why?
I take supplements with artificial sweeteners because I like the flavours better. Stevia has a weird aftertaste to me, so I avoid it. Since numerous studies have confirmed that artificial sweeteners do not negatively affect insulin or fat loss, there’s really no problem with ingesting them unless you have a sensitivity to them. Just for the reader’s info, to decide whether to take all-natural supplements or supplements with artificial sweeteners/flavour is therefore simply a matter of preference. I also take products with the least amounts of fillers in them as possible and no “proprietary blends”. I only choose products with their ingredients and quantities thereof clearly listed on the label so I can ensure I’m getting truly useful amounts of each of the supplements/micronutrients I’m taking.

Is weight loss more of a fitness issue or a health issue in your opinion and why?
I believe that depends on the client/individual. If a client/individual is overweight, this can have a serious impact on their current or future day-to-day functioning, their mental health, etc., so therefore, their weight loss would be a health issue. If a client/individual is at a fairly normal and healthy weight for their height (has a normal Body Mass Index (BMI)), then I feel that their weight loss would be more for just fitness reasons than general health reasons in my opinion.

If you have 100 tokens in total and you could apply them to the following categories, how many would you apply to each?

  • Fitness level: 50
  • Health level:  50

I believe that health and fitness are inextricably intertwined. I believe if a person is at a healthy level of overall fitness (as evaluated by a general fitness test as we do in personal training) then that person can generally be considered healthy as well. You can’t have one without the other. For the most part, I believe if you’re fit, you’re healthy!

Describe your coaches and the impact they have on you?
I don’t have any coaches. I have coached myself the majority of my fitness career. I hired a coach for 4 months in 2016 just to see what the difference would be between coaching myself and being coached (in terms of tricks of the trade, etc.). He’s a very prominent coach in the bodybuilding industry and coaches quite a few of the big-time American Olympians. Hiring him made me realize that I already had the right formula figured out and I didn’t actually need a coach. The way I was already training, supplementing, and programming my diet prior to hiring him was almost exactly what he prescribed for me anyway. More so he just reinforced that I was already at a professional level with regards to programming and executing a contest prep.

What separates Status from other fitness magazines?
The depth and integrity of the articles and the coverage of the fitness events. There’s no greater publication for fitness information and athlete exposure!

If you could ask Status Fitness Magazine Editor in Chief Rodney Jang any industry question, what would that be?
What do you think the evolution of the fitness industry will look like in 10 years?

Status Fitness Magazine runs model searches across North America including the largest one at the Arnold Classic for the Status cover.  As part of the Status family, you will receive a special participation invite. How excited are you about this opportunity?
SO EXCITED! I love Status Fitness Magazine and everything it represents. I always strive to be the best ambassador I can be in the fitness industry both as a coach and an athlete. Being on the cover of Status Fitness Magazine would mean EVERYTHING to me. I’d be able to get my message out there and hopefully inspire so many more people to chase their goals and dreams!

Future fitness goals and plans?
Open my own boutique gym that offers women’s-specific training classes which focus on strength, form, and especially lower body training! I get so many requests for glute training programs that I wrote my own Glute-Builder e-book. I want to be known as the female Bret Contreras or Mark Carroll – the world-renowned FEMALE glute-building expert who helps other women achieve greater confidence through building their ideal physiques.

Your transformation story?
Growing up, I was an athlete, but I was always very skinny. I got accused of having an eating disorder quite often even though that couldn’t have been further from the truth – I ate a LOT – it just didn’t stick to me! Once, when I was in my twenties, I was walking down the street, and a girl threw an actual cheeseburger at me from across the road and yelled “eat a damn cheeseburger!” (again – because I was so thin). It was pretty mortifying. I did join a gym when I was 18 but only went for about a year because I didn’t know how to weight train properly and I felt kinda shy in there. Then, I hired a personal trainer when I was probably 19 or 20 and he was so nice, but I was not disciplined at ALL. I was far more interested in going out with my friends on weekends stick to any sort of diet or training program. So that was a short-lived venture too. Sometime in 2010, I saw a picture of Ava Cowan and decided I wanted to look fit and strong like her. It took me a bit to finally commit, in September 2011, I signed up for an actual gym again and started weight lifting and cardio. I trained myself, read as much as I could about bodybuilding, and I started seeing some real progress. By January 2013, I decided that I would like to get on stage in a fitness competition. I won first place at my first ever competition on June 2, 2013, and the rest is history! Since that first show, I have competed nine more times, earned my personal training and Sports Nutrition certifications through the ISSA, and have helped hundreds of clients achieve their fitness goals too.

Who inspires you? And why?
Anyone achieving success in their chosen endeavors inspires me, really. I’m inspired by success stories like Ryan Deluca’s regarding how he started the website and grew it to monumental success. I have a friend who is an inventor and he just patented a device that’s going to change the world – he inspires me. I like idea and action people – people who just got for it and keep pushing until they win. It’s always amazing to me what takes off and how – usually it just comes down to persistence and I like being reminded of that.

If you could inspire one person, who would that be? And why?
Not one person – I want to inspire everyone! I want to inspire people to be strong, true to themselves, and chase after their goals whatever they may be!

5 things people don’t know about you:

  • I’m really creative – I sing, I’m an artist, and I design clothing too.
  • I am outdoorsy – I could live out in the wild no problem – I practically grew up in it!
  • I’m a big fan of graffiti art – it’s the vibrant colours and shapes for me.
  • I was invited by Bobsleigh Canada to try out for the Canadian Women’s Olympic Bobsleigh team in 2018 – I didn’t make the team, but it was an honour to be asked.
  • I love desert landscapes and minimalistic desert architecture.

Favorite Quotes:
Stay in your lane.

