Annie Lisi Interviews with Status Fitness Magazine
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I’m a single mom to an 18-year-old, who I’ve raised alone since the age of two. I struggled with trying to hold up two jobs, legal battles for 12 years, and a child who at the age of 6 was diagnosed with mild Asperger. It was not easy, but I gained so much strength, and courage to get through the toughest times of my life. My goal is to teach others out there, that although we have struggles, and perhaps a lot more on our plate than expected, we can always get through adversity by believing in ourselves and finding the strength inside to know that there are better days ahead.


Montreal, Quebec


Group Fitness Coach & Personal Trainer.

Share your methods and at least one inspirational story of a person you’ve trained:
My methods in training an individual are very simple. You put in the work, and you will receive the benefits and rewards that come with the results. One inspirational story of a person I trained is a lady by the name of Sabrina, who suffered from mild depression and had issues with her diets and her training. Where she would start religiously with her change of eating patterns and exercising, and then we hit a plateau and would just completely stop. I made sure to always be on top of her, and because of that, she made great accomplishments losing her body fat and gaining lean muscle strength. Her before and after pictures were really impressed me and she was very shocked to see the transition that can be made when you stick to a healthy lifestyle plan.

Fitness history:
I have had the privilege to teach group fitness classes for the past 34 years! I have taught in practically every fitness center in Montreal. I also had the privilege to teach in Jamaica for a 10-day contract which was phenomenal! I have always advocated the benefits of fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle. I would not go as far as calling myself an athlete, at least not a competitive and professional athlete. However, I have competed in five obstacle courses, 4 years ago all in one summer. Three years ago, at 48 years old, I enrolled in a year and a half course in Pro Wrestling as well as 3 months of BJJ.

Share your unique training/coaching methods:
My unique training and coaching methods include never using the same exercises in the same week, for the same body part. I like to change things up because I feel that this challenges the person. Keeps them on top of things, and it does not allow the muscle group to get used to the exercise. Shocking the muscle with different variations, different techniques, different positions is extremely beneficial in hitting different muscle fibers. One must always do what works for them.

Training plan:
Personally, I find that HITT exercises or also known as interval training is very beneficial since you are targeting the cardio as well as strength training exercises, which work well for me. I train 6 times a week. Alternating between teaching fitness classes, and weight training.

Your plans and fitness plans after the pandemic:
My fitness plans after the pandemic are to continue with providing virtual group fitness classes as well as personal training one-on-one. I also intend to teach group fitness classes & train with those who prefer face-to-face contact in a fitness center/studio. I would also like to possibly enter my first fitness competition.

Nutritional plan:
High protein, low carbs, good fats. I think it’s important to vary your meal plans and keep a good balance of your food intake.

Supplement plan:
Non-processed and sugary food. Vitamin B, D, Fish Oil, Multivitamin, Glucosamine, Collagen, Bcaa, and Glutamine.

What separates Status from other fitness magazines:
I feel that what separates Status from other fitness magazines is that it resonates with both the girl next door, as well as the athlete that has won multiple medals. It really inspires everyday people to want to get in shape, and there are tons of educational articles for any fitness level.

What would it mean to you to become a “Status Symbol”:
To become a STATUS SYMBOL, would be a dream come true! This would be an amazing platform to encourage, inspire, and motivate both men and women who may feel that they are too old to get in shape and live a healthy lifestyle. I would be honored to become a Status Symbol by demonstrating that you are never too old to start getting fit!

What would it mean to you to grace the cover of Status:
To grace the cover of Status, would definitely give me the ability to become a role model for those who doubt themselves and who may lack self-confidence. It would also mean that all the work that I have put in for the past 34 years, was meant to empower women and men of all ages to believe that they are capable of achieving any dream and goal they set for themselves.

Favorite Quotes:
If you believe in yourself, anything is possible.

5 things people don’t know about you:

  1. I love a good debate.
  2. I love eating popcorn when I watch TV.
  3. I volunteered in the department of infectious disease at a hospital.
  4. I love to whistle.
  5. I worked in a bread factory for 3 summers in a row.

If you could inspire one person, who would that be?
If I can inspire one person, it would definitely be my sister. As a child, she was always overweight. She tried every diet out there and nothing seemed to work. She never likes exercising, even until today. She has had some health issues, as well as having a stomach staple surgery, which has helped her and losing over 150 lbs. I have tried to inspire her and last year she joined a gym. I am very proud of her to have changed her lifestyle both physically, and mentally.

Who inspires you? And why?
I am inspired by other single mothers out there such as myself for all the hard work they have to do, most often by themselves. I tip my hat off to all those who have done it all! My biggest inspiration, however, would have to be my son. He has such a positive mindset, filled with determination and aspirations as to where he wants to be in 10 years from now! My son inspires me to continue the journey, I have been blessed to be on at a young age.

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