Photos By: Christian Jarlos | Brandon Prudencios

Aisha Macdonald

I am a mom of two beautiful girls, Madison 9 years and Tegan 7 years old, and a wife to an amazing husband for almost ten years. I also run a health and fitness business, where I create workouts and meal plans for women. I help women have a healthier relationship with their bodies by teaching them how to train with a purpose, eat with a purpose, and have faith through the process. I’ve been a personal trainer for twelve years now and a nutrition coach for five years. I’ve competed in 3 shows. In the first show, I did figure in 2014 and 2016, I did bikini and placed 1st in my category. And then in 2019, I entered the brand new class of Wellness and placed 2nd. I have had to overcome many struggles in my life, but God always brought fitness in to pull me out of the dark. Fitness is my passion, it’s the place where I go to blow off steam, the place where I go to remind myself of my dreams.

Director, (Fitnessministry)

Life before COVID-19, workout regiment, and routine:
Before COVID, I was working from my studio training clients. I had my daily routine of getting girls ready for school, working, and then working towards my health and fitness goals. The gym was my favorite part of the day, so I would save it for the afternoon just before girls would get home from school. Life before COVID was hectic and busy, always having to do something with not enough time rushing around everywhere to try and get everything done.

What feelings did you experience during isolation and how did you overcome them?
In the beginning, I felt a little overwhelmed that I would have to now homeschool my kids. I felt sad and a bit scared of what was going on in the world and that I didn’t have any control over what was to happen. I had to shut my training business down and now lost that monthly income and routine. We had to find a new routine and way of living; I now had to fit my workouts in at home with the kids running around. I had to figure out how to transition my business from in-person to online, which I started, but before COVID wasn’t putting too much attention on because I had in-person clients and was exhausted. COVID ended up becoming a blessing for our family, my marriage, my girls, and now my business. It made us have to take an in-depth look at everything we were doing and helped us evaluate what was important and what we were filling in the time gaps. Doing workouts at home inspired my girls to want to exercise; my husband that had his workout routine now had to do it at home. We have incorporated our girls into our routines. Adam does yoga with them 3 times a week and 2 times a week boxing or bike rides at 5:30 am, and they are as happy as ever. My business went from being in-person to now all online, where I do live classes to my workout programs. I have been growing my clientele steadily from month to month. My two little girls have followed in my footsteps and now created a Youtube channel where they do workouts for kids their ages and make kid-friendly and healthy recipes. My marriage was not doing very well before COVID, and after COVID, it is like we reconnected again and fell back in love.

Your plans and fitness plans after the pandemic?
To continue to grow my online health and fitness business Fit Club with my husband and business partner helping me. Also, support my girls that now have a passion for health and fitness, grow their Youtube channel. As for personal Fitness goals, I gained some COVID weight, so my fitness goal is to lose that and get in the best shape of my life.

Training Plan, Nutritional Plan?
I train 5-6 days a week with a 5-day split my 6th-day being focused on glute exercises. My nutrition plan I currently carb cycle and have for four years, it works fantastic for all my clients and me as well. My carb cycle routine starts from Monday – High/High/Low/High/High/Low/High or a rewarding day. I am currently trying to lose some fat, so I’m in a deficit of 1488 calories my macros vary depending on if I’m on a high or low carb day.

Supplement Plan:

  • AllMax- cytoGreens
  • Probiotics
  • Isoflex protein
  • Glutamine
  • Omega 3

What separates Status from other fitness magazines? 
The way you connect with your audience and fans.

What would it mean to you to become a “Status Symbol”? 
It would be an honor and a dream come true for me. It would be something that I would remember for a lifetime and be so proud of.

What would it mean to you to grace the cover of Status? 
A dream come true, a privilege I would be so excited!

Favorite Quotes:
“All things are possible if you believe” Mark 9:23
“He who thinks he can and he who thinks he can’t are both right” Confucius

Six things people don’t know about you?

  • I’m a huge marvel geek fan.
  • I love 5 cent candies.
  • I love cooking and trying to make my favorite recipes healthier.
  • I’m not too fond of scary movies I will not watch them.
  • I love comedy and will watch anything that can make me laugh.
  • I am 10 years clean and sober (My husband is 12 years clean and sober).

If you could inspire one person, who would that be? 
I would inspire the girl that was my younger self and tell her not to give up, keep dreaming, and don’t follow the crowd because it can’t take you where your dreams will.

Who inspires you? And why?
Sarah Jakes Roberts, she is the most amazing and powerful woman in my eyes. At a very young age lost herself and found herself in situations that would make people think that she was a lost cause, and then she totally changed her life around and is now a worldwide speaker and pastor and lives to inspire and encourage other women. They have a church called OneLA in Los Angeles, and she is the daughter of Bishop T.D Jakes, a famous paster and movie producer.
She inspires me that no matter who you are or where you came from or how bad of a decision that you made, God can turn it around and use it for your good.

 Hannah Dawson

My favorite cheat meal is Bacon. I see myself as a vibrant, ambitious goal-getter. I have a good sense of time management, quick learner, and easy to talk to. I take my goals on fearlessly. I can be the girl next door but still, be extremely highly driven and unstoppable in reaching my goals. I want to educate others that with simple disciplines practiced daily, a healthy lifestyle is achievable. I am passionate about making people laugh and building their confidence. I am growing and getting better myself every day. It took me 4 years to be where I am today. It was not easy but it was so worth it. I am not done yet I know there are many opportunities still out there waiting for me.


Pretoria, South Africa.

Occupation details:
Assistant Coach for Rise Squad App, Lash Artist, and Fitness Model.

Relationship status:
Happy 7 years with Cian Steenkamp.

Fitness Goals:
Motivating women to be healthier and believe in themselves by showing them how to maintain a fit healthy lifestyle, and my biggest fitness goals at the moment are to get my IFBB Springbok colors and to go to the Worlds! And to become a worldwide motivational speaker and fitness instructor! The last one is to become a qualified Personal Trainer! I want to lead by example and show no matter what struggle, you will get through this!

Training Plan:
We have a variety of weight exercises each week. My favorite is leg day and I do that 3x times a week. I have cardio every day and extra abs and glutes every second day. In the evenings, I would do netball or gymnastics, and sometimes a live session from one of our Elites on the Rise Squad Facebook page. And I make sure, I get 10 000 steps in a day.

Thoughts on HIIT, Powerlifting, TRX, Yoga, bodybuilding, others?
HIIT derived a favorite! It quicks and burns calories like crazy!

Yoga is something I do twice a month, just to stretch it out.

Bodybuilding is a definite yes! I love how my body goes through phases of growth! It’s hard work but stepping on stage is amazing!

Nutritional & Supplements:
I am fueled by Psn_lifestyle they provide me with all my immune boosters, glutamine, BCAA, omega 3, CLA, and whey protein. My meal plan at the moment is a 1-day high carb, 1-day low carb. It is still high protein and I am free to eat sugar-free jelly and a sugar-free nougat bar once a day.

What do your parents mean to you? What did they teach you?
My mom is such a strong woman. She has taught me by working hard and not giving up on my life, I can be whatever I want to be! I love her so much! My dad, unfortunately, left when I was 12 years old.

What separates Status from other fitness magazines?
What I love about this magazine is that they have a high standard of what fitness is all about! The models are exceptional and they have really cool information about what goes on in the bodybuilding and fitness world.

What would it mean to you to become the next Status Fitness Cover model?
Oh my gosh! Is this even a question! Being a Status Fitness cover model would be such a privilege. I can say “Hey mama I made it!”. To become a Cover-model means all the effort I have put in really has made a difference, it will also motivate me to thrive even more in this industry! Fitness is my passion and getting to be on a cover just makes me believe I need to be here even more! I would be exceptionally proud!

If you meet Status Editor-In-Chief, Rodney Jang, what question would you ask him?
I have met this awesome man before! My question would be: “Do you miss me?”.

7 things people would not know about you:

  • I have a tattoo of a pig.
  • I grew up without a father.
  • I was diagnosed with ADHD but I believe it’s a gift and not a disorder.
  • I used to drive Taxi to work when I was 18 ( when you in SA it’s quite a risky thing).
  • I was in a wheelchair for 10 weeks due to bunions.
  • I don’t own a TV since 12 so I don’t watch TV.
  • I am allergic to nuts, cats, and dogs.

Who inspires you?
My biggest inspiration would be Hayley T-Rex! She inspired me to lose weight in 2017 when I weighed 90kg and she has the most amazing stage presence and heart! She is the Arnolds Model Search winner 2017, IFBB Fitness Bikini Springbok athlete and she is my coach! She inspires me to help more people and reminds me, I can be whomever I want to be. My body goals are definitely Denice Momberg. She has a really strong, beautiful body and Vicky Sethabela are my Wellness Fitness goal in bodybuilding.

Who do you wish to inspire?
I wish to inspire all women that they can really do anything when they believe in themselves! Everyone deserves to be happy but you will only be happy when you go look for it! Work hard and know you are capable of greatness! Thinking successful = Living Successful!

Transformation story:
In June 2017, I decided it was time to change my lifestyle. I set a goal that I would do my first fitness bodybuilding competition on the 25th of November (Summer Super Bodies IFBB). When I stepped on that stage I just knew that was what I wanted to do with my life even though I didn’t place. I had a rollercoaster with my weight after the show, I was a binge eater and before I knew it, I picked up 15kg. I was invited to compete at the Arnold Model search 2018. I lost 10kg to step back on stage and once again I didn’t place. I relapsed again. Summer Super Bodies 2018 came and this time I was sure I would not fall back. I did not place once again and I thought it was time to give up the shows and just maintain a healthy lifestyle. Hayley T-Rex approached me a few days after the show and offered me ambassadorship to get the correct guidance on what it is to be a real Fit Athlete. She offered me posing, dieting, and training. My year 2019 started off with a bang. I stood my 3rd show on 13th April and I placed 3rd in the Wellness Fitness division. I have received my Arnold qualifier and placed 4th my first time on an international stage (17 May). The next day (18 May), I stood on the Arnold Model Search again and this time I claimed the title. That was where everything started for me. Now I am ready to take on this industry fully and inspire others and take my career to the next level.

Life goals:
I can’t wait for our app to launch. The goal is to obviously have 1 million subscribers! I would also like to open a She Glows Training Academy franchise to educate people on how to become a lash artist and then to win Worlds, get married, drive a Jaguar F-type, and help pay for someone’s university every year!

5 lessons you have learned:

  • Be humble and chose your battles.
  • If you don’t ask you won’t know.
  • Do not overthink, you have so much worth.
  • Food will always be there.
  • You are in control of your emotions.

Music and artist you listen to while training:
I am obsessed with Deep house and Bass house music. My favorite artists are Advent, Chunda Munki, Kyle Watson, CRNL, and Lady Lea.

Favorite actors/ movies:
Favorite actor: Hillary Duff. Favorite movie: a series of unfortunate events.

5 most important attributes you see in a person?
  • Honesty.
  • Ambitious.
  • Patience.
  • Concentration.
  • Adaptation.

Favorite Quotes:

  • “Have faith as small as a mustard seed”.
  • “Believe in yourself and you can be unstoppable”.
  • “Control your thoughts and you can control your emotions”.
  • “You give life to what you give energy to”.
  • “Talk about your blessings more than you talk about your problems”.

Photo By: JCT Photography Ben Myburgh AOT Envogue Lyle Simes

Isjeanne du Toit

I am the youngest and only girl of three children in my family. I have always been heavily engaged in athletics and sports, being surrounded by boys, I quickly took on the role of a “tomboy”. I loved school and sports, of all kinds and graduated both primary school and high school with a female athlete award and continued to play travel soccer. Being a female entering her early 20”s, there is not much in terms of physical associations so that is when I joined my local gym and fell in love. My idol Monica Brant inspired me to one day compete in fitness and used the gym to cope with daily stressors and most of life’s little challenges. I got married and years later decided to have my first baby. With years of training in the gym, I knew what it took to get into competition-ready shape, so I competed 5 months to the day after giving birth to my first baby and won 2nd place in my local OPA, now CPA show in the Figure category. Then I found out I was pregnant with my second child, just 2 months after competing. I decided to yet again, compete 5 months after having my second daughter. I placed 4th in the Bikini category. From there, I competed three more times, not stopping until I would win an overall title. In my last show 2017, I won an overall title in Bikini Fitness, which lead me into the world of fitness modeling.

I am currently a single mother with two beautiful girls ages 8 and 9 years old. My life’s goal is to raise strong, independent, kind daughters.


Windsor Ontario, Canada.

Occupation details:
Registered Nurse Specialize End Of Life Oncology.

Fitness Goals:
To use all my previous knowledge and experience in the fitness industry to inspire and motivate others to achieve their goals, expand my brand JACFIT.

Training Plan?
I train my body with intention and focus on MIND-MUSCLE CONNECTION. I always perform early morning fasted cardio. I always go into my training with muscle groups in mind but use various methods; HIIT, Tabata, FBW, isolation, TUT and listen to what my body is telling me to do (an intuitive approach).

Nutritional & Supplements:
I believe supplements sponsored athlete and I am very mindful of what I put into my body. My stack includes Energy and Burner (fasted cardio), Superfoods Greens, CLA, Multivitamin, Vitamin D, Calcium, and Vitamin C daily. My diet consists of a plant-based, I transitioned from animal-based to plant-based about 6 years ago. I cannot express enough the benefits for my body both physically and the overall mental clarity and function. I am able to maintain a leaner physique, eliminate GI issues and my sense of connection to my body is insanely powerful.

Special skills?
I can pick up almost anything with my toes.

What do your parents mean to you? What did they teach you?
My parents the very foundation of who I am. The single most important thing my parents taught was the installation of self-worth (respect for myself) and my work ethic, as talent only goes so far.

What separates Status from other fitness magazines?
Status is the representation of all fitness enthusiasts, from weekend gym-goers to competitive athletes. Status magazine provides valuable knowledge, inspiring photography. It’s accessible not just an online fitness read.

What would it mean to you to become the next Status Fitness Cover-model?
Well, probably would be up there next to become a mother.

If you meet Status Editor-In-Chief, Rodney Jang, what question would you ask him?
If you could identify a time or an event that you would do over, what would it be? And why?

6 things people would not know about you:

  • I am left-handed.
  • I am a plant-based athlete.
  • I am French Canadian.
  • I am afraid of spiders.
  • My eye color changes with my mood (blue, grey, green).
  • I have never had a cavity.

Who inspires you?
My 2 daughters Bella and Savanah.

Who do you wish to inspire?
My girls and other women, youngers, elders, mothers, etc.

Transformation story:
Not my transformation story, it’s my mothers, not a client. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and was caught early, underwent surgery and radiation treatment. Working with her on her diet and training, I was able to assist her in transitioning from an animal to a plant-based, to assist her in improving her ability to maintain lean body weight, increase her consumption of nutrients needed to heal from surgery, and lower her cholesterol and other levels to provide an overall improved health state.

Life goals:
Continue to be a role model for my daughters. To pay it forward, help others with their fitness goals with my knowledge as a Registered Nurse and Fitness coach.

5 lessons you have learned

  • Good deeds never go unnoticed.
  • Hard work pays off.
  • Discipline over motivation.
  • Positive Choices = Positive Outcomes.

Music and artist you listen to while training:

Favorite actors/ movies:
My all-time favorite movie is Dirty Dancing.

Favorite books and authors:
My favorite book “How Not to Die” by Dr. Michael Gregor.

5 most important attributes you see in a person?
  • Integrity.
  • Honesty.
  • Kindness.
  • Discipline.
  • Positivity.

Favorite Quotes:
“Progress not Perfection”.

Photo By: West Studio

Jaclyn Cordeiro

I have a lot of roles in my life that I couldn’t be more proud of. First and foremost, I am a mother to my amazing 9-year-old son. He is my world. He has the best energy, full of compassion, and my mini-me. I feel extremely proud to possess the knowledge, skills, and compassion to be able to make a difference during this pandemic. As Respiratory Therapists, we have one of the riskiest and important jobs in the world right now. I know now more than ever that I chose the best career path for me. I realize that my calling is to serve others. I feel blessed that I have the opportunity to serve others on different levels. I am a lead RT at Scripps Mercy in San Diego.

I naturally have a lot of energy and I have always been athletic. I played in the varsity tennis league in high school. I love backpacking, hiking, and snowboarding. I have always been one to try new adventures. I am always looking for ways to challenge myself. So I am always looking for the next challenge. This has always been my mindset whether professionally, physically, or spiritually. I would say my physical fitness goals become more challenging every year. When I started running 3 miles, I decided to keep adding more until I completed my first half marathon. Then I signed up for a full

marathon. Trail marathons, etc. I loved participating in cycle class so much that I began instructing it myself. So 3 years ago, when I relocated from N.Ca to San Diego, I met a great group of trainers and they introduced me to bodybuilding and competing. I started with an organization called AAU and Fitness Universe. These competitive platforms propelled my journey and love for bodybuilding.  Bodybuilding is great because there is always room for improvement. Even when you place first place. There will still always be something to improve. This is why I love it because I believe in continuous growth. I realize that a truly impassioned career or hobby comes from meaningful work. I love the endorphins, the transformation, the overall results are great. But, the true glory comes from how you feel within, how you impact and inspire others.


San Diego, Ca.

Occupation details:
Lead Respiratory therapist at Scripps Mercy San Diego.

Relationship status:

Fitness Goals:
My focus this year is to set SMART goals. You may have heard this before, but  I always encourage my clients to set  Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound goals. Most importantly: never give up on a goal you set out to achieve. You can always adjust the time frame. The only limit really is ourselves. If 2020 taught me anything, it is that nothing is guaranteed. Shows can be canceled, gyms may close. You’ve got to dig deep and keep pushing despite the circumstances. This is what I know for sure. I want to compete at least once more. I would love to become a pro one day, but that isn’t everything to me. Bodybuilding is a very subjective sport and I love the competition. But most importantly, I want to continue to strive to become a better version of myself each and every year. This is where the WIN is.


Training Plan?
My current training plan involves carb cycling, weight lifting, and fasted cardio. I focus on whole foods and implementing specific macros to meet my goals. I also practice intuitive eating and intermittent fasting. It just depends on my goals for that season. I practice a stress-free approach that focuses on nourishing your body with whole foods rather than putting your body through starvation mode which tends to only lead to short-term results. I want my clients to be able to sustain their weight loss naturally and be able to live a truly healthy lifestyle not just benefit from short-term results. This is my passion! I want to empower women and build them up so they are capable of continuing a healthy lifestyle even without me.

Thoughts on HIIT, Powerlifting, TRX, Yoga, bodybuilding, others?
I have dabbled in all of the above and I have benefited from each of these. Again, it just depends on what goals you are trying to achieve. It depends on what season you are in. I don’t believe there is one cookie-cutter approach, no one size fits all. IF you reap the most benefits from powerlifting, then go for it. If TRX and yoga are your things then go for it. Whatever you do commit to it. Go all out. But don’t be afraid to try new things. I was always intimidated by bodybuilding. 4 years ago, you wouldn’t find me lifting. I was a runner, HIIT, spin cycle girl. I would rather run 10 miles than lift a barbell. Sometimes, you have to do what scares you. Again, Comfort is the enemy of progress. I had to get uncomfortable but now I love it. I love bodybuilding and I have had the most significant results from it.

Nutritional & Supplements:

  • For maintenance and recovery, I take glutamine, BCAAs.
  • Health optimization: Alpha-lipoic acid, 5-HTP, Apple cider vinegar, Aloe vera juice.
  • Pre-workout: L-carnitine, Creatine.
  • Blood sugar control: Berberine, Chromium picolinate.
  • vitamin c + vitamin d3, Multivitamins, Omega 3.

Special skills?
I play the piano. I am actually currently teaching my son. I love cooking different recipes. I prepare my own meal prep. Meal prep never gets boring in my kitchen. I love experimenting with new recipes. I recently bought a pair of roller skates and a long-board. So you’ll catch me rolling with my homies. I like making people laugh or just laughing at myself. I can be goofy and silly. I love playing tennis and snowboarding. I love the beach! My next goal is to conquer surfing. I tried it once but it was so challenging for me. I am determined to get uncomfortable again and conquer the waves!

What do your parents mean to you? What did they teach you?
My parents are everything to me! I am incredibly blessed with the best parents. I see myself in both my parents. Both my parents are outgoing and have a great sense of humor. They are also very loving and genuine. They are both retired now. Looking back, I see so much of myself in them. First, my father is a retired welding engineer. However, he continues to pursue his passion even though he is retired. He is passing on his skills and knowledge to the next generations. He loves teaching and he is so talented in his profession. He is full of energy himself. Always hiking or dancing salsa. My mother is a retired special ed instructor. She was in the field of serving others as well. My mother is a very passionate and funny woman. We are very much alike, we can make each other laugh until we cry. She volunteers now at homeless shelters, attends bible studies, and is always helpful with my son. My son has the best nana and papa. So in a nutshell, they taught me that age doesn’t matter when you are pursuing your dreams. You continuously grow into who you want to become. They have both done that with their lives.

What separates Status from other fitness magazines?
Honestly, I am so impressed with Status Magazine. I seriously feel so honored to a part of  Status. I love the diversity showcased and how it embraces all backgrounds. Status Magazine is cutting edge, fresh and relatable.

What would it mean to you to become the next Status Fitness Cover Model?
To be on the cover of Status would be such an honor. When I first began bodybuilding, I, unfortunately, received a lot of criticism from some “friends”.  Almost mocked and told that I would never make it. That I was in over my head. It was extremely hurtful. SO as you can imagine it would be an honor to be the next Status Fitness Cover Model. I think it would definitely break a mold and at the end of the day give people hope and motivation to stay committed to their goals. This will show the world that you can do it all. You can be a mother, have a career and still make time for yourself and your passion. The glory comes from how it will impact others. My goal is to make a positive impact on this world. Becoming a Status Cover Model would allow me to impact more people than I could ever have imagined. It would be an honor, a milestone, a dream come true!

If you meet Status Editor-In-Chief, Rodney Jang, what question would you ask him?
What is the most important thing I should know about you?

6 things people would not know about you?

  • When I was 15 years old I had a brain tumor.
  • I own firearms and I know to use them.
  • My first fitness passion was running. I have run multiple marathons and placed 2nd on my last trail marathon.
  • I can read music and play two different instruments.
  • I love traveling! I’ve been all over the Caribbean, Mexico, and parts of Central America. I’d love to visit Europe next. COVID GO AWAY!
  • I have a chihuahua named “Snowball”.

Who inspires you?
Like-minded individuals who build lift each other up instead of tearing others down.

Who do you wish to inspire?
First, and foremost, I want my son to see that when you are passionate about something it involves a level of discomfort. Not everything comes easy but you have to keep pushing and develop a strong mindset to overcome any hurdle. I want him to see me struggle, so I can show him how to persevere and get back up. I never want him to think that anything comes easy. Everything comes with some hustle and grit.

Secondly, I want to inspire women. I want women to know they have the ability to transform into who they want to be. It’s not about the physical transformation but about the mental transformation. Focusing on adjusting the mindset. This is where transformation first takes place, the body soon follows.

Transformation story:
I would have to see my biggest transformation happened in 2019. I really focused on my prep and I took 3rd place overall internationally with Fitness Universe. Bodybuilding has definitely yielded the best results for me. Running helped me stay lean. But, bodybuilding shaped and toned me like no other. I am physically stronger because of it and I am so grateful. Since I have always been athletic, my weight has always fluctuated. I would say that the greatest transformation of all has been my mindset. I truly believe that I can and will achieve whatever goal I set for myself.

Life goals:
My life goals are simple. I want to make everything around me beautiful. I want every encounter, interaction with people to leave happier than before.

6 lessons you have learned?

  • Your attitude is everything.
  • You must do what scares you.
  • Don’t compare yourself to anyone.
  • Accept compliments with a thank you and smile.
  • Never let anyone shame you or dull your sparkle.
  • Know that everyone is fighting a secret battle of their own. Respond to rudeness with kindness when you can.

Music and artist you listen to while training?
I love to run to Odessa or lift to 90s rap.  Edm and reggaeton for high-intensity cardio.

Favorite books and authors:
Currently reading “Becoming bulletproof by Evy Poumpouras.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

15 Invaluable laws of Growth or any of John C.Maxwell’s books are my favorite.

C.s. Lewis and John C. Maxwell.

Nicholas Sparks for romance.

5 most important attributes you see in a person?
  • Loyalty.
  • Honesty.
  • Ability to forgive.
  • Gracious heart.
  • Kindness.

Favorite Quotes:
“Whatever you do, work at it with all of your heart” – Colossians 3:23.

Photo by: Cory C Marek Piecyk

Jaclyn Fierro

I’m Polish. I was born and raised in a small but beautiful town Cieszyn, where I also met my future husband Andy. But later about that.

My mom is a physical therapist and corrective exercise specialist so my passion for fitness came from her. I was always active and took part in many competitions: swimming, running, triathlons – you name it, I was there. My dad was a teacher and passionate about travel. I took that interest from him, always wanted to travel and destiny brought me to America, but really it was my future husband Andy. Like I mentioned before, we were born in the same city. Only a month apart. Grew up together. And then split for 20 years. I almost married someone else. Long story short, Andy came back home and we fall in love instantly! Before I moved to the land of opportunity, I finished school with a master’s degree in business, working at the same time in the international office.

At present, I’m a mom of a two-year-old beautiful daughter and I work as a fitness manager, being in the fitness industry for 5 years. Also since that time, I compete in bikini competitions. I hold the title of Miss Bikini America Champion that I earned in 2020 in the International Fitness Universe competitions in Las Vegas. I also do online fitness coaching.


Washington DC.

Fitness Manager at Gold’s Gym.

Relationship status:

Fitness Goals:
My fitness goal is to win Olympia one day. Many years ago, I would never have thought I can do it, but anything is possible if you really want it and if you set your mindset on a right track.

Who is your trainer?
I train myself. I find it interesting to learn how my body reacts to different diets or exercises. Besides, I truly believe I can train myself. Most and foremost I exercise for me, for my happiness and competition were always for fun. While competing, I never expected to place and to my surprise, I won six of them in a row and got many overalls, and earned 2 PRO cards (Fitness Universe and AAU).

Training Plan:
Currently, I train (or at least I try) glutes/legs 3 times a week (Monday – heavy/ Wednesday – semi-heavy, more reps / Friday – single-leg exercises) and Upper body 2-3 times a week (Tuesday – shoulders / Thursday – back with chest). I also do cardio daily. I used to do a typical split routine, which I really like but now I’m trying something new.

Thoughts on HIIT, Powerlifting, TRX, Yoga, bodybuilding, others?
I’m a bodybuilding girl. All my workouts are in the bodybuilding style. I honestly prefer it the most. Even though I grow up with cardio but I like building muscle. I also enjoy good challenges that’s why every Friday I do HIIT. I love to combine my HIIT workout with some power movements like the snatch or clean, some bodyweight exercises, TRX, and KB/DB. Variety is everything because it is more fun this way and it develops your entire body, improves strength as well as conditioning! As a trainer, I love to incorporate all gym equipment or lifting styles in my own or my client’s workouts. I think it is important to make training fun. At the end of the day, it is our playground, it should be fun.

Nutritional & Supplements:
I try to eat all-natural foods. At the moment, I just do Vitamins and BCAA and sometimes pre-workout. I use to use protein powder daily but now my diet has enough protein that I decided I don’t have to use it anymore.

Special skills?
I have the ability to connect with everyone and make them feel special. I’m always positive and encouraging. I’m determined, confident and I lead by example.

What do your parents mean to you? What did they teach you?
I think family is everything and I think I wouldn’t be who I’m now without my parents. They created me and by giving me life, they also give me all knowledge they could. My mom taught me to have an open heart, help people in need and never ask for anything in return. She is my biggest cheerleader and she is the one who always believed in me. I want to be like my mom, I don’t know a better person than she is. Incredible strong mindset and skill to unite people. My dad taught me to always reach for more: more education, more travels, more sightseeing. Everything that you see or experience will stay with you forever. No one can take it away from you. That is your biggest treasure.

What separates Status from other fitness magazines?
True focus on competition fitness! I don’t think many magazines do it. I totally love it because it is not the commercial approach. I as a competitor can actually learn a lot just by reading your articles. I love how you are connecting with the audience on the events, and how you are involved and actively present.

What would it mean to you to become the next Status Fitness Cover model?
I’m ready to shoot! To be completely honest being on a Status Fitness Cover Magazine would mean everything to me! It would be a dream come true. I’m serious! I remember when I was a kid, my friend’s aunt told me she was on a cover of a Polish magazine and I was just in big awe and I thought, how cool it would be if one day I could be in one. That thought never left me. I was dreaming about being on a cover of a magazine since then. I never knew how. I tried to take part in the magazine cover competition and I got to the quarterfinals! If I could be honored with that privilege to represent your magazine and be on a cover, you will see the happiest girl it can be.

If you meet Status Editor-In-Chief, Rodney Jang, what question would you ask him?

  • What is the most valuable lesson you learned in life?
  • What book had the biggest impact on you?
  • What inspired you to create a fitness magazine?
  • What are your life goals?
  • What do you do first thing when you wake up?

6 things people would not know about you:

  • I was born and raised in Poland.
  • My first fitness passion was swimming, a lot of swimming.
  • I’m addicted to peanut butter! I seriously can’t stop eating it.
  • My name means Blueberry in English and my daughter’s name means Raspberry.
  • I got my two PRO cards when my daughter was not even a one-year-old.
  • I have a Master’s Degree in Business.

 Who inspires you?
I’m my own inspiration. I want to be better for myself. After giving birth to my daughter, I looked at my old pictures and thought: “I want to look like her”. Funny but it is true. Everyone looks different, has different genetics, likes training in different ways or eating different things. We never can look exactly like someone else, but we can better ourselves. I like to envision my goals, my journey and that is my motivation. That is what pushes me daily to be better, do my training, and stay committed.

Who do you wish to inspire?
I wish to inspire my daughter. I hope she can be unstoppable and get everything that she will dream of. I want to show her that no matter who you are, or where you are from you can be or do anything. I want to inspire her to do big things. I would also like to inspire everyone who does not believe in change. I want every person to believe that transformation is possible. And I’m not thinking about physical appearance, I’m thinking about a mindset change. Because a lot of time it is what stops us from acting, our mindset. If we believe in us we can all do big things. Through fitness, I want to give everyone the opportunity to feel happiness, fulfillment, inner peace, endorphins, and a smile at the end of the session. That is why I’m a health coach, to give them hope, tools, and guidance. I’m here to make a change, wanting the most for you to believe that everything is possible. And Impossible doesn’t exist.

Transformation story:
One of my client’s transformation story:

When you ask about transformation first thing that came to my mind is my former client Emily from California. I also trained her mom and dad. Amazing people and we achieved amazing things together! Emily was very committed even though fitness wasn’t her favorite thing. She always listened and pushed her boundaries. She did her homework but the results were coming very slow. One day, I remember like today; we were analyzing her measurements. It is important to me to see if we have any progress, numbers tell me everything. I remember the feeling of almost disappointment that another month passed and the change was not there. I stayed quiet and just asked Emily a question: “how does she feel? How fitness impacted her life?” and then I got my answer. I got so emotional that almost cried, I couldn’t be happier and proud of her. Even now, I have tears in my eyes. Emily confessed that through the process of working with me, she believed she can do it! She believed she is able to make the change. She felt more confident and she needed to go shopping for new clothes because she lost two sizes. I was shocked and definitely speechless. That day, I learned that mindset is everything and numbers just numbers. Thank you Emily for that lesson!

My transformation is super simple, also mindset change but many years back. Back in Poland, I was a more outdoor kind of girl, more hiking, biking, some running, and swimming. I have never been to the gym. I’ve always thought it would be boring – you just stand in place, look at the mirror and lift a bunch of steals, no beautiful sunsets or views, no new places to visit. The gym seemed to be boring to me. And then I met my husband, who was totally addicted to the gym and that was how my mental and physical transformation started. I wanted to be with him so I learned how to lift, he taught me everything and it became the biggest passion. Now I work out more than him. I compete. I coach others to transform. My body changed through the years dramatically, but mostly my mindset, and now I know I can reach for the stars.

Life goals:
Never settle for average. Always grow, push ambitions further each day. I want to continue to do what I love which is fitness but on a big scale. I also want to travel and work from any place in the world.

5 lessons you have learned?

  • Take what is given to you
  • Believe in yourself
  • Don’t look at others, focus on you
  • Be patient, whatever you are waiting for will come
  • Work hard for your goals

Music and artist you listen to while training?
I always listen to EDM and European DJ’s like Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, David Guetta, Calvin Harris, Avici, and much more.

Favorite books and authors?
James Patterson – I read probably most if not all of his books
Thomas Harris  “The silence of the lambs”
Phillip Margolin

But right now I focus on self-development more and I read “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” as well as fitness books about behavioral changes.

5 most important attributes you see in a person?

  • Honesty
  • Optimism
  • Self-confidence
  • Presence
  • Integrity

Favorite Quotes:
“Champions do not become champions when they win the event, but in the hours, weeks, months and years they spend preparing for it (…)” Alan Armstrong

“If you can dream it, you can do it” Walt Disney

Photographer: Taylor Cifuentes

Kade Vilio: Height 5”11″, Weight 195lbs, IFBB Men’s Physique Pro, TWU Kinesiology Student, Trinity Western Spartan Men’s Ice Hockey Forward.

Trent Vilio: Height 6”0″, Weight 195lbs, National Men’s Physique Champion, TWU Kinesiology Student, Trinity Western Spartan Men’s Ice Hockey Defenseman.

Occupation details:
Co-own a Retail Hockey Store and University Students.

 What is it like training, competing (with and against), and playing hockey with your brother?
We’re both extremely lucky to be so close in age. It’s given us the opportunity to not only compete alongside each other in bodybuilding but also play alongside each other in hockey as well. We’ve been training together on and off for the last 10 years and can gladly attribute both our successes in bodybuilding and hockey to each other as we continue to motivate one another to this day. As for bodybuilding. We’ve both been competing together since 2012, and there have been ups and downs. Whether it be cheating on a diet or placing bad at a show, but we’ve always had each other’s backs.

There was never a sense of negative competition among us. We both wanted each other to do well and didn’t care if one of us placed higher than the other. There is no way we would both be still competing to this day if it weren’t for each other’s support. As for hockey. We’ve both played with each other since we were kids, and it never gets old. It’s really fun to be able to play with your brother, but I’d be lying if I said we never got into heated arguments about certain plays made during a game. At the end of the day though we always enjoyed playing with each other, and are also very protective of each other on the ice. Like I said we’re both very fortunate to have had one another to motivate and push to be better whether it be in the gym, on stage, or on the ice!

Talk about the similarities and differences between hockey training and physique training?
When focusing on hockey training our main priorities are cardiovascular endurance, leg endurance and strength, core balance, stability and flexibility, and power. The training styles are more catered to legs with less emphasis on the upper body. The way we train also for hockey is less specific on certain small muscle groups rather than the main compound and fundamental muscles that will help you better perform on the ice.

As for bodybuilding, it is strictly focused and hypertrophy and muscle gain with some added focus on strength. There is a heavier focus on the upper body as the men’s physique division does not heavily score on leg development. Our training would consist of high-volume workouts with increased reps and exercise that target smaller muscle groups that if developed properly can give us a competitive edge on stage.

Who is your fitness coach?
We’re both self-coached.

Hockey Goals?
Play pro in North America or Europe.

Fitness Goals?
Both compete on the Olympia stage together.

What show did you compete in, and what was your experience at the show?
We both competed recently at the 2018 IFBB Natural Pro Qualifier in Toronto and it was a life-changing experience. Going into the show we had high hopes but never thought that we would both win our height classes and then battle it out in the overall for the IFBB Pro card. It was a very surreal moment. We both didn’t care who won we just hoped that one of us two would win the IFBB Pro card out of the 4 class winners. We only wish they could have given out 2 Pro Cards that show, but none less we were both extremely excited that one of us won it!

What are your next show plans?
Kade – I’m thinking of doing the 2021 Van Pro, but it depends on if Trent wins his pro card and how my hockey career is going as well.

Trent – My main focus is to win a pro card so I’m looking into doing the 2020 Natural Pro Qualifier but that depends on if I will have enough time to prep for the show following my hockey season and school semester.

Nutritional & Supplements:
We try to keep nutrition as a top priority as it is crucial for recovery. Focusing on injecting high amounts of protein, as well as hitting our macro and micronutrient goals. We will have cheat meals here and there, and we only diet during contest prep. For hockey season we try to eat as many nutrient-dense foods as possible for energy and recovery. As for supplementation our top 3 would be Pre-workout, Protein, and Creatine.

Special skills:
Kade has a really strong bench press, and Trent has a really strong deadlift.

What separates Status from other fitness magazines?
Status is unique as it really focuses on the development of the athlete and not just with bodybuilding. They want to explore all avenues of sport and we love how that can differentiate them from other fitness magazines.

What would it mean to you to become the next Status Fitness Cover-model?
We both dream of one day getting a magazine cover, so if even one of us was blessed with becoming a Status Fitness Magazine cover model it would be making a dream come true.

If you could ask Status Editor-In-Chief, Rodney Jang one question what would that be?
What’s your favorite exercise?

What was it like working with a photographer?
We worked with David Ford, and he is a class act. Very professional, but also down-to-earth and extremely friendly. I’m pretty sure our shoot went overtime because we had so many great conversations during it. The man is magic behind the camera and we look forward to working with him in the future.

3 things people would not know about you:
We have both represented Team Canada for Inline Hockey, We’re both part Scandinavian, and we both have competed in at least 15 bodybuilding competitions.

Who inspires you:
Kobe Bryant, Connor McGregor, our Father, and Mother.

Who do you wish to inspire?
People getting into the fitness industry, and hockey players.

Life goals:
Play Pro Hockey, Step on the Olympia Stage.

Photo by: David Ford

I grew up in Winnipeg, MB but now live in Calgary, AB. I’ve grown up playing various sports. This led me to take university courses related to human anatomy and injuries. I love learning new things and going to new places. Now I continue to play volleyball, and you can find me outside the club actively exploring the province.

Athletic Background:
I have always been involved in sports. Dance, ringette, rhythmic gymnastics, volleyball, flag football, and ultimate – just to name a few! I have been weight training since I was about 12 years old.

Thoughts on the benefits of Athletic Therapy – some of the successes, etc:
Athletic therapy is something I am passionate about. It’s educating my clients on what is happening during their injury so they understand the importance of their rehab. You get better with movement and I show my clients how to move safely. Some of the best successes are when my clients tell me they can do what they love to do again.

Nutritional Plan:
Currently, I enjoy every food and don’t eliminate anything. My meals consist of protein, carbs, and vegetables with lots of spice!

What do you like most about working at Bankers Hall?
I like various things about Bankers Hall. The location right downtown is convenient, the members work hard in the gym and the staffs are very intelligent and kind people!

If you could ask Status Editor-In-Chief, Rodney Jang one question what would that be?
What are your workouts like?

What was it like working with David Ford?
David Ford made me comfortable and confident. He had great ideas for poses but wanted me to get my ideas first. You can tell he really cares that you get the shots you want!

Special Skills:
Athletic Therapist, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM), Mulligan Technique, Soft Tissue Release.

Who Inspires You:
My parents, Sam Squire, Anybody working towards their goals.

Life Goals:

  • Own a cabin on the water
  • Have my own athletic therapy business
  • Not needing to work after retirement.

5 Lessons You Have Learned in Life:

  • Do what you want to do.
  • Don’t be afraid of change.
  • Practice and failure are what make you better.
  • Be kind to everyone.
  • Ask questions.

Favorite Books, Authors:
Don’t quite have a favorite as I still have a lot to read!

Favorite Quotes:
“Don’t worry, be happy”.

Photographer: David Ford